A danger game of love episode 15

Sorry for the late update. There goes episode 15

At Night 1:53am

Kabeer is sleeping, he hears the doorbell ring. He thinks “Who might have come at this time?”
He opens the door while rubbing his eyes.
Saachi is standing.

Kabeer(shockingly):- What are you doing here?
Saachi:- Sir, actually you were right. There is no other alternative. Because the infection might be small but it attacks other brain tissues if left for long and no permanent medicine is yet Invented. And Surgery is the last and best resort.

Kabeer:- I know. But why the hell are you here at this time?
Saachi:- Sir I told you right, I will apologize to you right away if I am wrong. And even my mom says that if you are wrong then don’t delay even a second to apologize.
Kabeer:- That means you knock others doors at 2:00 am.
Saachi:- It’s 5 mins to 2:00
Kabeer(checking his watch):- Now 4.

Saachi keeps silence and stares at him.

Kabeer:- With whose permission you came out of the hostel, and you came here just to apologize. This was something that could be dealt in the morning. And……………………. Fine! It’s late night. Tomorrow in my cabin sharp 9:00.

Next morning 9:01am.

Saachi enters Kabeer’s cabin. Kabeer checks his watch.

Kabeer:- You are a minute late. Last night you were at my door saying its still 5mins to 2:00 and non sense. What happened now? Why are you late?

Saachi says nothing, just looks down.

Kabeer:- Saachi, were you out of your mind. Why the hell you need to knock my door at 2:00am or I say 5mins to 2:00.
Saachi:- Sir I………..
Kabeer:- What? And with whose permission you left the hostel at that time.

Saachi thinks”What a Khadoos! I would have worn ear plugs before coming here”.

Ward boy enters and informs him that Dr.Malhotra called him in the meeting room.
Kabeer leaves.
Saachi goes out of his cabin and sees that the whole hospital is decorated.

Saachi to herself :- What is happening!
Pragya (from behind) :- 27yrs to this remarkable hospital.

Saachi turns around. Isha and Pragya are standing.

Isha(with a smile) :- This is the reason why Dr. Malhotra has thrown a party tonight for all the doctors, nurses and interns.
Saachi:- A party?

Malhotra (in the meeting room):- Yes, a party. And all you Doctors have to come. You are the senior doctors of this hospital and my Gems. You definitely have to come.
Adarsh :- A party is Great! But why not celebrate now, just us, the senior doctors.
Malhotra :- Sure, why not?

Adarsh takes out a bottle of shampagne, shakes it and splashes it out. Everyone cheers and shout “Happy 27yrs Savitridevi hospital!”

Adarsh :- Now it’s time for a game. We the senior doctors of this hospital have dedicated our days and nights for this hospital. We also have right for some relaxation and play. So it’s time for spin the bottle.

Everyone shouts”Woah!”

Adarsh spins the bottle, everyone are very excited. Kabeer is in deep thoughts about Saachi, the day she bought a toy lizard, when he holds her nose when she was sneezing, when she pretended to be unconscious, the water fall at the entrance, the elevator fall, at his door at 2:00am or five minutes to 2:00, thinking this Kabeer gives a slight smile. Adarsh catches it. He understands that Kabeer is not focusing on the game. Taking the advantage, he turns the bottle at Kabeer.

Adarsh:- Kabeer, your turn.

Kabeer gets alert and looks at the bottle pointing at him.

Adarsh:- So what do you choose Dr. Kabeer, Truth or Dare?

Everyone shouts ‘Dare, Dare’

Kabeer:- OK, Dare.
Adarsh :- So your Dare is……… Ahh! Propose an intern!!!
Kabeer:- What!?
Adarsh :- As you have chosen Dare, you have to do it.
Kabeer:- I…….. I can’t, I mean they are my students. What will they think about me.
Adarsh(to the crowd) :- We didn’t know that a talented and Brave surgeon like Kabeer is afraid to propose a girl.

Everyone starts teasing him.

Kabeer:- Come on, I……OK! I will.
Malhotra :- Who will be that fortunate, Kabeer?
Kabeer:- Anyone, just anyone!
Malhotra calls the receptionist :- Send an intern in the meeting room.
Receptionist :- OK sir.

Receptionist sees Riya.

Receptionist :- Dr. Riya, Dr. Malhotra called you in the meeting room.
Riya:- Me, why?
Receptionist :- He said to send an intern.
Riya:- Say like that.

Riya sees Pragya.

Riya:- Daddy! called you in the meeting room.
Pragya :- Daddy?
Riya:- Dr. Malhotra!

Pragya goes towards the meeting room.
The door opens. Everyone’s eyes are on the door. Saachi enters. Kabeer gives a disgusting look thinking “Why only her?”.
Saachi looks around that all senior doctors are sitting. She walks up to Kabeer.

Saachi:- Sir, where is the conference room, I can’t find it.

Saachi notices that everyone’s looking at her. She thinks it’s better to go.

Saachi:- I think I should go.

She turns to go. Kabeer stands up. With all his guts and courage, he holds her hand.

Kabeer(holding her hand) :- Saachi!

Saachi is shocked but she doesn’t turn around.
Kabeer turns her around, bends on his knees.

Kabeer:- Will you marry me Saachi?!!!

Saachi is shocked, ice cold and freezed in her tracks. Kabeer goes back to his seat.
Everyone shouts and appreciates Kabeer.
Saachi is standing still and confused.

Adarsh:- cool down Saachi! It’s not a real proposal, it was his task to propose an intern.

Saachi is still, with tears still in her eyes. Kabeer sees that. Saachi hurries towards the door.

Kabeer:- Saachi, you wanted to know where the conference room is, right?

Saachi stops but doesn’t turn around.

Saachi:- No thank you, I will find it myself.

Saachi runs out. Kabeer stares at the door.
Saachi comes out of the meeting room, wiping her tears. Pragya sees her.

Pragya:- What happened Saachi?

Saachi looks at her.

In the meeting room :-
Dr. Sinha:- Poor Boy! Kabeer.
Adarsh :- Kabeer, I am sure its not gonna be easy for you now but…… why did she cry? Is it because she was angry or shy?

Everyone starts laughing.

Saachi ignores Pragya and goes. Pragya comes in front of her.

Pragya:- What happened Saachi why are you behaving so weird?
Saachi(with tears in her eyes) :- I said you right, nothing happened.

Saachi leaves. Pragya goes in the meeting room.

Pragya to Malhotra:- You called me, Sir?
Malhotra :- Yeah I did but….. The work is done.

Saachi sits in the conference room waiting for the meeting to start which is going to be conducted by Kabeer.

10mins pass by:-

Kabeer enters. He sees Saachi sitting alone. He takes his seat. He opens his laptop and starts doing his work. Saachi takes out her phone to keep herself busy. She sees that it’s battery is dead. She stares at the switched off phone to show herself busy.
15 mins pass by. Saachi feels uncomfortable. She looks at Kabeer who is busy doing his work on laptop. Kabeer looks at her. Saachi looks away as if to ignore him. Riya and others enter.
Kabeer starts his meeting.

Kabeer:- I have assembled you all here to inform you that in a few days there is a 3 days medical camp which is going to be held to provide free treatment in remote areas.
You all will be devided in 3 groups. One under Dr.Malhotra, the other under Sis Fernandez and lastly under me. He calls out names of interns who are under Malhotra, Veer is one of them. He then calls out those under Fernandez, Pragya is in there. Lastly he calls out those under him. He starts with Riya followed by Isha. He calls out some more names and stops at the last one which is Saachi. He pauses for a while and then
Calls out Saachi. Saachi looks at him.

Veer and Riya know that Malhotra in the party is going to make people with the same dress color dance together. Veer calls Pragya and asks her to make Saachi wear Yellow, as he is also wearing it. Riya says Malhotra to ask Kabeer which color dress he is wearing.

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