A danger game of love episode 19

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Night Time

Riya to her friends :- Huh! That Saachi wanted to prove herself Great in the eyes of Kabeer by saving him, but what happened? Her creeky plan got backfired and got rustication as a Bonus!

Riya and friends start laughing.
Saachi is in her room,crying. Isha, Pragya try to console her.

Saachi(crying):- what was my mistake? Was my mistake to save him?
Pragya :- cool dance Sachi! it’s gonna to be
Saachi:- No! It’s not gonna be. And anyway, I don’t care. I am packed and just ready to Leave.
Isha:- it’s late night now. Why don’t you go in the morning?
Pragya:- Yes, yes! you are not going now, you are going in the morning.
Saachi:- But……
Pragya:- No but….its final

Kabeer in his cabin is thinking about the whole incident.

Kabeer(rubbing his forehead) :- I never knew that saachi, is so clever. How did she manage to do all of this alone? Or maybe, there was someone else involved as well.

Kabir forces his memory power trying to remember what all happened when he was drunk. He finally concludes that there was someone else as well in the room whose face he could not see clearly.
Kabeer to himself ” there is only one thing that can make it clear. The camera in the guest room. I’m sure I’ll get it from Dr Malhotra.

Kabeer goes to Malhotra’s house.

Malhotra :- Hey Kabir, is everything ok? You just left the party without saying anything. I was really worried for you.What happened?
Kabeer:- That’s a long story,Sir. Ahh! can I get the camera of your guest room.
Malhotra :- But why?
Kabeer:- I’ll explain you everything later. But now its urgent. Sir please.
Malhotra :- OK.

Malhotra gives him the camera. Kabeer plays it on the laptop in his cabin.
Seeing the video.He understands that, Saachi was only intending to help him and it was Riya who actually miss behaved.
Kabir to himself “Oh no! What I did? I raised my hand on an innocent woman.

Saachi:- Guys I am not feeling bad because I have to leave this Hospital, but I want to clear my name before I go. And I don’t know if doctor Kabir will give me a chance to explain myself.
Pragya :- Yeah, exactly………Why don’t you go and check if he’s still there, I mean if he is, then you can give a try.
Saachi:- But how can I? I am in my night dress.
Isha:- Who is telling you to go and talk to him like this. Just go and check if he is there?
Saachi:- I think you are right.

Saachi opens the door, Kabeer is standing.

Saachi(shocked):- Sir you?

Isha Pragya look at each other.

Kabeer:- Isha Pragya don’t get disturbed. Go and sleep. I am here to talk To Saachi.

Isha and Pragya lay on the bed and pretend to sleep.

Kabeer:- Saachi, I………..I Am really sorry.
Saachi(With attitude):- I know, anything else?
Kabeer:- Look Saachi, I thought……….
Saachi:-Sir I am in my night dress. I will go change, come to your cabin and then we will talk.

Saachi turns to go. Kabeer holds her hand and pulls her back

Kabeer:- I am not here to have a very long conversation. Just…….

Kabeer and Saachi stare into each other for a while.

Saachi( Breaking the connection):- Just what?

Kabeer stares at her and says nothing.

Saachi:- I guess have nothing to say.

Saachi tries to close the door, Kabeer opens it forcefully.

Kabeer(in a high tone) :- I know I did the mistake. But I am sorry! Try to understand me. Just imagine, You are drunk,and when you wake up, you are in a room. Your shirt buttons are broken. You see a person standing in front of you.What will you think? will you think that they try to help you? or they try to do something wrong? That’s what happened to me. I didn’t know. So I am sorry!
Saachi :- I know everything Sir. But when is my rustication letter coming?

Ward boy comes and is about to give Saachi the letter. Kabeer takes it, tears it and drops it’s pieces on the ground.
Saachi(angeily):- You can’t do this, Sir!
Kabeer(in a serious tone):- I can do it, I can do anything.

Kabeer leaves.

Saachi to herself (angrily):- What does this khadoos think of himself?
Isha Pragya:- Awwwww!
Saachi :- Shut up guys, don’t irritate me now. Let’s sleep.

Next Morning:-

Kabeer enters Malhotra’s cabin.

Malhotra :- Yes Kabeer,how did you come here?

Kabeer keeps a letter on his table.

Kabeer:- Sir, my resignation letter.
Malhotra standing up:- What!……But why?

Kabeer tells him the whole story.

Kabeer:- Now so it will be either me or doctor Riya in this Hospital.

Malhotra calls for Riya. Riya comes.
She sees Kabeer and understands the whole situation.
Malhotra scolds her a lot. Riya starts crying.

Kabeer:- So Sir, what have you decided?
Malhotra(faking tears) :- Kabeer I never knew this was happening. My own daughter…..

Malhotra pretends to cry.

Malhotra:- Kabeer, you consider me your teacher right? So I ask you one thing. Please accept it.
Kabeer:- Of course sir!
Malhotra :- Please forgive my daughter! I promise she won’t do it again. You are the pillar of this hospital Kabeer, I can’t afford to loose you anyway. And Riya, Her career has just started. Plz kabeer I can’t make any choice.

Kabeer thinks for a while.

Kabeer”- OK sir, But I have a condition.
Malhotra(hastily):- What is it?
Kabeer:(pointing to Riya) – Just free me from her. Sir do something after which her presence or absence is the same to me. Do something after which I never have to face her again.
Malhotra :- As you say. From now on, I will be in charge of her.

Riya starts crying again. Kabeer leaves.

Saachi to her friends:- I have to talk to Dr. Kabeer.
Pragya :- About what?
Saachi :- I have to change my group, I don’t wanna be in his team in the 3 days Camp.

In Kabeer’s cabin:-
Kabeer moves closer, Saachi moves back, until she is stopped by the table behind.

In the class:-
Kabeer opens Saachi’s file and sees a chit in it. Written ‘Khadoos Hitler’!
He gives a stern look to Saachi, she immediately looks down.

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