A danger game of love episode 21

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At night 7:00pm:-

Saachi is holding Kabeer’s coat in her hands and wonders what to do. She decides to wear it. After wearing she sees in the mirror.
Saachi to herself”Oh it’s looking so classy, maybe this is why Dr.Kabeer looks so handsome”. She bites her tongue. She thinks”It’s better I return him”.
She walks into the hospital. Everyone is amused seeing her in Kabeer’s coat.. Saachi feels embarrassed.Adarsh spots her.

Adarsh:- That’s Kabeer’s coat. Right?
Saachi(nervously):- Yes.
Adarsh:- I never knew that he shares his coat With his assistant.
Saachi:- No Sir. Actually he left it in the washroom.
Adarsh:- So your doing it’s trial?
Saachi:- No I……. Anyway can you give him this coat?
Adarsh:- Why don’t you give yourself?

Adarsh leaves. Saachi”God! How will I face That Khadoos”?
She goes in the OT. Riya is there playing with the instruments. Saachi sees That Kabeer is not there. She turns to leave.

Riya:- What are you doing with Kabeer’s coat?
Saachi:- He left it in the washroom.So I…..
Riya:- Don’t worry I will return it to him.Give it to me.
Kabeer (from behind):- What is it Saachi?
Saachi:- Sir, your coat.

Saachi gives him the coat.

Kabeer (wearing it):- I heard it fits you Perfectly.
Saachi (confused):-Sir
Kabeer:- why did you wear it?
Saachi:- Ahh! I……
Kabeer:- I am sure you have no explanation.

Kabeer goes in the OT. Saachi goes behind him. Singhania enters.

Singhania:- So Riya, Saachi. Are you ready?
Riya, Saachi:- Yes.
Singhania to Saachi:- Who is better me or Kabeer?
Saachi:- Both are good.
Singhania:- I mean not as a doctor……. But Personality.
Saachi:- Ahh! I don’t know much about you.
Singhania (nodding):- ok.
Saachi(sarcastically):- And as the whole hospital knows………Dr.kabeer is a Khadoos!
Kabeer:- And she is Khadoos’s Assistant!

Saachi burns down”What was the need to interrupt”.

Kabeer:- Ok, let’s start the surgery.

4 Doctors are around the Operation bed. Kabeer, Saachi on one side and Singhania,Riya at the other.
During the operation Riya and Saachi are staring at Kabeer. And Singhania is staring Saachi.
Saachi takes out forceps to give Kabeer. Singhania takes it by purposely touching her. After some time she takes needle, thread, as asked by Kabeer. Singhania takes that too. Kabeer notices his wierd behavior.
Singhania makes an excuse and comes to talk to Kabeer. Saachi is standing beside him. Singhania gets closer to her to talk to Kabeer. Saachi and Kabeer feel uncomfortable. Singhania gets very close to her, in order to get away, she gets close to Kabeer. Kabeer understanding his bitter intentions, brings his hand around her and holds the bed to stop him getting further close. So now, Kabeer’s hand is besides hers, as well as around her. Saachi feels a shock wave run down her veins.Riya boils in jealousy, seeing them so Close. Singhania gets back to his place.
Time passes but Kabeer’s hand is still around her. Saachi feels very awkward and she turns all Red. Saachi thinks “Now where should I move? Towards Him or towards His Hand???” Kabeer notices her. He suddenly realizes that his arm is still around her and immediately moves it.
At the End of the Surgery, Kabeer says Saachi to give stiches. Saachi does improperly.

Kabeer:- I will show you how to do it.

He holds her hand and makes her give stiches. Saachi looks at him. She closes her eyes and remembers the Cabin scene when he gets too close. Kabeer notices her eyes closed.

Kabeer(angrily):- What are you doing? Why did you close your eyes. I am showing you how to give stiches and you……… Anything like this again, I won’t think again to push you out of the OT.

Surgery completes.

Kabeer:- Well done Riya and Saachi.

Kabeer and Singhania leave.
Saachi comes out, sees her friends and hugs them.

Isha:- How was the surgery?
Saachi:- Excellent!
Kabeer (coming back to Saachi):- Go in the record room and get files of Patients of Bed no. 19,4,7,21.
Saachi (reluctantly):-Ok.

Kabeer leaves.

Saachi to Isha, pragya:- This Khadoos will never leave me free. I wonder if I am he’s Personal assistant or Personal Maid.

Saachi goes in the record room. Veer sees her. He thinks of playing with her.
Saachi in the record room is searching for files. She feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around. Its ‘Singhania’.

Saachi:- Hello Sir.
Singhania:- May I help you?
Saachi:- No need Sir, I will manage.
Singhania:- Come on, let me help you.
Saachi:- It’s ok.

Saachi is searching for files. Singhania stares at her.
Suddenly the lights go on and off. Saachi holds her breadth. Finally there are no lights and it’s Pitch Dark! Saachi tries to trace her way to the door With out Singhania knowing.

Singhania shouts in the Dark:- Don’t worry Saachi,I am here.

Saachi thinks ” that’s the Real Fear!”

Saachi finds the door. She tries to open it but it’s locked from outside.

Veer and all the interns are laughing.

Veer:- I locked her in the Record room and have even cut the Power! She must be crying.

All the others laugh. Ish Pragya come to there.

Isha:- Veer you can’t do this. Give us the keys of the record room
Veer:- No way. Let she be in there for some more time.
Pragya:- Veeeer
Isha:- There no use arguing with him, let’s talk to Dr.Kabeer.
Veer:- Go,go.

In the record room:-

Saachi is trying to open the door. She feels a hold on her waist which drags her inside.

Saachi shouts and screams.

Singhania pushes her on the ground and starts to misbehave.
Saachi starts crying and screaming for help.
After a while, Saachi holds her calm and understands that she won’t get any help and she has to do something herself. She punches Singhania on the throat and runs away. Saachi hides in between the shelves. Singhania starts digging for her.
Isha Pragya ask Fernandez about Kabeer. She says that he went back home.
Saachi is crying and sobbing. She tries to hold her breadth to be hidden for longer time.
Singhania (searching for her):- You can hide but can’t run away from me.

Saachi prays “Save me God plz! I don’t ask for help. Cause help is definitely gonna come, tonight or tomorrow. But I want help before My Dignity is Stolen, I want help before it’s TOO LATE!”

Precap:- Saachi is climbing the bus, but due to too much Traffic she falls back.Kabeee holds her by the waist.

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