A danger game of love episode 18 (updated)

Very very sorry for the late update. Here we jump into the episode.

Everyone is enjoying the party. Sachi is still waiting at the juice counter. Dr. Singhania comes there.

Dr. Singhania :- Hey Sachi, how are you?
Saachi:- Good, Sir.
Dr. Singhania :- how is your work, academics going on?
Saachi:- All well, Sir.

The counter boy gives them their juices.

Dr. Singhania :- how about we sit together and drink juice?
Saachi:- Ok

Saachi and Singhania go and sit on a table.
Saachi is drinking juice, while Singhania is staring at her.

Singhania :- And how is Kabeer?
Saachi:- He is good and talented.
Singhania :- And a Khadoos. Right?

Saachi remembers when Kabeer overhears her saying him Khadoos, and gives a slight smile.

Singhania :- What happened? Lost in thoughts?

Saachi gets alert.

Saachi:- No sir…. Just…
Singhania :- You are his personal assistant right?
Saachi:- Yes sir.
Singhania :- And the one who he proposed in the meeting room?
Saachi(unwillingly):- Yes.

There is silence. Saachi has already finished her juice and Singhania as well.
Singhania looks at her hand on the table.He moves his hand closer to hers and slightly touches it. Saachi immediately Backs off. She stands up.

Saachi:- I think I should go now, see you later Sir.

Saachi leaves. Singhania stares at her and thinks “you can avoid me but can’t run away from me”.
Kabeer’s head is aching a lot. He tries to walk but dangles. Everyone thinks he’s drunk. He holds his head tight and sits on a bench. He slowly feels out of his senses, and everything around to be Blur. Kabeer to himself “I know there was something in that juice. Why did you do this Saachi? ” Riya comes there and sits beside him.

Riya:- What happened doctor Kabir you don’t seem to be well?

Kabeer says nothing, just holds his head and groans. Riya understands that he is drunk. She takes advantage of it and take him in the guest room. She closes the door and make him lay on the bed. She breaks the top three buttons of shirt and tries to misbehave with him. Kabir understands that there’s something wrong going around him. He stares at the face of the girl to know who is doing this to him. But everything is Blur, and thus, the face of the girl to him is unclear. Kabeer starts knocking things down. Due to this juice falls on Riya’s dress.

Riya:- Oh Kabeer, you have spilled juice on me. I will go clean it, and be right back. Riya goes in the bathroom. Kabir tries to move around but Falls off the bed. Sachi enters, in search of Veer. She sees Kabir on the ground.

Saachi(rushing to him) :- Sir!

She thinks to hold him, but immediately pulls her hand back, thinking, it won’t be right to touch him without his permission. Riya comes out of the bathroom.
Saachi(looking at her) :- What the hell, you did to him?
Riya”- Not your business! So just leave.
Saachi:- no way.
Riya:- you don’t know what I can do.
Saachi :- you don’t know what I can do. Let him come into consciousness then you will get to know.

Riya get scared and runs out.

Saachi(looking down at him) :- Sir, you okay?

Kabeer’s vision starts to get clear. He sees Saachi’s face. He immediately stands up. He sees a jug of water on the table. He takes it, and pours over himself to bring himself back into senses. He then holds his forehead, wipes his face and sees Saachi standing in front of him. He then looks down at his broken buttons.
Kabeer gets furious and slaps Saachi.
Tears start to flow like rain from her eyes.

Kabeer:- I have never seen someone shameless like you. How dare you Sachi? You have crossed all your limits. First you told me ‘I love you’ in my cabin, I didn’t pay much attention. Then you wrote the same in that chit. I still didn’t take any action thinking that those are only your ‘So Called Feelings’. But now things have gone way farther. I can’t bear you anymore. I regret for giving you chances. If I would have taken strict reaction the first time itself, then probably this day would have never come.

Saachi(with tears in her eyes) :- But sir…..
Kabeer:- You are rusticated, never be seen in the hospital ever again.

Kabeer leaves pulling up his shirt. Saachi sits on the floor and cries.
Kabeer comes out of the guest room. All eyes on him. He leaves the party angrily. Everyone wonders what would have happened. Saachi comes out crying.Everyone stare at her. Saachi leaves the party. Isha and Pragya are shocked. They go behind her.
Kabeer remembers that he forgot something, he goes back to the hospital. Saachi, Isha and Pragya are walking in the hospital, going towards their hostel room. Water is on the floor. Saachi doesn’t see it, steps on it and slips. She holds someone’s shoulder for support. She looks up. It’s Kabeer. Kabeer immediately pushes her away.

Kabeer to Saachi :- Miles Away!

Saachi looks down with tears in her eyes.

Kabeer:- What are you still doing here? You are rusticated.
Saachi:- Sir……..
Kabeer:- Morning! You have time till morning, Pack up and leave. Your rustication letter will be sent to you in your room.

Kabeer leaves. Saachi starts crying. Isha keeps her hand on her shoulder.

Night time:-
Saachi opens the door, Kabeer is standing.

Later in the morning.
Kabeer submits his resignation letter to Malhotra.

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