My dangerous boss and crazy me (swasan fs) by Mars Shot 3

Hloo guys!! This is mars. I know u all must not be expecting me as I said I will not post but how can I live without disturbing u all.And as swasan posts were less so I can’t stop and let them down. Very sorry to my lovely regular readers for hurting u by writing rubbish.
So I m here for my swasan and readers.
After posting promo, I thought why I should neglect those who always support me and silent readers may also have some problem. Okkk leave all that,
One important thing guys, don’t take my words seriously bcoz my mood changes every min, see I said I won’t post and now I will give maximum updates and in turn no expectations. U can willingly comment if u like it. Sorry for bak bak.
One think left as many suggested different names for villain so I m talking imaginary character u can think whom ever u want finalllllyyyy
Let’s begin:

My dangerous boss and crazy me
(Swasan fs)
Shot 3:
Calgary, Canada:
Same man is waiting for someone, soon a person comes and said
Person: sir we had taken whole information of maheshwari industries.
Man:good now inform them that this,
Abhinav Khanna is interested in investing money in maheshwari company and will like to do business.
Person: sure Sir
Abhinav: when is my flight?
Person: day after tomorrow sir.
Abhinav: okay. U can leave.
Person left from there.
Abhinav stared swara’s pic and said
Abhinav:just few hours more dear, then I will be with u. I know there is one month left for you becoming mine and I m desperate so that’s why I will be in your office only very near to u.
He smiles evily.

Maheshwari industries:
Break time:
Swara is in his cabin working. Then only she got call from bappy.
Swara received the call and said
Swara: yes babby
Bappy:what yes u r not coming for lunch?
Swara: I m coming in just few mins.
Bappy:okay I m waiting.
Then only bappy passed through sanskar’s cabin and saw him angry. He went inside
Bappy: what happened bro opps I mean sir
Sanskar: nothing
Bappy: u can share it.
Sanskar: I had ordered my lunch but they said due to problem they can’t send.
Bappy:from where u had ordered??
Sanskar:Diet food centre.
Bappy(make faces): what u will eat of diet food. Come to office canteen.
Sanskar: I don’t want to eat that oily and heavy food.
Bappy: nothing will happen if u will eat once plzz come.
Sanskar was really hungry as he didn’t had break fast so he agreed.
Sanskar and Bappy went to canteen.

Office canteen:
Sanskar and bappy sit on corner seat.
Sanskar: let’s order.
Bappy:no wait let sweety come.
Sanskar:she is also coming??
Bappy: yes everyday we have lunch together.
Sanskar(mumble): now with lunch I will have to listen free radio Also.
Swara came running and looked around and saw bappy in corner seat.
She didn’t notice sanskar and went to the table.
Swara:ohyeeee bappy I came.
Then she sit on seat and saw sanskar who was already staring her.
Bappy: thank God u came I was not able to control anymore.
Swara(to bappy): what he is doing here?
Swara asked pointing to Sanskar.
Sanskar listened her and said
Sanskar (smirks):why miss swara u have any problem with me?
Swara(smiles sheepishly): what problem I would have sir its your office u can sit anywhere here, on chair or counter or even table also.
Sanskar(mumble): always speak rubbish.
Bappy(tired): may I order before I die of hunger.
Swara: u don’t have control fatty, now order.
Soon they ordered and started having lunch. Swara and bappy are speaking
Swara:bappy have you seen motu patlu was very funny.
Bappy: no I missed it.
Swara: yarrr I m bored with chota beem and doraemon. They are showing same episodes.
Bappy:yes what can we do?
Swara: we can call them and say to tell them to show new one.
Sanskar is silently listening to them
Sanskar (thought): sitting in multinational company and talking about what??? Cartoons.
Swara:but I love shinchan. He is so cute like me hihi
Sanskar (annoyed): will u plzz change the topic.
Swara(make faces): why u don’t watch cartoons Sir?
Bappy: no na(sad)
Swara:then I suggest u to watch them u will at least learn how to laugh.
Sanskar glare her.
Swara: okay okay we will talk about what u see. Which serial u watch?
Bappy: what are u saying sweety.
Swara:wait let me guess hmm sasural simar ka, saathiya or naagin???
Sanskar:just shut up.
Swara(confused): which serial is this I never saw. On which channel it is coming?
Bappy was busy in eating
Sanskar(gritted his teeth):shut up means to seal your mouth.
He got up and left.
Swara(laughs): ohh he means shut my mouth and what I was thinking.
Bappy: u r really crazy sweety.
Swara: I know. Tell me something new.
Bappy signed and again started eating.

After one hour:
Sanskar’s cabin:
Kavya came inside after taking permission.
Sanskar: yes kavya?
Kavya: sir khanna companies owner want to invest in our company and he is coming day after tomorrow.
Sanskar: okay give me his details I will talk to him.
Kavya:sure Sir.
After giving details she left. Sanskar talked to him and saw his interest and agreed for a meeting after 2 days.

Sanskar shouted Swara’s name. She came running down. All were standing scared seeing his anger. Bappy is biting nails that what will happen of swara.
Swara:yes Sir.
Sanskar(sternly): where is Mehta’s company file?? U r given the duty to complete it.
Swara: yes sir i had given it to kavya after completing it.
Kavya: no Sir she didn’t gave me.
Swara: why are u lying kavya I personally handed u yesterday.
Sanskar(shouts): just shut up both of u.
There was pin drop silence in the hall.
Sanskar: u are so careless Swara that u didn’t take out its copies. Now make it again.
Swara: but sir..
Sanskar: not a word swara. U r not going to leave the office till u complete it.
Saying this he left to his cabin.
Kavya went to swara and said slowly
Kavya:I m sorry swara but the file is misplaced by me actually sir was very so I was scared and lied.
Swara: it’s okay.
Swara went to his cabin.

Swara’s cabin:
Swara called at home and soon shekar received it.
Swara:hello papa today I will come late so plzz don’t worry.
Shekar: why what happened??
Swara: there is extra work.
Shekar:okay if it gets more late just call me.
Swara: okay.
She took deep breathe and started working.
Later all started leaving, then only bappy came
Bappy:swara I had heard kavya why are u suffering for her mistake.
Swara: its okay now I know the whole details of file so I can make it.
Bappy:okay then I will stay with u.
Swara: no plzz u go I will manage.
Bappy: but…
Swara: plzz
Bappy:okay if u need any help then call me.
Swara: sure bye
Bappy left from there.
All had left except Swara. Sanskar was about to leave when he went to swara
Sanskar:Swara go after completing only.
Swara: okay sir
Sanskar also left.
It is night now and it was like soon it will rain. Only swara is alone in whole office and a watchman at gate.
She is so much indulged in work that she didn’t realized it started raining outside. Then only listening to thunderstorm she got scared. Her heart was beating fastly. But she keep on working to divert her mind.

Night(11:00 pm)
Maheshwari house:
Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar came out from washroom and saw that its raining heavily outside. He remembered about swara
Sanskar: I think she should have gone safely.
He called her but it was switched off as its battery was dead.
Now he was getting worried for her.
Then sanskar tried watchman’s no.He received it.
Sanskar: hello kaka swara is there?
Wm:yes one girl is in office.
Sanskar: okay
He cut the call.
Sanskar: she is really stupid. When she know its raining then she should have left.
He took car keys and left to his office.

Swara is almost sweating due to fear bcoz she got scared when it rain at night. She got up as her work is completed. She hastily packed her things and went down.
To be continued…

Precap: swara in sanskar’s arms.

Sorry for this boring part.
Thank you.

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