My dangerous boss and crazy me(swasan fs) by Mars Shot 7

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My dangerous boss and crazy me
(Swasan fs)
Shot 7:
Recap: Abhinav threaten swara and Sanskar decided to marry swara.

Next day:
Gododia House:
Swara’s room:
After coming from office, swara didn’t came from her room. She was so scared of abhinav’s words. Shomi had given her dinner also yesterday in room only. When they asked that what is the problem then she made lame excuse that she is tired or something.
Swara(monologue): whether abhinav was saying right or not. Really my parents will give me to him.No no this is not possible he must be lying why I should trust him. Just forget everything nothing is going to happen.
She tried to convince herself.

Sanskar and Aman are standing outside the temple.
Aman: call Swara as all arrangement for the marriage are made.
Sanskar: I m not understanding whether I should do this or not?
Aman:now it’s not the time to think all this just call her.
Sanskar took deep breathe and called swara.
Swara after fresh up came from washroom and received the call.
Swara:yes sir.
Sanskar: Swara come to nearby temple. I have some important work.
Swara: but why Sir?

Sanskar: don’t question me swara I m your boss.
Swara(signed): okay I m coming.
Swara after informing shomi went from there.

Swara came in casuals and went near Sanskar and aman. Sanskar saw her
Sanskar(thinks): she is going to me my wife in sometimes.uffff
Swara:hi aman hello sir.
Aman: hi swara.
Swara: sir why u called me here, now u started doing meetings in temple also.
Aman laughs while Sanskar glare at him.
Sanskar: swara I want to ask u one thing.
Swara: OMGGGG the great Sanskar Maheshwari is asking my permission.
Sanskar (mumble): nautanki

Aman and swara give hifi seeing his irritated face.
Sanskar: swara u have to marry me.
Aman: seriously who ask like this?
Sanskar: I know this way only.
Swara started laughing holding her stomach.

Sanskar:what happened to u now?
Swara: Sir if u will say such jokes I will laugh only.
Sanskar: she is not going to listen like this.Aman call her dida.
Aman went inside the temple and bring dida.
Swara: dida u are here I was finding u in house.(pout)
Dida: shona listen to me carefully.

Dida:u have to marry sanskar.
Swara: u r also joking.
Sanskar:Swara we are serious.
Swara:dida don’t u think I m deserving someone better.
Sanskar got angry that she is insulting him.
Dida:shona be serious.
Swara(teary eyes): i don’t want to get married now.
Sanskar was staring her.

Dida:it is needed u trust me na??
Dida:for me do plz
Swara:ma papa??
Dida:I will handle them.Come with me.
Dida took swara with her.

Sanskar: thank god we talked to her dida otherwise she was not going to listen to us.
(After discussing about marriage with aman, Sanskar thought to talk with her some family member and aman was knowing about dida as he met her through swara and they explained dida about all the pics and all. Dida agreed for marriage as swara will be saved from abhinav as sanskar will be there with her. And sanskar is nice person as far dida know from swara. So she agreed for this)

After half an hour:
Dida made swara ready in red saree with long open hairs. When Sanskar saw her, he got Stunted to see her in saree for the very first time. Her face expression little tensed was enhancing her beauty. Her innocence and cuteness was at the peak.
Aman:stop staring her.(whisper)
Sanskar got embarrassed and roll his eyes.
They came near them.
Dida:come let’s start the marriage.

Sanskar nodded who was already wearing simple sherwani.
Swara(held dida’s hand): I m scared.
Dida: nothing will happen.
Sanskar held her hand in assurance and both went inside the Temple.
They sit beside each other and they performed all rituals. Took seven rounds, sanskar filled swara’s hairline with vermilion and tie mangalsutra around her neck. Swara was fidgeting her fingers in nervousness.

Soon both got married. Dida blessed them. Aman took pictures to publish in newspaper.
Swara hugged dida and started crying.
Swara:I don’t want to leave you
Dida(cups her face): don’t cry u can come anytime to meet me.
Swara nodded.

Dida:sanskar I will talk to shekar and shomi and then inform u.
Sanskar:okay and thank you.
Aman:Sanskar let’s go to my house for today.
Sanskar: yes
Swasan left to aman’s house while dida left to gododia house.

Aman’s flat:
Aman is living here alone as his family is in London. Swasan enter inside. Swara is very silent contrast to her normal behavior.
Aman show them guest room.
Guest room:
Swasan came inside, swara sit on bed and started crying. Sanskar got shocked at her sudden reaction.
Sanskar; swara what happened?
Swara: I don’t want to live with you.

Sanskar: why??
Swara: bcoz I don’t like you, u always get angry at me(sniffs)
Sanskar: bcoz u irritate me.
Swara:no I don’t do.

Sanskar (annoyed): yes u do.
Swara: bcoz of you I m not able to apply mendhi on my own marriage.
Sanskar looked at her like seriously now where she took the discussion.
Swara: I know why u did this.
Sanskar(signed): why?
Swara: bcoz u must be jealous that I can put it not you.

Sanskar: what rubbish.
He went to washroom and change to casuals as aman give him.

It was night now. Whole day passed while adjusting with each other. Just within half day swara had made sanskar regret his decision to marry her. After few mins she used to start crying and when Sanskar ask her to keep quite she fight with him. After having dinner, they came in room. Swara was not ready to have dinner but aman somehow convinced her.
Sanskar had told at home that he went out of town for one day while dida told that swara went to her friend’s house.

Swasan room:
Sanskar was busy on laptop when Swara came near him. She poke his shoulder with her first finger.
Swara:where is my night dress?.
Sanskar: how would I know.

Swara: u don’t know your wife can’t sleep in saree so u should have arranged.
Sanskar: shut up I m not going to tolerate your tantrums.
Swara: then why u married me now u have to bear. I didn’t told u to marry me.
She keep on blabbering standing at his head. Sanskar got annoyed and went out of the room.
Swara(pout): now where he went.
She sit on sofa by crossing her arms on chest.

Aman’s room:
Sanskar knock the door and soon aman opened it.
Aman:what happened dude.
Sanskar (frustrated): u know I did big mistake by marrying that crazy girl.
Aman(laughs): what she did now?
Sanskar: leave that. Do you have any casual dress for girls she is not comfortable in saree.
Aman:ohh I should have given earlier only. My sister has kept her some dresses here only.
Sanskar: thank god.
Aman give sanskar one night suit.
He went to his room.

Swasan room:
Sanskar came inside and saw swara sitting on sofa. He put dress on her lap and said
Sanskar: go and change.
Swara(stood up):wow u bought also I m impressed with your service.
Sanskar glare her dangerously while she gulp her saliva and ran to washroom.

To be continued….

Precap: all get to know about swasan marriage. How will maheshwari’s, abhinav and Tanya will react????

Hope so it was worth reading.
Thank you
Take care.

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