Her dance made me fall for her Episode 7

I’m back with another episode,
The episode starts with Sona snatching the plate from Dev and eating herself
Dev: Better!
Sona gives him an angry look. She wanted water but she couldn’t go forward to take it from the table, she tries but fails to do so! Dev sees her and smiles. He takes the glass and makes her drink, but no Sona didn’t want his favor!
Sona: I don’t want water.

Dev: Why are you getting angry on water? Drink it and he makes her drink. She nods her head to say enough!
Sona : Why are you doing all this? I know this is all your acting! I know you big business men very well. Do you want my house in return? I already knew that you were money minded(when dev was asking her to come and dance for Neha’s sangeet, she refused and Dev offered her double the money so she thinks him as money minded)

You are taking revenge right? Because I refused to dance when you asked me to do! I know it very well.
Dev: Are you out of your senses Sonakshi? Why do you always consider me wrong? I’m not here to take any revenge! Do you get it!
Sona: I very well get it for what you are here! You want my house on the basis that you took care of me!

Dev: Keeps his hand on her mouth! Enough is Enough!! I can’t bear my insult any more! I have already told you that I care for you because I I’ve you damnit!!!
Sona: No you don’t! Get lost I don’t want you!
Dev has tears in his eyes! Sona notices them but ignores. Some days pass by Sona keeps insulting Dev and asking him to go but he always stays back! He refuses to go anywhere until she gets well.

One day,
Sona was trying to get up. And walk. She was helped by dev. Dev held her hand tightly and asked her to walk.
Asha and Bijoy were very happy seeing all this. Not only because she was walking but because she was with Dev her savior! They knew that sona was now in safe hands, with a person who will always keep her happy.

Sona was walking but suddenly she lost her balance and was about to fall but Dev held her at the right time. They shared an eye lock. Dev was again mesmerized by her beauty. Her cheeks, Rosy lips, he kept on looking at her. By now sona had also started feeling for him but didn’t realize.
They both come back to their senses.
Dev: Vo.. Let’s continue with our practice.
Sona: Dev you are doing so much for me but I always misunderstood you. Can we be friends.
Dev’s pov: Friends! I want to become your soulmate your life partner. But something is better than nothing.

Yes why not! They shake hands.
Some days pass by and now sona was able to walk properly but still she needed support that was her Dev. She was now dependent on Dev for all matters.
One day,
A girl stepped into Bose house,
Girl: Dev!!! Dev!! Where are you? Dev comes from inside and is surprised to see her!
Dev: Tanya!! You here!
Tanya hugs him. And says congratulations we are getting married! Sona who was at her bedrooms door listening all this is shocked!! Dev is shocked as well.
Sona: May I know Dev who is she?

Dev: She is my school friend Tanya!! Tanya meet my friend Sonakshi.
Tanya: Hi Sonakshi! You look beautiful!
Sonakshi: Oh really thanks…
Dev: How did you come to know that I am here!
Tanya: Wo ishwari Aunty told me! Sorry, I mean Maa.. She blushed slightly.
Sona and Dev are shocked!
Dev: What are you saying I’m not getting anything?
Tanya: How will you get it? For that you have to come to your house Na!
Dev is confused! He says: OK I’m coming let me take my wallet from inside. He goes inside, sona follows him!

Sona: Dev you never told me about her!
Dev: why should I? We are just friends, you are not my soulmate that I tell you everything!
Sona is shocked! She says: But…
Dev’s pov: you have always insulted me but I told nothing because I loved you. But enough! You consider me as your friend but I consider you as an I insensible girl! Who only knows to blame.
(Note: He still loved her guys but does not want to accept! Because she has insulted him a lot! His ego has gone over his love!)
Dev goes out of the room, : chalo Tanya.. Let’s go.
Sona is shocked with Dev’s rude behavior.
Sona: Dev… she looks at him emotionally,
When will you come back?

Dev: Why should I come back now! You are perfectly fine! In fact I was going to say you today that from now on I will not waste my time coming here!
Sona is shocked by his words: What are you saying Dev!
Dev: The truth yaar! Note go and take rest! Don’t go and fight with anyone now!
Dev’s pov: I was just waiting when you become alright! Then I can take the revenge! The same insult you will have to bear now! Just wait and watch!)

Sona is hurt by his words, she has tears in her eyes, she runs away from there!
Dev also has tears in his eyes after seeing her like this! But he hides them.
Tanya: let’s go dev!
Dev: yes…
Here Sona is crying profusely! What has happened to him why is he behaving like this with me! I can’t stay without him!! She cries loudly!
Elena: what happened Sona? Why are you crying?
Sona: Dev… she tells her everything! Elena smirks.
Elena: ohh really?? So you must be happy right?! He is getting married. You are here friend so you should be happy. don’t worry just take rest. Everything will be fine!

Ishwari mansion,
Dev: Maa you didn’t tell me about this??
Ishwari: You were not at home from so many days, what could I do!
Dev: Now I will be here only don’t worry! And I am ready for this alliance! Ishwari has mixed reactions! But she shows that she is happy! She feeds them sets and Tanya highs him. He hugs her back and thinks of sona!
Next day all the preparations for marriage start!
Asha and Bijoy are very angry at Ishwari for fixing this alliance! As first Sona was going to be her daughter in law!
Dev calls Sona,

Dev: Hi Sonakshi how are you? Hope you are fine! I had called you to invite you in my wedding. Actually tomorrow is my sangeet… so I want you to dance with your broken leg.. Oh sorry fixed leg!
Sona is shocked by his words!: what do you think of yourself Dev? You are an animal in the form of a man!

Dev: Whatever!! But please come..
Saying so he cuts the call. Sona cries again but she decides to go and dance to show him that his marriage doesn’t affect her!
The episode stops at her determined face.

Precap: Sona dances on his sangeet. The payal’s sound disturbs Dev!

Note: Neha’s marriage and Dev’s marriage will be together.
So how was this episode? I know you guys must be angry.. Sorry very very angry at me! But please keep reading! Because now it will be much fun to see how these lovers unite.. So please stay tuned!
Please keep commenting as they encourage me a lot! I want the silent readers to also comment at least once! Bye.. Love you all…

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    Wooooow…wat a perfect epi..ds epi has ol feelings..love, hatred, jeolousy, ego, along wid fight too…I really lyked it a lot..n angry yr u shudnt say ds..u knw I beleive fight n jeolousy create a space for intense love to grow…thr4 fight n jeolousy ke scenes toh bante hai..so urs ff is jst perfect..cntinue n I beleive thr vl b mre dhamaka in upcoming epi..

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      Thank you so much☺☺
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