My dangerous boss and crazy me & Beast’s Soulmate (swasan) promos by Mars

Hloo guys!!! Here comes the promos of my other two stories. What to do I have so many stories that’s why can’t give in one. Don’t worry will try to cover up all soon. I just want to say thanks to all my regular readers and commentors for your constant support. For u people will continue my stories soon.
Let’s begin

My dangerous boss and crazy me
(Swasan fs) promo:
Maheshwari industries:
Sanskar went to swara and said
Sanskar: Miss swara I want everything to be perfect bcoz this deal will be very profitable for our company.
Swara: okay Sir.
Sanskar was about to leave but turn again and said
Sanskar:and no fun and all only seriousness.
Swara: sure sir.
Swara make serious face and said
Swara: I m looking serious na?
Sanskar(roll his eyes): yeah.

Later, a man in business suit enter inside the office. He is same man from canada.
Man(monologue): finally I m here swara baby. Now see what I will do to keep u close to me.
Then he went inside with sanskar.
Man:I m glad to work with u in your office Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskar:even we are lucky that u want to deal with our company.
They came in hall when they heard shouting sound.
Swara: that is my chocolate Bappy.
She snatched the chocolate which bappy was about to put in mouth.
Man smirks seeing her and his eyes filled with lust.
While sanskar felt like throwing bappy and swara out bcoz of their childish acts.

So the man will work with swasan in office. Will swasan get to know about his intentions????
Who will save Swara.??…. Sanskar????
Wait to know further.

Beast’s Soulmate (swasan story):
Sanskar entered inside the house but didn’t find swara . He was searching for her like a mad.
Sanskar: swara(shouts)
Then only he saw window which was open and it was little broken to open.
Sanskar:she ran away(he mumble).
It was night and cloudy. He is searching for her in jungle as he knew she will be somewhere near only as she don’t know the way.
After searching for hours, he found her near a tree. She was all sweating and got hell scared seeing sanskar.
Then only there was thunderstorm. She ran and hugged him.Sanskar hugged back. Both got wet in the rain.
Swara was feeling weak bcoz of continuously running.
As they were in the middle of jungle so they can’t go to guest house and as its far.
Sanskar picked her in his arms and went to small hut nearly.
He made her lie on hay and then……….
Read in chapter only hihi.

Do tell how are these???
Thank you
Take care.

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