Dancing in the Moonlight Shahid Kapoor Amrita Roa FF Part 1

Dancing in the Moonlight Part 1

Amar and Megha are the dancers of the famous dance troupe “Dancing stars”.
Pallavi comes with a request to join the troupe.Amar,their leader tells her to dance before admission.She dances.
M:Wow,wonderful Pallavi.
Pallavi smiles.She tells in her mind:Thank God,my dream to be the dancer of this troupe will come true.
A:Your dance is ok,not bad.But simply dancing like this is not enough for a dancer.A dancer should maintain figure.That means you hae to lose your weight,i mean your overweight.
Everyone laughs.Pallavi is upset. Megha feels sad for her:Pallavi is not slim.But she looks really nice.She will bring fame 2 our troupe.I’m confident.
Megha becomes Pallavi’s good friend.Megha takes her to gym.
Amar teaches her dance steps.She makes mistakes.
He:How many times i’m showing you the steps?Then also you can’t…?
Megha:Show the steps properly man..hold her hand.
He holds her hand and shows the steps.She corrects her steps.
When she is alone Amar goes near her:Today you danced well.
She smiles:Thanks,first time you are telling something nice about me.So i’m very happy.You are sincere in your words.
He smiles:Pallavi,that day,when you cried you were looking cute like an innocent child.
She smiles:When you became angry,you were looking cute.
He smiles.
Both of them understand that they can’t sit peacefully without seeing each other.But they don’t reveal it to each other.
Megha leaves the troupe and goes abroad for higher studies.Everyone becomes sad.
Megha:I don’t want to leave you all.But my dad wants me to go abroad.
P:I will miss you Megha.You were such a nice friend.
Both of them hug and cry.Before leaving she tells Amar secretly:All the best for your love.
She:Don’t try to hide.I know that you love Pallavi.You must confess to her.
Megha goes.
Pallavi loses her weight before the mega dance competition.Amar tells her:I can’t believe your change.Size zero..I never expected this to happen so soon.You look really pretty. She smiles.
Amar and Pallavi do dance on the stage.They win the competitionTthey get more offers for programmes.
They conduct a party to celebrate their victory.
At the party Amar:Pallavi,will you dance with me?
She holds his hands and dances.

After the party Pallavi starts moving out.Amar becomes emotional:Pallavi,please don’t go.
She gets excited seeing his new facial expression.
He:Pallavi,please don’t go.I can’t live without you.Because my heart is with you. She is thrilled:How can i go away from you?Because my heart is with you.Without my heart will i be able to live?
Both of them laugh.He extends his arms.She catches his arms.The romantic rain covers them.

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  1. Varshini

    i think i have read and watched movies related to music , but reading something related to dance is nice . megha understood amar’s love for pallavi , thats sweet . amar’s love confession was sweet and romantic

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