Her dance made me fall for her Episode 9

I am so sorry for the late update guys. Actually I was at my nani’s house and then got busy with my college. So lets begin,
Recap: Sona confesses her love for Dev to Elena.

Mehandi ceremony,
The girls are drawing mehandi on Tanya’s hands. But her eyes are searching for Sonakshi. Sonakshi comes from behind. Tanya calls her and asks her to sit beside her and see the mehandi.
Tanya: Hows it sonakshi? Right?
Sonakshi: yes I am sonakshi but you can call me Sona.
Tanya: ok sona, so friends?
Sona: why not? Sona’s pov: friends? Uhhhh?? You aremy sautun!! You are the one because of whom I am not getting my love! She smiles.
Tanya: see sona my mehandi, and she forwards her hands
Sona: that’s nice! One of the girls say: didi tell me the name of your fiancé, I will write the first letter of his name in your hand.
Tanya blushes, : actually I don’t believe in all this so I don’t want to write but sona you believe in all this right? Then you write your boyfriends name.
Sona: boyfriend, uh?? Sona’s pov:you don’t believe in all this then why are you even marrying Dev? Leave him for me, I believe in all this! You have stolen my soulmate!!
Girl: but…
Tanya: I said na I don’t believe in all this! Sona : ok wait here I will be back! Sona secretly takes the mehandi cone in her hand and leaves the place. Tanya sees this and smiles!
Tanya’s pov: now I guess our plans have succeeded! Sona will write D on her hand now! Soon she will realise how much she loves him.
Elena: hi Tanya, our plans have worked out! Sona has realised her love for Dev! She has already confessed it to me.
Tanya: what?? Really? I am so happy! Now my bestie will get his love! They share a hug.

Sona goes to one empty room and writes D on her hand with mehandi. She smiles seeing it. She reminisces all her moments spent with dev. How he always saved her from falling! How they shared their cute eye locks. How he saved her from the goons.And most importantly when he confessed his love in the hotel. And finally she remembers the moment when Dev hugged Tanya, agreed for marriage and spoke rudely with her. She sheds tears from her eyes.
Sona’s pov: No, I cant think of him. He is not mine! He used to love me but now he hates me! Why god? Why did you do this to me?
Dev: sonakshi?? What are you doing here? What do you think of yourself? You can roam anywhere you want? Its my house so please don’t consider it as your own!
Sona wipes her tears and hides her hand and the mehandi cone and says: hello I know its your house! You don’t need to remind me.
Dev: what are you hiding?
Sona: nothing! None of your business! This house is yours so this hand is mind I can do whatever I want with it! Did you get it?
Dev: you!! Coming to my house and speaking like this with me! Get lost from here!
Sona: even I don’t have any interest in staying here!
Dev: you are still standing in front of me! I said get lost right away! Sona has tears in her eyes!
Dev: oh come on now stop this emotional drama! He grabs her hand and pulls her out. He takes her in the hall where everyone is present. Elena and Tanya are shocked to see them like this.
Dev: get out! Sona cries and runs away!
Elena: what happened? Saying so she runs behind Sona.
Tanya: what happened Dev? Why did you do this to her? She is your best friend right? And after doing this you yourself have tears in your eyes! What’s going on?
Dev wipes his tears and says: there are no tears! You continue with your ceremony!
Dev’s pov: I have tears for her? No no.. I hate her after all she has spoken to me rudely so many times, so if I speak rudely she should also not feel bad. But why am I feeling bad?? Uhggg!!!
Tanya: dev!! What happened? Where are you lost?
Dev: sona!!
Tanya smiles: hmm..
Dev: I …I mean… I mean… nothing!
Tanya: why are you marrying me dev?
Dev: what kind of question is this?
Tanya: reply first why?
Dev: because.. because…
Tanya: you don’t have any reason right?
Dev: yes exactly there’s no reason! You tell why are you marrying me?
Tanya: that doesn’t matter. My point is you are marrying me without any reason! But you have tears for sonakshi, and it has a reason! The reason is you love her!
Dev: what nonsense!
Tanya: its high time that you realise that you love her!
Dev: I used to love her but not now I hate her. You don’t even know the reason so don’t speak about it!
Tanya: so tell me what’s the reason of your hatred?
Dev: but why? Its none of your business!
Tanya: it is! Tell me.
Dev pissed off: yes I love her! Dev realises what he said! Tanya smiles.

Tanya: then why don’t you go and say it to her?
Dev: you are marrying me only na? or there is someone else? How can you ask me to do this?
Tanya: because you love him! And I can sacrifice you for her!
Dev: really??? Thinks for a while, and with a sad face says: but she doesn’t love me!
Tanya: you at least convey this to her! And if she says yes then??
Dev: I have confessed her several times but she has always said no!
Tanya: at least try for the last time.
Dev: but..
Tanya: I am confident she will say yes! How can she reject you? The most handsome person in the world? After all you are the best!!
Dev: really? You think so? But she has hurt me a lot by her rude words and I don’t want to get hurt again! That’s the reason I hate..
Tanya: forget the past! The truth is that you love her and you will confess it to her!
Dev: but I have hurt her so much today!
Tanya: yes, you are right, you have hurt her a lot today so it’s the time to solve all the things! Go and pour your heart out in front of her!
Dev: I think you are right but there should be something special na! I want to do something special for her!
Tanya: yes of course! Ummmm… idea!!
They plan something and give hi fi to each other!

Precap: Dev proposes Sona!!!!!

I guess the episode was a bit long! So it was a compensation! Please drop your valuable comments as they encourage me a lot!! Bye.. love you all 

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  1. Very gooooodie wala update…… eagerly waiting for ur next post…. cause Dev is gonna propose sonaaaaa!!!! Yipeeee!!!! I like this Tanya person….true friend she is…… but the point is Dev proposed sona…. Dev proposes sona…. Dev proposes sona…. and the best part is that i wanna see how well YOU are gonna write it…… maria do…. trust me you write really well and I’m sure the following updates are going to be equally or rather much more perfectly written….???

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      Thank you so much☺☺ I hope I reach up to your expectations☺

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  7. Erina

    Awesomeeeee vala epi dear. Yaa it was heart breaking at first to see dev like obodhro nd sona teasy eyes after insulted by him but i’m happy nd exiciteddddddddd for next part so post soon maria dear. I can’t wait plzzz
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  10. Superb……????☺️????????…..Dev..is so dumb??….and for Sona….I felt bad…but Dev did right with her…she hurted Dev….and now Dev’s taking revenge…??….episode was fabulous….and the Precap…increased pounds of blood in me…..and if Sona disagreed in the next episode….I will lose those pounds of blood ????☺️????

    1. Angel20

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