A danger game of love episode 17

Hey guys back to episode 17. Let’s get started!

Kabeer goes and meets Malhotra.

Malhotra :- Hey Kabeer, how is it going?
Kabeer:- superb sir, and the party is so Grand!
Malhotra :- Thanks, and you are looking fantastic.
Kabeer:- Oh thank you! I was about to wear grey only, but suddenly remembered that it went for dry cleaning.
Malhotra :- whatever! you look great in every colour.

Saachi finds her friends talking to some interns.Saachi approaches them.

Isha:- Saachi you came back?
Saachi:- Yeah! and thank god! I got my purse back.
Pragya :- so what we do you now?
Veer(from behind) :- how about some juice?
Pragya :- Yeah sure.
Veer:- You guys wait here, I’ll bring it for all of you. Anyway Sachi you looking gorgeous.
Saachi:- thank you.
Veer:- why didn’t you wear yellow?

Saachi looks at his yellow T shirt, then looks at her friends. Isha Pragya get nervous.

Saachi:- This was the reason you were forcing me to wear yellow! Thank god I didn’t.
Veer:- Yeah thank god! that you wear a dress that matches khadoos dress colour.
Saachi:- it’s just a coincidence, Veer
Veer:- Yeah! What a great coincidence!!!
Saachi:- I’m going.
Veer:- OK, OK stop. I will go and bring juice.

Saachi and friends wait. Veer comes with 4 glasses of orange juice.

Veer:- there ya Go Girls!

Each one takes a glass. They touch their glasses and say Cheers!
Sachi feels a tap on her shoulder, she turns around. Kabir is standing.

Kabir:- Sachi keys?

Sachi takes out keys from her bag and gives to Kabir. Adarsh comes from behind.

Adarsh:- Good! both are looking superb.I am sure you will make a good pair.

Kabeer and Saachi are shocked.

Adarsh:- I mean on the dance floor. Anyway, both wore the dress of the same colour, I see. Sachi do you have his number?
Sachi( hesitantly):- yes.
Adarsh:- OK then, see you guys On The Dance Floor.

Adarsh leaves.

Kabir to Sanchi:- I forgot to ask you one thing. When you got stuck in the morgue you called me,I wanted to know how you got my personal number, So how????
Sachi:- I actually heard you giving your number to a patient so I…………..noted.
Kabir:- great!

Kabir goes, he sees some senior doctors and starts talking to them. Riya comes.

Riya:- hello everyone!
Doctors:- Hello Dr Riya!
Riya”- So…….. how are you guys, how is everything going on.
Doctor :- Good.
Riya:- Dr Kabir are you busy?
Kabeer:- No,not really! you had some work?
Riya:- Oh doctor Kabir! you are always talking about work, I was thinking let’s go to the juice counter and have some drink.
Kabir:- then I am busy.

Riya leaves angrily. She thinks “enough of this hide and seek game, now it’s time for confession”. She writes on a paper ‘I love you doctor Kabir, if you are really interested to know who I am, then meet me at the juice counter in the next 5 minutes’. She sends this chit through a waiter To Kabir.
Kabir reads it, and gets amused thinking “who can be so daring to write me such a chit”.
He goes to the juice counter and keeps waiting.
Veer, Isha, Saachi and Pragya eat lots of Golgappas. Veer takes each and Pragya with him, and says Sachi to wait at the juice counter.
Sachi to herself “this Veer is so bad he took my friends with him and is telling me to wait at the juice counter, I am sure he is surely planning a prank”. Sachi goes and stands at the juice counter.She looks around, Kabir is standing and staring at her.

Kabeer:- You?
Saachi(sarcastically):- yes me.
Kabeer”- how do you write that nonsense in the chit?

Sanchi thinks “which chit might be he’s talking about, maybe the cheat in which I wrote ‘Khadoos Hitler!’Oh god! that Veer, I am sure he gave it to doctor Kabir. I would have never trusted him and played that game”.

Kabeer:- so Saachi, do you have anything to say or you going to remain dumb?
Saachi:- Sir I……. I actually….
Kabir:- yes what? I am ready to listen.

Riya sees Kabeer talking to Saachi on the juice counter. She understands that Kabeer has misunderstood Saachi for writing the chit. She thinks “I am sure he is going to get angry. Let me not go and leave this Trouble for Saachi”. Saachi thinks “there is no use getting afraid, let’s be confident and do it”.

Saachi:- Sir, I don’t know how you will react listening to this but I want to tell you this, Whatever I wrote in it are my thoughts about you. I know you must have felt offended but sir, I honestly except that those were my feelings basically how I feel about you. This world is so confusing, people get offended if we say something and feel something they call us hypocrites. but if we Express our real feelings,they get angry.So I know my feelings my thoughts about you made you angry or whatever! but sir those were my feelings! Everybody in this world have a right to express their views and their feelings, that’s what I did. if that hurted you then I’m sorry. I had no intention like that. I just don’t wanted to play a double game. I just wanted to be honest. Whatever that was, it was not intending any disrespect, just pure feelings. So now you can react the way you want. You can punish me or you can do anything. That is your choice,but again.I say Sorry, if that hurted you.”

Kabir is speechless.He thinks “why do I feel impressed with her when I should be angry.And anyway, not only Saachi but most of the interns and many nurses like me or even love me. Saachi is not alone, but she is alone to express her feelings. I cannot be angry on her just for what she feels”.
Adarsh comes there.

Adarsh:- what are you guys doing here, it’s time for the dance. Come on up.

He takes Kabir and Saachi with him on the dance floor.

Malhotra announces:- Music is going to play and you all have to dance.I would like those who are wearing the same colour dress form a pair and dance.

Music starts (Ishq Wala Love)

Everyone find partners and start dancing.
Veer thinks ” I know Saachi is not going to dance with anyone, let Me grab the chance”. He starts looking for Saachi.
Kabeer and Sachi are standing, looking at the crowd dancing.

Adarsh:- why standing still, start dancing Kabir.
Kabeer:- I have no partner.

Adarsh looks at saatchi.

Adarsh:- Why not dance with Sachi? She is wearing the same colour as yours. And after all she is a personal assistant.
Saachi:- I don’t know any dance.
Adarsh:- Come on, nobody is a professional dancer.Everyone is enjoying for fun. Now stop showing tantrums and hit the dance floor.
Malhotra shouts on the mic:- Start dancing Kabir!

Kabir holds her hand, and they start dancing.
Saachi is just looking down, trying to control her nervousness. All the interns and everyone are shocked to see Saach dancing with Kabir.

Kabeer(while dancing) :- why did you write that chit?
Saachi:- I told you right, because……..
Kabeer:- I know your feelings, but it’s better not to express some.

Saachi gives a confusing look.They dance together for a while and all this time, Saachi’s gaze is fixed on him. Kabeer tries to look around but that doesn’t work well, it only shows his nervousness. Veer is disheartened and Riya runs crying towards her room.
After the dance :-
Kabeer and Saachi immediately back off, as if there was no dance.
Veer, Isha, Pragya come to Saachi.

Pragya:- God! I still can’t believe you dance with that khadoos.
Isha:- yeah me too, seriously.
Pragya:- come on guys that was just dance.
Pragya(smiling):- yeah, just a dance.
Veer:- Anyway miss Sneezu, if you are tired dancing with that khadoos then I have bought this refreshment for you.

He gives mango juices to them.

Pragya:- you’re so good.Boy!
Saachi(looking at the juice) :- But I…….

Someone calls Veer, he goes.

Saachi to herself ” I don’t like this mango juice, let me go and get another juice from the counter.
She goes on the juice counter, keeps her juice on the table and looks at the Menu. Malhotra is standing near by, He decides to mix a tablet in Saachi’s drink so that she loses her senses and is made a fun of in the party.He takes his chance and mixes the tablet. Kabeer comes at the counter to take some juice.

Saachi(looking at him) :- Sir! would you take this juice. I don’t like mango flavour. I was about to get another one but this one will go waste.So….

Kabir nods, take the juice and drinks it.

Precap :-

Kabeer gets furious and Slaps Saachi.

Kabeer:- I rusticate you, never be seen in the hospital ever again.

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  1. Hey am extreamly sorry for my last comment yaar…day by day ur ff is getting intresting dude…awesome…please try to post next update tommorrow itself…i know that am bit selfish and adament but what to do am addicted to ur ff…????please…will you post tommorrow????????????????????…

    1. WardhaRosYY

      Yes tomorrow ?

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  5. Nice and really interesting episode but to be honest I don’t feel that kabir should slap sanchi I mean it’s not his character and from the first episode he is a gentleman and a gentleman never hits a woman. You can change that like he confess that he likes her or she is something different from others

    1. WardhaRosYY

      You will get to know shortly why he slapped her. I know a gentleman never hits a woman but he also doesn’t like anything disrespectful towards him. And also a human is a human. Humans are very likely to loose their emotions, that’s what happened to him. This makes Even the most good hearted person do wrong sometimes.

  6. Ya plz update it tmrw only…omg wat a precap…i am eager to read the nxt episode ?

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  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m loving this more and more day by day ??? Dr Khadoos Kabir Ko Saanchi Se Pyaar Hogaya Hain ??? Haha Miss Golgappa eating Golgappa here ??? oh ya she is miss sneezu here ? Amazing! Kabir gonna get drunk? ??And precap is ??????
    What slap! ?

    1. WardhaRosYY

      Thanks again randomfancreationz for commenting. You know what, my sister is playing EDKV title song as I am typing this, and it brings tears in my eyes. At the start it was the best serial but Towards the endings it lost it’s Charm! Anyway Love EDKV especially Shravan?

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yeah episode 1-72 EDKV was the best show ever!!! Like everything was perfect after epi 72 things started to mess up a bit but the show was still going smooth still the 100th episode and I loved watching it , but after episode 120 the makers just completely lost it with too many and prolonged misunderstandings and but after Suman’s marriage broke with Aditya after episode 134 the show began to be awesome again specially shraman’s nok jhok was fun to watch but ending the show abruptly was just unfair
        And I am so happy that EDKV was ur fav show, EDKV is my all time fav and none can replace it before EDKV Beintehaa was my fav but EDKV is just ???, and I currently don’t really watch any serial except for dr savitri Devi College and Hospital

  8. Kriya agarwal

    Hey i like the scene of kaanchi about misunderstanding about chit but at last it should be cleared by the way like precap with ful suspense post nxt soon.. We r waiting

    1. WardhaRosYY

      I asure you that misunderstanding will be cleared. And thanks Kriya aggarwal for commenting. Wait are you the sister of Saachi agarwal? ?

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    Hey guys! I am in love with the new ff that came on Kanchi “Married to Khadoos”, it’s amazing. Go check out, if you don’t know. And do comment there as well as here?about how the episode was

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    But I am very keen to know as to why kabeer slapped Sanchi??
    Is it because he misunderstood that Sanchi mixed something in his juice????
    Update soon?

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      Ahh lucky, you well get to know soon

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