A danger game of love episode 20

Hey guys, I got my phone back. Now starts the episode.

Saachi goes to kabeer’s cabin. Kabir is not there. Saachi thinks”where this Khadoos must have gone, maybe to scold someone”. Saachi turns to go, she opens the door, Kabeer is standing.Saachi to herself “why is it Everytime I open the door, he is standing”. Sachi moves back, Kabir enters.

Kabeer:- What is it Saachi? Why are you here so early?
Saachi:-Sir I………. I don’t want to be in your team in the 3 days summer camp.
Kabeer:- Why?
Saachi:- just like this.
Kabeer:- I want a valid reason.
Saachi:- Ahh! No valid reason, just I don’t wanna be.
Kabeer:- No
Saachi:- What No?
Kabeer:- Your request is not accepted.
Saachi:- But sir…….

Saachi thinks”its waste to argue, it’s almost impossible to change his decision.”
Saachi turns to leave.

Kabeer:- Stop!
Saachi(coming back):- What Sir?
Kabeer(taking his steps closer to her):- Your my personal assistant right?
Saachi(nervously taking steps back):- Yes.
Kabeer(moving closer):- It’s the duty of personal assistant to keep record of meetings. Right?
Saachi:- Yes
Kabeer:- in the past two days, I missed my two meetings!

Kabeer continues moving closer. Saachi moves back.
Kabeer:- it’s the duty of the personal assistant to keep all the files of the interns on my table before before 9 o’clock. But I got no files. Not today, not yesterday not before that.

Kabeer keeps moving closer and closer.Saachi moves back, With his every step towards her. Finally! There is a table behind and No Way Back For Saachi! Saachi holds the table tight. Kabeer moves closer and closer and closer. Saachi’s heartbeat goes high and low. Kabeer keeps his one hand on the table and leans towards her. There is a slight breeze. Saachi’s shirt flies, touching his pants, representing their closeness.

Kabeer(in a Stern voice):- All the things mentioned and not mentioned should be done.

Saachi nods.

Kabeer(bending to her face):- Or else…….

Saachi gulps her saliva. Feels like her beat stopped for a second.
Ward boy enters.

WB:- Sir, Dr.Adarsh wants to talk to you.
Kabeer:- I am coming.

Ward boy leaves

Kabeer (turning to Saachi):- Hope you understood.

Saachi immediately nods.
Kabeer leaves. Saachi takes a sigh of relief “That was so Close, Felt as if he’s gonna Eat Me!”
Saachi comes out of his cabin. Pragya and Isha come rushing to her. Pragya keeps hand on her chest.

Pragya to Isha:- Look Isha! Her heart is beating like a Horse in a Marathon.
Saachi:- Shut up! I am getting late for his class.
Pragya (stopping her):- First tell us what happened in the cabin.

Saachi pushes her and walks away.
They enter the class. Kabeer is standing. Looking at him Saachi feels a drop in her BP. She silently walks in, takes her seat and keeps her eyes down.
Kabeer starts checking and distributing files.

Kabeer(opening Veer’s file):- Careless! Very Careless! Seems as if the The Patient has to take care of you.

Gives the file to Veer.

Kabeer opens Riya’s file. He gets shocked. He takes out a chit from his waist coat and tallies the handwriting. He stares at Riya in Anger, tears the chit and throws in the trash. Then he opens Saachi’s file. He sees a chit in it written ‘Khadoos Hitler!’ He gives a Stern look, Saachi immediately looks down.

Kabeer:- Khadoos Hitler?
Saachi(standing up):- Sir I …….Ahh…..
Kabeer:- No need to stand, sit.

He folds it and throws it in the trash too.

Kabeer:- Today is another surgery of mine and this time with Dr.Singhania. So Saachi you will assist me. Saachi looks up shocked.

Kabeer:- as you are my personal assistant you will assist me in every surgery. Except her, the other intern will be…….

Singhania enters.

Singhania:- Hello Kabeer.

Kabeer and Singhania shake hands.

Singhania:- As we are doing this surgery together, I also want an assistant. You must have chosen yours?
Kabeer:- Yeah
Singhania:- Ok. So my assistant will be………Saachi.

Saachi and the whole class is shocked.

Kabeer:- But she is My personal assistant. She is assisting Me.
Singhania:- Ok then. Hmmmmm what about Ms Malhotra.

Singhania points at Riya. Kabeer gives a frustrated look.
Riya gets overjoyed.
Kabeer:- Surgery is gonna be at 8:00pm so be at the OT sharp 7:15.
Riya and Saachi:- Yes sir.

Kabeer and Singhania leave.

Madhu:- Why are you so happy Riya?? You are going to assist Dr.Singhania not Kabeer.
Riya:- I know. But we will be under the same roof and in the same Operation Theatre.
Madhu and Bala:- Lucky You!
Pragya to Saachi:- You don’t look any happy. Why?
Saachi:- I am just irritated.
Pragya:- Or maybe you are just irritated because you are assisting Dr.kabeer.
Saachi:- Nothing like that!
Isha:- Saachi, no matter how much you try to avoid him. You Can Not!
Pragya:- Exactly!
Isha:- Actually no Girl Can

Isha Pragya hit a high-five.

Saachi gets up and leaves.
Isha Pragya follow to tease her.

Isha(holding her) You are so lucky that you will be assisting the most handsome Doctor of this hospital.
Saachi:- Isha lemme go.
Pragya:- Wait, wait! Let us tease you some more.
Focus on the surgery or else the patient will die.

Isha and Pragya start laughing. Saachi tries to go.

Pragya (holding her):- Your doctor Kabeer is very strict.
Saachi:- He is not Mine!
Pragya:- How is Your Doctor Kabeer?
Kabeer (from behind):- Khadoos Hitler!

Saachi Isha and Pragya turn around shocked.

Kabeer:- What are you still doing here? Get the patient”s files.
Saachi:- Yes sir.

She turns to go.

Kabeer:- And Isha, Pragya.

Saachi stops to listen.

Kabeer (to Isha Pragya):- if you also wanna be lucky like her and assist me in every surgery,then pay attention in the class and give answers instead of making gossips.

Kabeer leaves. Saachi smiles and goes.
She goes towards the record room. On the way she hears some noises from the paediatric ward. She goes in.

Madhu:- Saachi I have to go bathroom,plz handle them for a while.
Saachi:- ok.

Madhu leaves.

Saachi to the kids:- So how are you all?

A kid comes and sprays something in Saachi’s eyes. All the other kids start laughing. Saachi seems” Ahh! My eyes.”
Kabeer who is on rounds, hears Saachi’s screams. He comes rushing.

Kabeer:- What happened Saachi?
Saachi:- My eyes…..my eyes.?

Kabeer holds her hand and takes her to the washroom. He splashes water on her face. Saachi continues screaming. Kabeer takes water and wipes her face.
Saachi hardly opens her eyes. She sees Kabeer’s hand on her cheek.Kabeer realizing the closeness, tries to get back. But Saachi’s chain is stuck in his coat. He tries to take out. Saachi sees his restlessness. After trying for some time,he gets frustrated, removes his coat and walks out.
Saachi thinks “Sometimes you come too close and sometimes you run far away, What are you?”


In the OT:-
Singhania tries to close to Saachi. Seeing this Kabeer gets uncomfortable.

In the record room:-
Saachi is alone, searching for files. She feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around.

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    Guys do tell me what you liked in today’s episode ?

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    2. Most importantly kabir telling khadoos hitler in mid of ishapragyanchi conversation…???????

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  5. Swetatitli

    I liked the part where kabir cared for saanchi and helped her and her chain got stuck in his coat.

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    Finally Kabir found out the chit! Haww.. The precap is soooo spoooky!!

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    Episode 21 Updated, taking time for review.

    Guys listen if you have not then go read the OS by Randomfancreationz on’ One Sided Love of Veer’. It’s the best ff or shot I ever read on telly updates.We all got so busy with Kaanchi that we forgot about Veer’s emotions. Omg Salute to such a writer.

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