A danger game of love episode 14

Episode 14 There we go:-

The man is pointing gun at Saachi. Saachi is still looking at the gun and making no sudden movements. Kabeer comes and sees Man holding gun at Saachi.

Kabeer(angrily):- What are you doing? This is a hospital. You can’t bring these things here.
Man:- If my son is not saved then it will cost her life.
Kabeer:- If you don’t put down your gun right way then I will stop your son’s operation midway.Man puts down his gun, Saachi immediately gets away. Kabeer looks at the Man and then bends at Saachi and whispers “Be careful of him”. Saachi is freezed in her tracks.She doesn’t move for a while and then turns around and watches him going. Saachi in her heart “Why do you come so close”. Saachi suddenly remembers that she forget her phone in the locker room. She goes in the elevator. Veer sees her going alone. He calls a man and tells him to mess with the elevator’s wires. Veer then goes in the elevator, seeing him, Saachi tries to get out but Veer closes it by pressing the button.

Saachi:- God! Who am I trapped with!
Veer(murmers):- Trapping! It’s yet to happen.

The elevator stops at another floor.
Veer thinks “Now who”?
Kabeer enters. Veer looks at him and thinks “This Khadoos always comes in the middle of my love story”.
The elevator starts to shake. Saachi gets afraid and holds Veer’s hand. Veer looks at her smiling. Saachi sees him and leaves his hand. The elevator goes up and down. Saachi sits down,closes her eyes and starts praying. Elevator stops and electricity goes off.

Veer:- Now what’s going to happen?

Kabeer calls the maintenance and gets to know that it will take 15mins to repair. Everyone are silent.

Veer:- Let’s chill up the moment, why not play a game?

Kabeer stares at him. Veer gets quiet.

Veer :- I heard whoever are stuck together are meant to be together coz everything happens for a reason.
Kabeer:- Shut up your rubbish talks.

Saachi stands, the elevator starts again with a jerk, Saachi loses her balance and falls on Kabeer. They are both on the ground. Elevator opens. Adarsh and Malhotra are standing. Kabeer tries to get up. Saachi moves away and stands up. Kabeer gets up and goes without making an expression. Saachi picks up her files and comes out. Adarsh and Malhotra stares at her.
Kabeer is talking to Mr.Singhania. Singhania sees an ear ring stuck on Kabeer’s Coat near his shoulder.

Singhania :- Whose is that of? (he points at his shoulder)
Kabeer:- What?

He looks at his shoulder and sees an ear ring stuck. He takes it out and thinks whose it can be.
Saachi is talking to Isha and Pragya. Pragya notices Saachi’s ear ring missing.

Pragya:- Where is your ear ring?

Saachi touches her ear and feels the ear ring missing.

Saachi:- Maybe it’s in the elevator.

They all go and check in the elevator, but are unable to find.
Saachi gets informed that her relative came to hospital for treatment. Saachi rushes to her shouting ‘Ridhi Aunty’.

R. A:- How wre you Saachi?
Saachi:- All good! But why are you here?
R. A:- For Arnav’s operation.
Saachi:- Why what happened to him?
R. A:- A minor damage in the brain walls.

Saachi checks the report.

Saachi:- No, the damage is very small it doesn’t require operation.

Saachi thinks “Maybe operation is suggested for the mere purpose of earning. But I won’t let anything happen to my brother”.

Saachi :- Who suggested you operation?
R. A:- Some…… Dr. Kabeer.

Saachi rushes towards his cabin. Nurse stops her and says that Dr. Kabeer called her.

Saachi:- Perfect!

Saachi knocks.

Kabeer:- Come in Saachi.
Saachi:- Sir you…….. You called me?
Kabeer:- Yeah! Ahh! Take this, your ID. For performing well in the operation Theatre.

Saachi takes it.

Saachi:- Thank you Sir.
Kabeer:- One more thing! Your ring.

Saachi takes ring from his hand.

Saachi:- Where did you get it?
Kabeer:- It was stuck in my coat.
Saachi:- How did it get there?

Kabeer stares at Saachi, she stares back.

Kabeer:- I guess you also wanted to say something.
Saachi:- Yes. Sir did you suggest surgery for Arnav.
Kabeer:- Yes.
Saachi:- But Sir the damage is small, it doesn’t require surgery.
Kabeer:- If damage is to the brain, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.
Saachi:- But Sir……
Kabeer :- I am an experienced neurologist, I know what I am doing.
Saachi:- I think instead of a surgery we should look at other alternatives.
Kabeer:- There is no other alternative.
Saachi:- I am sure there is.
Kabeer:- This is not your case, so stay out of it.
Saachi:- I will search another alternative before tomorrow 9:00an
Kabeer:- What if you can’t?
Saacgi:- I will come and apologize to you immediately without a second thought. But what if I got another alternative.
Kabeer:- Let’s see if you get.


Kabeer is with his colleges in meeting room, he gets a task to propose one of his interns. Malhotra calls receptionist and tells her to send an intern. Receptionist sees Riya and tell her that Dr. Malhotra called her in the meeting room.

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  1. Please post next episode today itself yaar

  2. Awesome episode but I don’t like the way Kabir spoke with saanchi… Please post next episode asap yaar am waiting eagerly….

    1. WardhaRosYY

      Thanks Preetha for commenting.

  3. Nice

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  5. Awesome?
    Best episode up till now????
    But please let kabeer propose saanchi and not ria?
    And pleas please please give the update today itself???

    1. WardhaRosYY

      Sorry lucky but its getting difficult to type 2 episodes for a day.

  6. Awesome as usual.Keep writing dear.?????
    Iloved it.Veer u r so clever,but ur clevernes helps Kaanchi to come closer.
    Precap is interesting.Eagerly waiting for next part.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg I love this episode a lot it’s one of my fav haha the funniest part was when kabeer came into the lift and spilled water to veer’s plan and veer is like this Khadijah always comes in between of our love story ??? I m damn sure this is a kanchi fan fiction and I don’t mind cause I like both kanchi and sanveer though in the show currently it’s sanveer but I have a feeling it will end up with kanchi
    And that elevator part when the elevator shakes and as saanchi is about to lose balance and kabeer holds her that Kanchi scenes reminds me of Shraman of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste , like when the elevator shaked and then suman loses balance and Shravan holds her in episode 67 thank u so so much for recreating this moment in ur ff via Kanchi ??? and wow Saanchi challenging kabeer interesting ?Can’t wait for the episode upload ASAP love u ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Khadoos* arh hate this autocorrect

      1. WardhaRosYY

        ???? auto correct

    2. prettypreeti

      ya jo I too remember that scene of edkv aww made me rember that..ande=wardha again a very cool epi..and love the klanchi pairing..ur ff made me fell for kanchi in real but still I have deep connection with sanveer..ohhh this epi was amazing..keep it up..precap I ssuperbbb

      1. WardhaRosYY

        I also love EDKV

  8. hello guys loving sence jab sanchi falls on kabeer nice episode I hope kabeer sanchi ko purpose karde jaldi plz next episode updated soon.

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    Plz jaldi se next episode post kardo.aur intezaar nahi ho raha hai.

  10. Swetatitli

    Love this story a lot

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    Awesome ff interesting precap pls post as soon as possible

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      Thanks again Vinaaal, Oh! Now you will correct me saying you are Vinal not Vinaaaal. So take care vishal?

  12. I just love your story . Right now kabeer and sanchi is fav pair .and plz continue writing exicited for next update. A big thankyou for amazing story

  13. WardhaRosYY

    Your welcome Tia ?

  14. Awesome epi but next epi updated soon i waited eagerly plsssssss

  15. Please add more romantic scenes…

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