A danger game of love (Episode 2)

Hey guys I am back with episode 2.Thanks a lot everyone for positive feedback. Now let’s begin.

Dr. Malhotra is talking on the phone, “Adarsh you know what Sunil and Jaya’s daughter Saachi Mishra is studying in my hospital. I accepted her admission because that will be more fun. I have already started creating trouble for her by changing her percentage on the list. Just like her father she is very bright but my black clouds will hover over her always”. Both Dr. Malhotra and Adarsh start laughing.

Saachi looks at the broken vase with a puppy face. “Fine, we will start the interview, take your seat” , Dr. Kabeer. He looks at the her academic profile “Only 65 percent! You really need to work hard, I don’t believe how you landed here”. After asking a series of questions “I now ask you a one last question, You are going to bring that toy lizard again or next time you are going to try a real one”? Saachi says nothing. The interviewer says “You can go now”. Saachi opens the door and goes out, she sees her frock stuck in the door. Kabeer makes a frustrating look. Saachi takes her frock out of the door. Isha and Pragya waiting outside ask her how was the interview? Saachi gives all details and hugs them. Veer comes there “If you are so happy then why don’t you hug me as well”. Saachi tries to argue but her friends take her away. Suddenly an announcement is made to collect ID’s from the counter.

Everyone stands in a line. A girl comes in a hurry and asks the nurse on the counter to give her ID card. The nurse gives her the ID card saying “Your ID card Dr. Riya”. Pragya says “Oh! so her name is Riya, acts as if she is the daughter of the hospital’s owner”. “This is so unfair we are standing in the line for so long and she came just now and got her ID”, Saachi. They collect their ID’s and go to the canteen. Isha and Saachi are talking. Pragya taps Saachi and shows him Veer talking to his friends. Saachi while getting up “I wonder if he is a ghost, comes everywhere I go”. Veer sees her and follows. Saachi keeps her ID on the bench and takes a glass to drink water. Veer tiptoes and exchanges his ID with hers.

Precap :- Kabeer shouts out at Saachi “Where is your ID Dr. Saachi “?

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