A danger game of love episode 22

Sorry for such a long break Guys. So let’s start it!

Kabeer comes out of Malhotra’s cabin. Isha Pragya rush to him.

Kabeer (looking at them):- What is it?
Fernandez (from behind):- I thought you left.
Kabeer:- I am going Now.
Isha:- Sir, Veer locked Saachi in the record room and have even cut the power.
Kabeer:- What! This Veer will never grow.

Isha Pragya Kabeer head towards the canteen where Veer is jocking with his friends.

Inside the record room:-
Saachi is walking silently around shelves. She suddenly collides with Singhania in the Dark. He holds wrist tight, she twists her hand and break free. She runs and Singhania runs behind her.

Kabeer enters. Veer and friends get up.

Kabeer (angrily):- Give me the Keys
Veer:- Sir….
Kabeer:- I won’t ask again.Give it, or else pack up and be ready to leave.

Veer takes out keys from his pocket and gives it to him.
Now the trio rush to the record room. Kabeer inserts the key and opens the door. Saachi hears the sound and runs towards door. She suddenly trips falls on Kabeer. Saachi’s head is on his chest. She looks up. Kabeer calmly holds her shoulders and moves her away.
He looks at her shirt torn from the edge and blood dripping out of her mouth.

Kabeer(tensed):- What happened Saachi?

Saachi points her finger back. Singh is standing. Kabeer angrily walks up to him and thrashes a tight slap.

Kabeer:- Shameless! I would have understood.

Kabeer goes back to Saachi. He takes out his coat and gives it to her.

Saachi(confused):- What?

He getting irritated at her innocense, makes her wear the coat. Saachi’s gaze are fixed on him.He holds her wrist and goes out of the record room. Isha Pragya follow.
The whole hospital is stunned! From nurses to doctors to interns. Riya,Veer and everyone are dumbstruck. Kabeer still holding Saachi’s hand knocks on Malhotra’s cabin.

Malhotra (carelessly):- Come in.

Kabeer enters with a bang.
Malhotra shockingly stands up.

Malhotra:- What happened Kabeer?is everything alright!
Kabeer:- No Sir. Saachi has been attacked.
Malhotra (shockingly):- From whom and why?
Kabeer:- By Dr.Singhania. he tried to misbehave with her.
Malhotra:- What!
Kabeer:- Yes sir.You heard it right.
Malhotra (looking at Saachi):- You believe this girl over the most senior Dr.Singhania.
Kabeer:- I saw it myself.
Malhotra (thinking):- Hmmmmm

He calls the receptionist and asks her to send Singhania in his cabin.

Moments later……
Singhania enters.

Malhotra:- Is it true that you tried to misbehave with Dr.Saachi.
Kabeer:- Don’t try to lie. We have the AUDIO-Visual footage.
Singhania to Malhotra:- Sir I……..
Malhotra (angrily):- Answer me.
Singhania:- I m sorry.plz forgive me.
Malhotra:- You are suspended for 3 Months.Now get out!
Singhania (while leaving) to Kabeer:- I will see you.
Kabeer:- And I have seen you.

Singhania leaves.

Malhotra:- Sorry for this Saachi.

Saachi says nothing.Kabeer sees tear drops in her eyes.

Kabeer(taking out his kerchief):- Take it Saachi.

Saachi takes it and wipes her tears. She then raises her hand to return it.

Kabeer;- Return me later! let’s go.

Saachi comes out of the Cabin and Kabeer behind her. Kabeer and Saachi go in opposite directions. Saachi turns back to see him goin.
Isha Pragya hold her and take her to a side.

Saachi:- Hey,hey! Be easy.
Pragya:- are you okay?
Sachi:- Better Now.
Isha:- and how not, when she got his coat.
Pragya:- Oh Khadoos!
Saachi:- Come on.hes not that bad.
Isha:- Yeah! After all he saved like a hero.
Saachi:- Enough is enough!

Saachi is about to go.

Pragya (holding her):- Be careful!
Saachi:- Of what?
Pragya:- Dr. Kabeer!. You never know when he’ll steal your heart,Or have already!

Saachi shyingly pushes her away.

Adarsh(from behind):- All the interns in the conference room.

All the interns reach the conference room. Saachi’s eyes are searching for Kabeer.

Pragya:- Who are you looking for?
Saachi:- no…..no one.

Malhotra comes on the platform and delivers a long speech.

Malhotra (after the speech):- Hope everything is clear.
All the interns:- Yes sir.
Malhotra:- So those in my team, report me personally in the meeting room.
Adarsh:- And those in my and Dr Kabeer’s team atay here. You must be wondering where is Kabeer. He actually went back home. So anyway I’ll guide you in his absence.

Saachi feels restlessness knowing that Kabeer is not in the hospital. She tries to hold her emotions thinking” Why am I so concerned for him and what if he went back home? It shouldn’t bother me*.

All the interns are out. Veer is distebuting sweets to everyone.

Isha:- What is it for Veer
Veer:- As dr.Khadoos finally took leave. Let be of a half day only!

Isha Pragya take sweets.

Saachi:- I don’t want as I don’t like sweets at night.

They go in their room. Saachi laying on her bed, is thinking about Kabeer and Kabeer about her.

Next morning:-

All the interns are in the bathrooms bathing. As Saachi is late she doesn’t get any. She waits for a long time, but no bathroom gets free. She angrily keep her clothes on the handwash basin and goes out thinking she will come back later when bathrooms get free.

Adarsh seeing her:- You are still not ready. It’s already so much time.
Saachi:- Sir, all bathrooms are busy.
Adarsh:- Then use mine.
Saachi :- ok

Saachi is going.

Adarsh:-Wait. My bathroom is getting cleaned.
Saachi:-So now.
Adarsh:- lemme think. Even all the staff bathrooms are busy. So…..Why don’t you use Kabeer’s? I am still he’s ready by now.
Saachi:- No way sir I don’t wanna die.
Adarsh:- Don’t worry I’ll talk to him.

Saachi enters Kabeer’s cabin and sees hes not there. Takin the advantage of the situation she goes in and bathes.
After the bath she remembers that she forgot her clothes in the interns bathroom. Saachi thinks” Oh god! Now what wil I do?

Pragya enters Kabeer’s cabin and seeing that he’s not there she starts talking to herself loudly.
Saachi takes a sigh of relief.
Pragya leaves. Kabeer enters

Saachi(thinking Pragya is still out there):- Pragya! I forgot my clothes in the interns bathroom. Plz get me.

Kabeer is horrified to know that Saachi is in his bathroom. He thinks”how dare she use my bathroom. And she didn’t even bring her clothes. How dumb!”
Kabeer is about to go to get Saachi clothes.

Saachi(from inside):- And Pragya, get a towel as well.

Kabeer to himself “Firstly she does no work properly and has high demands.”
Kabeer knocks on tu he door. Saachi opens it slightly. He gives het the clothes and towel.

Saachi(from inside):- Thanks Pragya. You are my real friend. Now plz even keep a watch on the door. Don’t let that Khadoos knowi am here or else ……..You know what|

Kabeer thinks” I helped her.and in return she called me a Khadoos”.

Saachi comes out and sees Kabeer standing.

Saachi:- Sir u…..
Kabeer:-Look carefully . This is not Pragya.
Saachi;- Sir I……
Kabeer:- How dare you use my bathroom?
Saachi:- Dr Adarsh told me.
Kabeer:- Dr.Adarsh???
Saachi:- Yes sir. Because all the bathrooms were busy.
Kabeer{frustrated}:- Go.

In the lawn:-
All the interns are standing. Kabeer tells them to board the bus. Interns start entering. Saachi climbes in. Due to traffic she falls back, Kabeer holds her by the waist.

Kabeer(holding her} ;- Can’t you even walk properly?

Saachi is speechless. Kabeer pulls her up. Saachi gets in and sits on a window seat.
Fernandez comes and sits beside her.

Fernandez to Saachi:- Can you gimme the window seat. As I feel vomiting during journeys.
Saachi:- Sure.

They change their places. Kabeer finding no place, comes and sits beside her. Saachi gets havocked. She tries to move towards Fernandez

Saachi is chased by a dog.and is running. She sees Kabeer and stops . Dog is nearing her, She moves towards Kabeer.
Everyone expects a Hug out of fear.

So guys do let me know your fav part in today epusode

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