My dangerous boss and crazy me (swasan fs) by Mars Shot 2

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Let’s begin:

My dangerous boss and crazy me (swasan fs)
Shot 2:
Maheshwari industries:
Swara’s cabin:
Swara is completing her work and bappy is sitting in front of her. They both are talking, this is their daily routine. Whenever sanskar saw them he scold them but being crazy they don’t care and just ignore by saying its his habit.
Swara:u know bappy only 29 days are left.
Bappy:for what??
Swara(pout) my birthday. U forget it.
While then only sanskar was passing from there and stood at the door which was open.
Bappy: I was kidding sweety, bappy never forget birthdays, anniversaries.
Swara:ohho sharp memory.
Bappy(laughs): nothing like that it’s just I will get party on that day so how can I forget such important days of my life.
Swara:ohhkk here comes fatty.
Bappy;I want big party this time with many delicious dishes.
Swara:I can give u party in seven star hotel but your bro didn’t give me much salary.
Sanskar look at her with open mouth that from where he comes. He was even not knowing why he was listening to them till now.
So he entered inside.
Sanskar:what’s going on here?
Swara and bappy stood and prepare them self when swara said
Swara:now start sir.

Sanskar: (annoyed): what to start???
Swara:your lecture.
Bappy chuckles.
Sanskar glare at them and said angrily
Sanskar:Miss boss I give you salary for your work not for speaking all the time. U are really a chatterbox.
Swara(unknowingly said): and u are a mutebox.
Swara( widened her eyes)I didn’t said anything.
She instantly keep her hand on her mouth shutting it.
Sanskar: u better don’t say also.
Swara nodded by blinking her eyes.
Sanskar: and u Bappy maheshwari??
Bappy: actually bro…..
Sanskar: I m not your brother.
Bappy(facepalm): nahhhiiii how can u forget our childhood memories and break our pious relation.
Swara giggles.Sanskar glare at her and she immediately looked down.
Sanskar: don’t do your drama I mean to say here I m your boss so call me sir and at home I m your brother.
Bappy:ohhh then okay sir.
Sanskar: now do your work.
Bappy;I don’t have any work.
Sanskar:it’s just your mere excuses. Come I will give u.
Sanskar moved to door. Swara and bappy thought he left and started laughing but sanskar stood at the door.
Swara and bappy saw him and their breathe got stuck.
Swara(acting sincerely): why are u wasting time bappy go and do your work. We have so many responsibilities. (To sanskar): right Sir.
Sanskar just left from there.
Swappy signed in relief. Then bappy went to his cabin and swara got busy in his work.

Calgary, Canada:
The man in the same room where swara’s pictures are posted is standing near the window. He take out his phone and dial the number and smirks.

Gododia house:
Shekar is in his room. When his phone rings, he received the call
Man: hi uncle jii u must have recognized me.
Shekar(stammer): yes.
Man: ofcouse how can u forget me after all u have to give me your most precious thing.
Shekat: why u have called??
Man:where is my sweetheart I m missing her.
Shekar: she is in her office.
Man: ohhh good. I think u must know that only 29 days are left and as per contract swara will be mine after that.
Shekar: I remembere it.
Man: did she knew about it???
Shekar: no will tell her soon.
Man: yeah tell her otherwise she will get surprise…. No no shock only.
Shekar: okay.
Man: well I m coming to India. So prepare for my welcome and your daughter’s farewell.
Saying this he cut the call and shekar stood numb. Then only shomi keep her hand on his shoulder and said
Shomi: it was he??
Shekar: hmm he is coming. I think we should tell shona and make her mature and brave.
Shomi: now she will not be able to change instantly. I had been saying u from long time to prepare her for this but u were busy in pampering her.
Shekar: I thought till she is here, I should give her all happiness.
Shomi: don’t worry every thing will be alright. Have faith in God.
Shekar: hmm.

Outside Maheshwari office:
Swara went to her scooty and checked it. Sanskar also go to his car when he listened loud noise of horn. It was continuously beeping. He got annoyed and went to the side from where it was coming. He got shocked to see swara pressing horn of her Scooty with full force.
Sanskar(mumble); uff this girl.
He went closer to her and said loudly to made her listen.
Sanskar(join his hands on his chest): may I know which traffic is here Miss Swara gododia.
Swara stopped the horn and look at him smiling sheepishly.
Swara: actually sir in the morning I would have thrown away the vendor bcoz horn didn’t work and I have to make horn with my mouth.
Sanskar (sarcastically): I must say u are quite talented miss Swara.
Swara blushes listening her praise.
Swara; what to say Sir I m really very talented If I started telling about my talents it will take whole night. May I tell u.
Sanskar: no need.
Swara: u know sir I got offers from India’s got talent also but I rejected.
Sanskar(in flow):why?
Swara: I thought my talent will decrease.
Sanskar(himself): ufff u are asking as if she really got offer.
Sanskar(loudly): okay miss gododia I should leave.
Swara: okay bye sir. Have a safe journey.
Good night in advance only.
Sanskar don’t know what to answer so he just nodded and left.
Later swara also went to her house.

Gododia house:
Swara came inside and shouted
Swara: mom I m hungry
Shomi: okay u change I will bring snackes for you.
Swara: okay.
Later swara came down and shekar saw her innocence and got tears in his eyes.
Shekar: swara I want to say something.
Swara: yes say papa.
Shekar: actually u will act strong and maturely.
Swara(confused): when.?
Shekar: If something happens bcoz this society is very cruel.
Swara:okk don’t worry.
Then swara tell them about her day in office.

Maheshwari house:
Dinning table:
All had gathered for the dinner when ap said to Sanskar
Ap: Sanskar I want to talk to you something.
Sanskar: yes badi ma.
Ap: I m thinking that u should get married.
Sanskar: but…
Ap: see beta its your age now and I have a very good girl and I don’t want to loose her.
Sujata: even I agree with Jiji and if your wife will come then we will get some rest.
Sanskar: okay as u wish.
Ap: that’s good tomorrow my friend’s daughter is coming from Mumbai for some work. She will live here only and her name is Tanya.So plzz if u like her then tell me.
Sanskar: okay badi ma will see.
Bappy who was till now listening to them with curiosity said
Bappy: finally your marriage bro I will dance and eat a lot and I will invite sweety also. We both will rock your wedding.
Sanskar suddenly remembered about Swara, her antics. A smile appear on his lips. All others thought he is happy for his marriage. (Huh!!)
After dinner he went to his room.
To be continued….

Precap: Swara enjoyed,Sanskar annoyed. The man come to India.

Hey guys!!!I need your suggestions, I m confused whom to take as that man and before only I should tell he will be grey shaded character soooo plzzz suggest names of the villains.
Or any other not from Swaragini.
Plzzz tell me fast so hopefully I will introduce him in next part.
Plzzz leave your comments.
Silent readers also try to leave your feedback.
Thank you
Take care.

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