A danger game of love episode 13

Fernandez saves Saachi saying that she got stuck in the store because the door got jammed. Kabeer allows her in. Saachi out of happiness is about to hug him, but immediately backs away. Kabeer and Saachi in the OT touch the same instrument at the same time and share an eyelock. After the surgery, Kabeer appreciates them both.

Later, Saachi sees Veer dumping his work on a nurse of tagging a dead man. Saachi decides to do it. She goes in the morgue, the door gets jammed. Saachi calls Kabeer and asks for help. Dr. Malhotra says that interns have become so daring that they are even calling Kabeer. Kabeer goes for her help. In the meantime Saachi tags the dead man. As she is about to go, the man from behind holds her hand. Saachi falls unconscious.

Kabeer sees Veer trying to wake Saachi. He understands that it was his prank. Kabeer sprinkles water and gets Saachi to consciousness. Kabeer holds her pulse to check her beat. Saachi stares at him. Malhotra scolds Veer for pRanking Saachi.

Veer apologizes to Saachi. Saachi laughs by saying she was acting, and this time even Dr. Kabeer got tricked. Later, Saachi gets the news that her patient Is taken for heart operation. Saachi tries to console the Patient’s Father but he gets angry and points gun at Saachi.

Precap:- Veer and Saachi are in the elevator. Veer calls a man and tells him to mess with the elevator’s wires.

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  1. WardhaRosYY

    hey guys. This was only the summary of the episode, because the exact episode that I typed got accidentally deleted. So, hope u like it too.

  2. I don’t like the story because itni Small story .story ko interested banao . today episode not kabeer and sanchi best scene plz veer ke prank ke sath sath kanchi ke loving scene bhi.

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg it got deleted ??? I understand ur feeling really well no wonder why not much of dialogues like your other episodes but I loved Kanchi scenes and finally kabir allowed Saanchi for the operation ? Nurse Fernandez loved her today cause of her kabir allowed Saanchi and Omg veer is such a prankster ? Haha I like the way Sanchi replied him ?
    Omg messing up with the elevator’s wires ??? this is a bit too much veer ???

    1. WardhaRosYY

      I am not on whatpad. but thinking to get on it soon.

  4. This was nice waiting for next part

  5. Ayonija

    Nice..☺? Wow this time Sanchi’s turn she make them fool by acting unconsciously. Waiting for the next part…
    So much exciting???…
    Post soon,
    Loads of love my punctualest writer..❤

    1. Thank you my punctualist commenter?

  6. Nice summary.But try to give us full episodes.zkeep writing dear.

  7. Hey dear , even though it was summary of the episode, it was very g☺☺d ?
    I loved it ?
    And as Ayonija said, you are truly the punctualest writer????????
    Continue soon????

  8. Loved it

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