Her dance made me fall for her (Promo)


Hey guys,
I am back with a promo of my ff Her dance made me fall for her. Since my exams are going on I am not able to post, but I got time so posting a promo! My exams will end on 27th September so you can expect one episode on that day.
Its been a long time so here is the recap,
Sona thinks who was that guy who saved her life from those goons! Sona comes to Ishwari mansion to take her fees and Nikki returns her payal to her. Dev again clashes with Sona but without saying anything leaves! Sona feels strange. Ishwari makes Dev realise that he loves Sonakshi!
So this is the promo,
Bijoy and Asha ask Sona to meet a boy for marriage. But she refuses to be ready. However Ishwari and Asha meet but Sona was not present. Asha liked Dev’s family.
Dev arranges a romantic date for Sonakshi to confess his love!

Dev: I love you Sona!
Sona is shocked and runs away… A truck was coming and hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sona was knocked down by the truck!
Dev is shocked, tears come out from his eyes, he takes her to the hospital.
Doctor: she has broken her bone of right leg!
Dev is shocked!!!!
So this was the promo! Will Sona ever be able to dance again? Will she blame Dev for it???
To know that keep reading 😉
So did you like the promo? If yes then please write it in the comments box..

Love you all! 

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  1. Manya

    Omg scary promo ?
    But still I am excited ?

    1. Angel20

      Thanks dear!

  2. Sad but awesome

    1. Angel20

      Thanks Butterfly!

  3. Angell

    eagerly waiting for the episode Maria. wow we both have something in common. even i have my exams going on. it will get over on 29th though.

    1. Angel20

      Ya we both have our exams together! That’s nice! Thanks!

  4. Aaru

    How will Sona dance now!! Oh no..??

    1. Angel20

      For knowing that you have to wait and read! 🙂

  5. Sakthi

    Hai maria dear welcome back…promo was superb….hoping nothing should happen to sona..

    1. Angel20

      Hi Di! Thanks di!
      Let’s see! 🙂

  6. Erina

    Awesome promo dear . U have scared me by this. Oh my goooooooooood itne din mai kaise wait krungi

    1. Angel20

      Thanks so much 🙂
      Wait to karna padega?

  7. spppprrb luved it ..post soon

  8. Dhira

    Superb promo I was waiting for your episode
    Suspense which makes me die
    Please keep suspense away I can’t handle it
    All the best for your exams
    Lots of love
    ? I have to wait til 27

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much…
      Thanks again!
      Hmm.. Well you have to wait?

  9. Sharica

    Glad that you are back. It was a good promo. Loved it. How are your exams going on? . Anyways best of luck for ur upcoming exams. Post soon dear ?

    1. Angel20

      Thanks so much! Exams are going good! Thanks again! Yes I will…

  10. Amazing promo…?????☺️??…bas Sona ko sahi salamat bacha Liya…????…best of luck for the exams????

    1. Angel20

      Thanks ??
      Thanks again!

  11. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Maria! Surprise? First of all thanks for sharing the links??
    Ok so this fiction is mind blowing.. I have read all four episodes in one go and trust me I loved it so much?? the way dev saved her from that guy and then realized his feelings was amazing! And yeah that payal wala scene was also adorable plus when dev pulled her close to him when they were on their way to sakhshi’s home was beautifully written?? overall a great and unique story..
    Coming to this promo well I knew it already that some twist is on the way as the story was going quite in a hurry or u can say smoothly so some twist in the tale was expected! But this was little surprising though.. I hope she won’t blame dev for all this and yeah waiting for devakshi scenes now as dev will now take care of her so some cute romantic plus beautiful moments are expected..
    Acha Sakshi in serial too have an accident. Right ? Correct me if I am wrong.. and in starting if dev doesn’t believe in love and they met like this.. I am talking about serial’s story here! Actually I haven’t watched it from starting that’s why asking..
    I have a request too as I am not a visitor of this page so can u please inform me after posting the episodes otherwise I won’t able to know and my number of missing episodes would increase..
    Huh! Keep going..
    Hope ur exams are going well!

    1. Angel20

      Omg!!! Thank you appi for commenting! ??
      I’m so glad that you liked everything in my ff! I know they are very cute, adorable?? yaa now there will be Devakshi scenes?
      Well yes sona had an accident in the serial also but 3-4 months before and Dev tool care of her. Sona fell in love with him and slowly dev also fell in love with her. He proposed her and she accepted. After some time sona wanted dev to tell it to his mom. He hesitated but ishwari had slowly herself realized that there was something between them. She was hurt as she expected dev will tell her everything first but he didn’t. Dev also told her about their relation and she accepted hesitantly. But she was not happy. She thought howhow can she be so cruel and not accepting sona, she therefore took extra sleeping pills and fainted. Dev realized that she was not happy with their relationship and so broke up with Sona. Sona was hell upset. Ritik’s proposal had come for her and she accepted it! On the day of engagement dev came and was drunk. He fainted again. Sona took care of him. Ishwari realised that she had done wrong and went to Sona’s parents for Devakshi’s alliance. And now it’s time for their marriage!
      I hope you enjoyed reading it!
      Love you?

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks alot for telling me the whole story?
      Love u loads??

      1. Angel20

        Love you too❤

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