My dangerous boss and crazy me(swasan fs) by Mars Shot 1

Hloooo lovely readers!!!This is Mars here with a new swasan story. As my stories struggle and sufferings ended and break up patch up is about to end in next two shots which I will post soon. So I m starting two new stories one is this one and other one is ss ” Believe me”. Soon I will post its prologue.
U all must be thinking that I m out of mind writing unnecessarily but when something comes in my mind my hands start itching to write it and moreover I have time so why not to share my thoughts with u all and remember our heavenly swasan. Hoping to get your support.Hope so u will like it.

My dangerous boss and crazy me(swasan fs)
U all must have read the stories of arrogant boss and bubbly employee as there are many swasan stories on this concept. seriously I love to read them and I never get bore with them.So I thought why not to write my self one such story. I will try to add my own twists. I really don’t have any intention to copy anyone. The story will come out from my little mind. So enjoy it.

Sanskar Maheshwari: 27 years old extremely handsome. He is the richest businessman in India. He is Head of Maheshwari group of industries after his father’s death. He is in this filed from last 8 years and is perfect and always expect perfection from his employees.He is arrogent, speaks only when needed.He don’t like talkative people.

Swara Gododia: 22 years bubbly girl. very talkative and has friendly nature. Her cuteness is to the peak level. She is very innocent and that is the reason some one can easily take advantage of her. She works in Maheshwari industries from one month. According to Swara, her boss Sanskar just sucks. One very important decision of her life is already taken but she is still unaware about it. She is unknown to cruel society and thinks all are good.

Gododia family:
Shekar and shomi:swara’s parents. They treat Swara as princess. They has one secret which will change swara’s life when she will turn 23.
Dida: Swara’s nani. very kind fun loving. She is swara’s best friend and loves her a lot.

Maheshwari house:
Ap and dp:Sanskar’s bade papa and ma. Ap maintain all the household things. she is head of the house and is very strict. Dp is not well as his health is not good as he got heart attack twice so he most of the time takes rest.Sanskar manages all business.
Sujata: Sanskar’s mom.She is sweet kindhearted lady. Loves sanskar alot. After her Husband ram’s death, sanskar is her everything. she always agree with ap and support her in all decision.
Bappy: Ap and dp’s son.He is very fat and always eat. He is comic character.He never take tension about work and business as his big bro sanskar is there. He is graduated with great difficulty after failing no. of times.
He everyday go to office with sanskar as ap insist her to work but he had great fun time there. He is swara’s partner in crime when they play prank on Sanskar.

Story Begins:
A cute and beautiful girl is cuddling on her soft and fluffy bed. She is Swara who opened her big dazzling eyes when alarm rings. She looked at the big clock hanging on the wall. She got up with jerk as it shows 8:30am. She had set the alarm at 7am then how it rang late. she started biting her nails and said
Swara(looks up): ohhh god today I m going to die so plzz book one room for me in heaven as I m coming soon.
She looked angrily at Alarm clock and started scolding it.
Swara: ohyee stupid idiot duffer I set u at 7 then why u didn’t spoke. I will see u later.
she ran to washroom as she has to reach office at 9am.

After 20 mins(at 8:50am)
Swara came running down. She was coming skipping few stairs and jumping with hand bag. Shomi saw her and said
shomi: swara have your breakfast.
Swara: no mom today I m late will have later.
Shekar: but…
But swara had already crossed the door and came near her Scooty. She started it and left.

On road:
Swara is driving her scooty at jet speed. She saw a vendor who came infont. She pressed the horn but it didn’t make sound.She didn’t understood what to do? Then one idea came in her extra smart mind.
swara(make sound with her mouth): peeepppp ppppeeeppp.
She was shouting so the vendor saw her and moved aside. she signed in relief and then again speed up her not so fast scooty.
After sometime she reached her office.

Maheshwari Industries:
Swara parked her scooty and ran inside. She was going to her cabin when kavya(another employee)called her
Swara: yes??
Kavya: Boss had called u in his cabin and was very angry.
Swara (worried): but why??
Kavya: I don’t know.
Kavya left from there.
Swara(mumble): ohh god now I should book the ticket to heaven no no hell as I m gone.
She unwillingly moved towards Sanskar’s cabin.

Sanskar’s Cabin:
Swara is standing outside by joining hands and saying something
Swara:Baba Ji, shivji ji, Krishan Ji, Ganesh Ji, Jesus Ji, ram Ji, khuda ji. plzzz save me from the devil today. Sorry if any god is left but plzz help me.
She was praying to all god as she don’t want to upset anyone.
(this is not to hurt any religion just for story)
Some employees were passing from her and looks at her weirdly as she is talking to herself.
Finally after gaining alot of courage she knock the door. Soon a manly voice said ” come in”
She slowly went inside and stood near sanskar’s table and said
Swara: good morning Sir
Sanskar: u r 3 mins 29 seconds late Miss Swara gododia.
Sanskar said not taking his eyes from laptop.
Swara(mumble): Huh! Calculator kahika (he is such a calculator).
Sanskar glare her seeing her mumbling. Swara tightly pressed her lips sealing them seeing Sanskar angry.
Swara:sir I have a reason.
Sanskar didn’t said anything so Swara said
Swara: okay I will tell only. Someone betrayed me in the morning.
Sanskar looked at her and asked unknowingly
Sanskar: who??
Swara: My alarm sir.I set it at 7 but it rings at 8:30. I was also shocked and my some time went in scolding it so that it should not repeat its mistake then also I m here almost at time see how fast and furious I m.And then I had to become my Scooty’ s horn also…..
She was blabbering continuously unaware that sanskar was looking at her with blood shot eyes listening to her rubbish. When he was not able to tolerate anymore he shouted at the top of his voice.
Sanskar:Get lost miss Swara and complete Mehta’s file.
Swara jumped at her place and within a second she vanished from cabin.

In corridor:
Swara is panting heavily as she came running from Sanskar’s cabin. Then only she felt one heavy hand on her shoulder and turned back only to see bappy standing showing his all teeths to her and said
Bappy:good morning sweety.
(Bappy call swara as sweety)
Swara: what is good in this morning when u have to face your dangerous boss in the early morning.(make faces)
Bappy: so u were again late??
Swara nodded with pout.
Bappy:so by how much time bro must have told u.
Swara:yesss with full 3 mins 29 secs huh!
Bappy:just chill sweety u know him. Let’s go to your cabin.
Swara:yea let’s go.
They both went to swara’s cabin. Bappy is most of the time with swara as both are same crazy so have very good tuning.

Calgary, Canada:
A dimly lighted room is seen. Soon one can observe a manly figure. He is staring intensely at one poster of a girl. His eyes are filled with desire, passion, eagerness and above all lust. Looking around, his whole room is filled with the same girl’s pics as if the person is crazy after her.
Man caress girl’s lips on poster and said
Man:only one month more baby and then u will turn 23 and will be all mine. I just can’t control to have u sweetheart. (smirks) Soon I will rule u and u will rule me. I m coming soon SWARA baby. just wait for me.
To be continued….

Precap: Don’t know till bcoz I will continue if u all want.

so how was the first shot.If there is any confusion then wait for further story.
plzzz leave your views don’t be silent bcoz if I find u are not interested in it then I won’t continue it for sure. sooo plzz leave your worthy comments so that I can think of next shot.
Thank you
Take care


  1. Neptune


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    oops cholly for the late comment….
    hayeee marsuuuuu its an awesome story yaar… padhkar mazaa agayaa…. lovely chappy.. can’t wait to read further..
    do post soon dear

  2. Kanha


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    Swara is shooooooo cuteeeeeee yaarrrr😘😘 Bechara alarm clockπŸ˜‚ Waise clock lucky hai kyunki hamare innocent sweet kiddo ne jo use daanta haiπŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ Pata nahi kiddo ka khadoos boss use kaise sambhalegaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sisooo, mujhe ek baat samajh mein nahi aayi ki Sanky ne kiddo ko job kyun diπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ€£

  3. vins

    It’s super story..
    Pls update soon..
    Update it regularly..
    I am so interested in this story..

  4. Pnap


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    really sooooooo sorry for commenting late
    now only i read it that’s why
    abt the part
    it’s really interesting
    plzzzzzzzzzzz continue

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