A danger game of love episode 16

Sorry guys for not updating in the last 2 days.Here goes episode 16…

Kabeer(to the class):- l will ask you a question, whoever answers correctly will be my personal assistant for 2 weeks.
Kabeer asks the question.
Riya raises her hand and attempts to answer, but it’s wrong veer raises his hand , everyone look at him in astonishment .

Veer:-the answer is…… It’s something’s I dont know.

Everyone starts laughing

Kabeer(angrily):-If you don’t know the answer, then don’t waste your and my time. And if no one is able to answer it, then You will be my assistant. For 3 weeks.
Veer(shockingly):- 3 Weeks!?
Kabeer:- the answer is something you don’t know right? so special offer, 3 weeks!

Veer prays in his heart that someone answer.
Saachi raises her hand and answer.

Kabeer:-Absolutely correct. now you will be my assistant for the next 14 days.

Kabeer stops at her

Kabeer:-What thank you? Come along.

Kabeer leaves, Saachi goes behind him.

Riya gets jealous.
Veer ooks at Saachi and thinks ‘Now keep waging your tail behind That Malhotra’s dog”.

Kabeer and Saachi enter Kabeers’ cabin.Kabeer tells her to do some paperwork. He sits on his chair,open his laptop and goes through the data Sachi mean while checks the papers.Some time passes. She looks at Kabeer,who is busy in his work. She looks at him again, he is still busy.
Saachi thinks “How come this Khadoos is always busy?”. Kabeer knows that Saachi is looking at him, He just waits for the right moment to catch her. He looks at her and Boom! Saachi gets caught. Saachi immediately looks down.

Saachi(keeping papers on the table):- It’s done, Sir.
Kabeer:- Now go, get all the files from the interns.
Saachi:- OK, Sir.

Saachi goes and collects files. Isha and Pragya give her their files.

Pragya :- I pray your 14 days don’t turn into hell.
Isha:- Oh Gosh! Saachi is so lucky, she will always be around Dr. Kabeer.

Saachi goes to collect Riya’s file.

Riya:- Don’t worry, I will give him the file myself.

Saachi goes to Veer’s ward. She sees him talking to his 10 year old patient.

Saachi:- Your file? Dr. Kabeer is asking.
Veer:- Sure take it, Dr. Kabeer’s favorite intern.

As Saachi is about to go she stops and turns around.

Saachi:- What did you say?
Veer:- Dr. Kabeer’s favorite intern.
Saachi:- Shut up Veer! And anyways your stupid talks don’t bother me.
Veer(to his patient):- You know what Miss sneezu has fallen for the most senior and Khadoos doctor of this hospital.
Saachi “- Veer I told you to stop your non sense talks.
Veer:- I thought it doesn’t bother you. Anyways I was talking to my patient.
Saachi(to Veer’s patient) :- I hate Kabeer…….
Veer”- Oh Kabeer!
Saachi :- I mean Dr.kabeer.

Just then Kabeer enters.

Saachi”- He is such a Khadoos. Scolds all his interns, sometimes with reason and most of the times without reason. Everyone gave him the most appropriate name ‘Dr.khadoos’. I don’t know why all the girls like him. I know he is handsome…..

Saachi bites her tongue.

Saachi:- I mean, Yeah! A little good looking……..
Kabeer:- Dr. Saachi.

Saachi turns around, she makes horribly nervous expressions.

Kabeer:- it’s better if you focus on your work more than me. And I told you to get some files, Where are they?
Saachi:- yes sir, I got them.

Saachi gives him all the files.

Saachi:- Riya’s file is not there.
Kabeer:- why?
Saachi:- she said she will give you herself.

Riya comes.

Kabeer:- why didn’t you give your file to Saachi?
Riya:- Ah! I actually had some doubt, so I thought to submit you the file myself.
Kabeer:- what’s the doubt?
Riya:- Oh! Silly me. I forgot.
kabeer:- Riya, it’s better if you do whats asked. Instead of making excuses.

Kabeer leaves, Saachi goes behind him. Kabeer goes in his cabin and collect his belongings. Saachi enters.

Kabeer:- Saachi, I am going. Check these files. And take these, my cabin’s keys.

Kabeer keeps the keys on the table.

Kabeer:- And don’t forget to lock, after your work is done. And return it to me in the party.
Saachi:- Yes, Sir.

Kabeer leaves, Saachi gets busy in her work.

20 mins later.

Saachi keeps all the files in his drawer, switches of the light, comes out of his cabin and locks it.
She sees Veer standing and staring at her.

Veer:- what were you doing alone in this cabin?
Saachi:- My work.
Veer:- Checking his personal details?
Saachi:- shut up Veer!
Veer:- I know you like that Khadoos but I warn you, he is a Khadoos and he will break heart.
Saachi:- I don’t need your free lessons.

Saachi is about to go, Veer drops her.

Veer:- Will you be my partner in tonight’s party?
Saachi:- Never!
Veer:- Not me, then who? That Khadoos!

Saachi ignores and walks away. Veer to himself “You will definitely be my partner”.
Veer calls Pragya.

Veer:- Hello Pragya.
Pragya :- Yes Veer?
Veer:- Make Saachi wear yellow.
Pragya :- Why?
Veer:- Because I am also wearing it. And Dr. Malhotra in the party is going to make pair with the same dress color Dance together. So…….
Pragya:- Done.

Pragya and Isha force Saachi to wear yellow.
Riya sAys Malhotra to ask Kabeer which color dress he is wearing for tonight. Malhotra calls Kabeer.

Malhotra :- Hello Kabeer.
Kabeer:- Yes sir?
Malhotra :- Which color dress you are wearing tonight?
Kabeer:- I guess…….. Grey one!
Malhotra :- OK then, Come soon.

Riya to Malhotra :- Daddy, I have no grey color dress.
Malhotra :- Don’t worry, I will order one for you. Right now.
Riya:- thank you daddy!

Riya hugs Malhotra.

Saachi, Isha and Pragya are all set to leave. Saachi’s dress gets stuck in a nail and tears.

Saachi:- Oh! No.

She Goes in, changes and wears a light blue dress.
Pragya messages Veer that Saachi has changed her dress to light blue.
Veer doesn’t read the message, As his phone is on charge.
Saachi, Isha and Pragya reach Malhotra’s house.

Saachi:- Oh God! I forgot my bag in the cab.

Saachi runs back.

Isha:- Let’s go, Pragya.

Isha and Pragya go in the party. Saachi gets her purse back. She enters the party, just then Kabeer enters.
They look at each other. Both are wearing light blue. All eyes are on them. Veer and Riya are shocked.


Kabeer and Saachi are dancing together.

Kabeer, (while dancing) :- Why did you write that chit.

Saachi gets shocked.

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