A danger game of love (Episode 3)


Thanks to everyone for supporting me and a special thanks to Lucky? for commenting on all of my ff’s. So let’s start.

Saachi drinks water and picks her ID card. She turns it around and is shocked to see that it’s Veer’s ID. Isha and Pragya “saachi where were you, we were looking for you”. Saachi “I went to drink water, keeping my ID on the bench. But that Veer exchanged his ID with mine. Now what will I do”? Pragya says her not to worry. Isha “Saachi, you mean Veer exchanged his ID with yours. Then that means if he doesn’t return your ID then we won’t return his ID”. Pragya says superb. Saachi prays to God in her heart that she gets her ID back. Saachi, Isha and Pragya search around for Veer. Saachi sees Vinod (Veer’s friend) and asks him about Veer. He says that he saw him going towards the washroom. Saachi rushes towards the washroom. She checks for busy bathrooms by pushing doors. Suddenly Veer from behind pushes her in and locks the bathroom. Saachi shouts “Veer I know it’s you, open the door, open the door Veer”. Veer “not so easily Miss Saachi, first rot here for sometime and then I will think about it , why don’t you try taking back your ID, Oh! how will you, you are trapped here”, saying this he runs out and Saachi keeps banging the door.

She calls Pragya and tells her to help her. Pragya and Isha come and open the door. Saachi “That idiot Veer locked me in and ran away, I won’t let him go”. Pragya Isha and Saachi start searching for Veer. They see him spinning the ID on his index finger and showing his friends . Saachi “Veer return me my card”. Veer “You seriously think that you will ask me and I will give you”. Pragya “if you don’t return her, her ID then we won’t return Yours”. Veer smiles and shows them his new ID, “I’m Dr. Malhotra’s son, I can do anything. I knew you guys won’t return so I said the staff that I lost my ID so they gave me a new one. But that won’t happen with you Saachi”. Veer then runs towards the balcony and hangs Saachi’s ID. He threatens her saying that she has to promise him that she will do one thing for him or else he is gonna drop her ID. Saachi “What thing”? Veer “I will tell at the right time”. Saachi says no way. Veer drops her ID. Saachi shouts “No”. Vinod catches it. Saachi takes relief. Vinod comes running back in the hospital, he collides with a sweeper and drops the ID. The sweeper sees the ID and puts it in his pocket. Veer, Saachi, Pragya and Isha reach there. Veer asks Vinod about the ID. He says that he dropped it somewhere on the floor. They all start looking for the ID. The sweeper goes into Kabeer’s cabin. He keeps the ID on his table saying he found it the floor.

Kabeer looks at the ID and thinks, Oh she is the same girl who bought a toy lizard and broke the vase in the interview room. He keeps the ID in his drawer and calls for Saachi. A sister comes and informs Saachi that she is called by Dr. Kabeer. Saachi gives an intense look to Veer and goes in Kabeer’s cabin. Kabeer on seeing her stands up “Dr. Saachi where is your ID card”. Saachi remains mum. Kabeer shouts “Where is your ID Dr. Saachi”. Saachi trembles, but says nothing. Kabeer “How will you know when a sweeper boy found it on the floor and gave it to me, you don’t deserve it…….go. Saachi says sir. Kabeer “I said go”. He sits back on his chair and starts checking something on the laptop. Saachi stands still with tears in her eyes. Kabeer looks up at her “Dr. Saachi I said Get…..Out!” Saachi runs out of the cabin weeping. Veer looks at her with a sad face.

Precap :- Veer thinks, because of me her ID got snatched now I will only get it back. He sneaks into Kabeer’s cabin and tries to open the drawer but it doesn’t open. Suddenly someone enters.

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