My dangerous boss and crazy me (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 17

My dangerous boss and crazy me
(SwaSan fs)
Shot 17:
Recap: SwaSan Union???
Sanskar tell swara why he married her and shekar’a truth.

After two days(Airport)
Swasan came out of the airport. Swara stretch her arms and yawn.
” tired??” Sanskar asked.
” too much” she lazily encircle her arms around him placing her head on his shoulder.
” soon we will reach home” he smile at her.
SwaSan went to the car where driver was already standing. After keeping their bags in car they left.

Maheshwari House:
Sujata ran to the door as soon as she noticed swasan.
” how was your trip??” She asked excitedly.
” super se upar mom” swara is also like her in case of excitement.
” come I will tell how we enjoyed” she was about to go with sujata when sanskar interpret
” I think you were tried swara”
” ohh yes I forgot” she hit her forehead.
Sanskar signed. He was about to go when taniya came from front
” I miss you so much sanskar” taniya said.
” ohh really that’s great” sanskar said smiling back at her. Swara got shocked at his sweet gesture towards her and sanskar was enjoying her jealousy.
” you didn’t missed me” swara said standing beside sanskar.
” why will I miss you??” Taniya said with attitude.
” oh so you only missed you brother not sister in law” swara pouted.
Sanskar was trying hard to control his laugh.
” which brother???” Taniya asked getting confused.
” Sanskar and plz let us take rest we are really tired after our honeymoon” swara said innocently. Taniya was fuming.
Sanskar’s eyes were almost out of the sockets listening to her.
” excuse us” swara drag sanskar from there.

Swasan came inside their room and swara left Sanskar’s arm angrily.
” why are you angry???” Sanskar asked innocently.
” ohh really you are behaving as if you don’t know what was the need to talk to that dandiya so sweetly” she said scrunching her nose.
” I was just teasing you” sanskar finally told seeing her high temper.
” not with her please” swara was hell serious.
” okay will be careful but no need to be so possessive” Sanskar Chuckles.
Swara didn’t reacted as she was just lost in thoughts.
Sanskar went to washroom.

Next morning:
Swara got up and listened some noise from gym indicating sanskar is there. She jump down from the bed and went to the gym.
Swara stood at the door and was looking at sanskar is awww.
” omg his muscles but why he is making his body??? Bcoz of this only he look more handsome and girls droll on him” swara was thinking staring at sanskar. He is doing exercise and feeling her gaze he look at her.
“Lazy head is awaken!!!” He teases her.
” sanskar why are building your body you look good like this only” she said moving close to her.
Sanskar place the dumbles on the floor and cross his hand on chest.
” what do you mean??” Sanskar raise his brow. Sanskar was only in his pants and swara skipped her beat admiring his face with messy wet hairs falling on his forehead.
” you look so hot like this” she said in flow.
As soon as words came out from swara’s mouth she realized. Sanskar smirk and swara stuck her tongue for not thinking before speaking.
” so you find me hot??” Sanskar move close to her and she stepped back. Swara shook her head in no vigorously.
” I’m not hot?!” Again he asked coming hell close to her.
Swara’s back touched with the wall and there was no way to escape as sanskar was so close to her. Their forehead joined against each other.
” answer me” sanskar whisper huskily kissing at the corner of her lips.
” let me go” swara tried to come out of his grip but he is very strong.
” say yes or no” he was giving soft kisses on her cheeks.
” yes” she mumble.
” glad to know my wife think I’m hot” Sanskar laugh.
” you always make fun of me” swara hit his bare chest.
” okay on serious note I want kiss” he stare in her eyes intensely.
” may I??? She further asked almost brushing his lips with her.
Swara was already lost due to their proximity she just nodded her head.
Sanskar place his lips on her and gently caress those petals with his. Swara’s knees got week, she encircle her arms around sanskar’s neck talking support and pulling him more closer. After tasting her lips he enter his warm tongue inside her mouth and deepen the kiss. They broke when were out of breathe or actually swara was tired.
Swara has just stabilize her breathing when again sanskar kissed her. They shared another passionate kiss.
” not any more I’m tired”swara said hurriedly after breaking the kiss making Sanskar chuckles.
” what will you do now??” Sanskar asked
” going to take bath” she said
” let’s go together” he said with a naughty smile.
” no way” she said and ran to washroom before he come.

SwaSan and bappy are going to office today. Sanskar is busy on phone as he got important call and swappy are in hall waiting for him. Swara is telling bappy what all she did in Paris.
” you didn’t find girl for me” bappy said pouting.
” there was no good girl for you in Paris u know one day i and sanskar went out for dinner there I saw one girl for you” swara said
” then???” Bappy was so curious to know.
” I talked to her and was all set to fix your alliance with her but at the end I got to know she is already married twice and sanskar was laughing at me” swara said sadly.
” thank god then I’m safe” bappy signed in relief.
Swara nodded then only she saw taniya.
” u know bappy sanskar is so romantic the way he proposed me in front of the whole world omg I loved it” swara said loudly making sure taniya listen.
” really I was also surprised that bro can be this much romantic” bappy said.
” yeah he used to gift me so many things and I was saying what I will do of so many things but he didn’t listen he used to say if I will not buy for my dear wife for whom else I will buy”swara was showing off to taniya and it was working, taniya is hell angry till now. She give dangerous glare to swara but swara was like ” I don’t care”.
Sanskar came after cutting the call.
” let’s go jai veeru” sanskar teases as they are always together.
” don’t change my gender” Swara make faces and roll her eyes.
Sanppy laugh and went from there.

In the office, sanskar is very busy with meetings and all as he was absent from office. Even swara has too much work but madam is more interested in telling Paris stories then working. She is standing in the centre and speaking,all employees are listening to her. She is telling how much fun they did. No one is tensed as sanskar has gone out.
Later, Sanskar came back talking on phone. All the employees dispersed seeing him but swara is blabbering and bappy was accompanying her.
Sanskar signed and went near them. He is already stressed how to cover all work and here these two idiots are joking.
“Swara” sanskar shouted.
Swara seal her lips with her hand and closed her eyes.
” what you all are doing??” He looked at other employees who has started working seriously.
” swara we are in India so leave Paris behind and start working” sanskar shouted angrily.
” and I was thinking devil is changed” swara whisper to bappy.
” khadoos can’t change” bappy giggles. He was warning still they are not serious, this thing raised Sanskar’s temper.
” will you both mind shutting you mouth” he stressed each work and glare them.Swappy glup.
” what work we should do??” Bappy asked like an innocent baby.
” I will tell come with me” sanskar smirk.

In swara’s cabin, swappy are waiting as Sanskar said he will come and tell what work they have to do. Soon he came and opened the door wide allowing few peons to come inside.
Swappy’s eyes came out of their socket looking at tons of files.
They place all the files on the table and left.
” these are 200 files you have to check them and computerize till evening” sanskar said casually.
“What????” Swappy shouted.
” yes” sanskar said.
” this is not done sanskar” swara said pouting.
” yea bro” bappy supported swara.
” first of all it’s ” Sir” for you. I’m your husband and bappy your brother at home here I’m your boss don’t forget” sanskar said giving them warning.
Swappy glare him and he ignore.
” start your work otherwise you will have to do night shift” he said smirking. Sanskar turn to leave when Swara shouted
” you are a devil”
” thanks” he turn and said.
Sanskar left from their giving his most famous smile to them.
” I felt like hitting his head with these files only” swara said getting frustrated
” let’s start” bappy said.
Swappy started working as they were left with no other option.

In taniya’s room, ap and taniya are sitting and talking.
” they are coming close to each other what you are going to do??” Ap asked.
“don’t worry aunty Ji this swara is flying too much its time to bring her back on ground” taniya said with a smirk on her face.
” what you mean??” Ap said getting confused.
” you know Swara is so innocent and now her innocence will destroy her” taniya further explain ap something.
” good plan” ap smile.
” thanks” they both smirk evilly.

After two hours, swappy got tired working continuously.
” I can’t work more” bappy rest his head on table.
” there are still so many more files, he don’t have mercy on us” swara said sadly.
” seriously, swara you go and tell him to reduce the no. Of files” bappy requested.
” as if he will listen to me” swara roll her eyes.
” you are his wife, go and talk politely with love he will melt” bappy suggested.
” hmm but if I started laughing in all this drama you know na I can’t control” swara bite her nails.
” I trust you, you will do best” bappy cheered.
” I will try” swara took deep breathe and got up.
Swappy went to Sanskar’s cabin.
To be continued…

Precap: taniya’s plan in action.

I will give average parts as when i write lengthy then I’m able to give one story per day and to cover my all stories I will give more updates. They won’t be too short but not that long also. I assure when I will be having more time I will give long also?
Naughty billo will try my best to give tomorrow. I had started a new story
” imperfections — perfect for you” this is based on rebirth and mental instability . Plzz do read and share you views.
Thank you
Take care??

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