A danger game of love episode 12

Hey guys well back to my ff’s. As always I say share your views in your comments. So getting intooo the episode.

Morning 9:00am

Kabeer is returning all the checked files to the interns. Veer is waiting for the blast to happen expecting that Kabeer must have read the chit in Saachi’s file. Kabeer returns files of only few of the interns.

Kabeer:- The rest files, I will check and return later. The class for today is cancelled as very soon there is gonna be a major surgery. Everybody leave…… Except Saachi and Veer.

Kabeer explains them about the surgery and assign duties.

Kabeer:- Veer, Your work is to check the tools in the OT and make arrangements for the operation.
Veer:- OK sir.
Kabeer:- And Saachi, your work is to get all the files of the patient from the record room apart from the current report and……. Giving anesthesia to the patient and bringing him in the OT.
Saachi:- OK sir.
Kabeer:- The surgery is gonna be exactly after
1 1/2hr. So I want you both to be ready with everything and be in the OT, 15mins before the operation time.
Saachi and Veer:- Sure Sir.
Kabeer:- Before everything don’t forget to switch off your mobiles.

Saachi and Veer switch off their mobiles and keep in their bags.

Veer:- One day, I will definitely get your number.
Saachi:- We’ll see.

Saachi and Veer go in their directions to do their assigned work.
Veer starts arranging tools in the OT. A cute nurse sees him and approaches him.

Cute nurse:- I didn’t know Dr. Veer that you can even do operations.
Veer:- I can do anything sweetie.
Cute nurse:- Veer, Ahah sorry, Dr. Veer…..
Veer:- No, no don’t hesitate, cute and beautiful girls like you can directly call me Veer or I say, should call me Veer.

Nurse shies. Kabeer enters.

Kabeer:-Veer, If your focus is more on the patient than the distractions around you, then there are more chances for the surgery to go successful.

Saachi is in the record room looking for files. She searches for 45mins, but is unable to get even a single file. Saachi decides to inform Kabeer. As she goes out she meets a nurse.

Nurse:- Doctor please help me get the oxygen cylinder from the store room.
Saachi:- Sorry! I’m getting late for the surgery.
Nurse:- Doctor please, there are many rats in the store room and I am very scared of them. Pleased help me.
Saachi:- OK.

Saachi goes in the store room and searches for the cylinder.

Saachi:- I can’t see any cylinders here.
Nurse(from outside) :- Go in the inner store room?
Saachi:- Inner store room?
Nurse :- Yes there is another store room inside it.

Saachi goes deep in and finds another door.

Saachi:- I found the inner store room.
Nurse:- good.

Fernandez is passing by and asks what’s going on? Nurse says that Saachi is helping her to get the oxygen cylinder from the store room.

Fernandez leaves.
Saachi sees the oxygen cylinder and tries to lift it. Nurse from behind closes the door. Saachi leaves the oxygen cylinder and starts banging the door.

Saachi :- Sister please open.why are you doing this? Please open, or else I will miss my first surgery.

Nurse goes out and meets Riya. Riya gives her a bundle of notes. Half an hour goes by.
Kabeer walks into his cabin and sees some files on his desk.He remembers that he already told the nurse to get the patients files the night before. Kabeer thinks might be Saachi is still searching for the files. He says a nurse to inform Saachi that he already has the files.
Nurse comes and informs him that Saachi is not in the record room.
Kabeer gets confused and decides to check himself. He sees that Saachi is not there. Kabeer calls Veer and asks about Saachi.

Veer:- I don’t know, I was in the OT all this time.

Kabeer sees that only 10 mins are left for the operation. He informs everyone to look around for Saachi. Everyone is searching for Saachi, but Saachi is still in the store room banging the door. Riya smiles and says to herself “Now I will also see how you will assist Kabeer in the surgery”.
Kabeer sees that only 4 mins are left.

Kabeer:- Let it be Veer, we have to start the operation anyway. Come with me.

Veer goes with him, he prays in his heart that Saachi reaches by time.
Veer and Kabeer go in the operation room. Kabeer locks it from inside.
Saachi is still banging the door and crying. She sees the time is 10:35 Saachi to herself “Oh I am already 5 mins late.”
Fernandez gets the news that everyone is looking for Saachi. She remembers that she saw Saachi last time in the store room an hour ago. Fernandez goes in the store room for a check. She hears Saachi’s screams. Fernandez opens the door.

Fernandez :- what are you doing here? everyone’s Looking for you . The surgery is going to start. Hurry up!
Saachi:- I am already so late. Some stupid nurse locked me in or else it would have never happened.

Saachi runs towards the OT. And knocks on its door. Kabeer opens.

Kabeer(looking at the watch) :- You are 7 Mins late. Doctors are never late and those who are late never become doctors. You have missed your first surgery.

Kabeer closes the door. Saachi bends on her knees and cries profusely outside the OT.

Precap:- Saachi gets stuck in the morgue. She calls Kabeer. Saachi tags the dead man and turns to go. The man holds her hand.

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  1. Super duper episode??
    Exciting precap????
    Hope that kabeer saves saachi this time????
    Update soon?

  2. Thanks again lucky. Well, can You tell me your age, mine is 17!

  3. hi guys isme sanchi ki Kya mistake vo store room mein Lock ho gayi.because mistake to Riya ki thi usne nurse se kah kar Lock kraya tha.i Hope kabeer ko sergry ki permission sanchi KO deni chaye thi . because​ 7min. Hi to late thi but it’s ok . I hope next episode mein kabeer KO sanchi ki help karni chaye because sanchi gets stuck in The morgue. sanchi and kabeer very cute couple.

  4. Swetatitli

    Superb episode yaar.Nice ff

  5. Stay updated Parul to know the further story

  6. Very nice episode. I am eagerly waiting to know kabeer’ s feelings for Saachi. Neelo Manchi talent undi.

  7. Hey! Warha you are welcome ?
    Besides, my age is 16.


  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg I felt so bad for saanchi today poor girl it’s not even her fault and this Riya ??? and precap is shocking ??? it must be so creepy for Saanchi ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And yeah I am 18 will be 19 next month

  10. Nice ff well iam 18 yrs

  11. WardhaRosYY

    Guys, Horrible. What ever I typed got lost. And it’s the Third time happening. Now instead of typing the whole episode I will just post the summary of it.

  12. Awesome episode as usual.Keep writing dear.I loved it.ur age is 17.And i am of16.?????

  13. Nice episode.Well my age is 16 but turning
    17 after 2 months.

  14. VINAL

    Nice ff ???? & I know my name is vinal no nedd to remind again & again???????

    1. WardhaRosYY

      OK Vinal not Vishal?

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