Her dance made me fall for her Episode 6


Sorry for the late update, let’s go to the episode,
Dev calls Ishwari and informs her everything, she is shocked and informs Asha and Bejoy too. They all rush to the hospital.
In the hospital,
The doctor comes out,
Dev: What happened doctor? How is Sonakshi?
Doctor: She is fine now but has fractured her leg!
Dev: What??? Can I meet her?

Doctor: Yes you can meet her. She is unconscious now but soon will wake up.
Dev runs inside the ICU. He sees Sona in a poor condition. He thinks that he will not leave her until she is fine. He holds her hand and kisses it!
Dev: I’m sorry Sonakshi..
Sonakshi slowly opens her eyes, everything seems to be blur. Slowly she gains back her vision and sees Dev holding her hand. She takes back her hand!
Sona: How dare you come here? This is all because of you!

Dev: Relax Sonakshi.. We will talk about this later.
Sonakshi: No.. She tries to get up, Dev helps her get up. They have an emotional eye lock. Sona frees her hand and tries to move her leg but then realizes that she can’t! She cries seeing her leg!
She beats Dev slightly and says it’s all because of you! Now I can’t even dance!! Dev cries seeing her and hugs her tightly. Sona cries on his chest.

Dev: Nothing will happen you will be fine!
Sona realizes her position and separates herself! Asha bijoy and Ishwari see this from outside and misinterpret that they both love each other.
Asha: I’m lucky to have Dev as my son in law.
Ishwari: I’m lucky to have Sona as my daughter in law.
The three of them go inside,
Sona is surprised to see Ishwari!
Sona: Aunty ap?
Ishwari: Ha beta mai! Vo..

Dev: Vo I told her about your condition that’s why she came to see you.
Sona: Ohh!
Asha and Bijoy cry seeing Sona
Sona: Why are you crying maa baba I’m absolutely fine!
Asha and Bijoy wipe their tears.
Nurse: Can someone please come? Doctor wants to talk with one of you! Bijoy asks Dev to go. Sona is surprised actually shocked! Dev didn’t mean anything to her family. She thought baba didn’t even know him properly then why?!!?
Dev meets the doctor,
Doctor: Sonakshi is fine now! You can take her back. These are some medicines which you have to give her on time.

Dev: Thank you doctor! I take your leave.
Dev tells everyone that we can take her home. Sona gives him an angry look and asks me maa and baba can go! Aunty you go and take rest.
Ishwari: But Sonakshi..
Sona: It’s OK Aunty.. Thank you so much for coming.. She smiles..
Dev: Maa I’ll ask the driver to leave you, I’ll go with them.
Sona: No need!

Dev: Sonakshi let me come.
Bijoy: Itna bol raha hai to ane do Na.. (He is telling so much then let him come na)
Sona nods..
Dev leaves Ishwari and goes to Sona.
He helps her sit on the wheel chair. He holds her shoulders and helps her.
Sona: I can manage myself!

Dev doesn’t pay attention to her.
Asha and Bijoy are confused! They think whether they really love each other!
Sona is about to fall from the chair when Dev holds her.. Sona eyes him angrily.
Dev holds the chair and makes her sit properly, he takes her towards the car and makes her sit inside. Asha is happy seeing them together.
Asha to Bejoy: They are really made for each other.
Bijoy smiles.
In some time they reach home, Sona tries to get up on her own but couldn’t. Dev helps her after all and asks her to take rest and not to show attitude!
Sona: You!!! I didn’ttell you to come here. I can manage alone please go!
Dev: OK then I’m going you manage on your own.

Sona tries to get up but is about to fall but she holds Dev’s coat.
Dev smiles, : You can’t manage madam! Now strictly do what I say.
Sona moves her head to the different side. She unwillingly holds Dev and sits on the wheel chair. He takes her inside. Asha and Bijoy thank Dev and ask him to go home and take rest. He refuses.
Dev: No Aunty if you need any help then? I’ll be here only!
Sona: Maa said Na we can manage then why don’t you go!!!!
Dev: Aunty will allow me to stay here! Haina Aunty?
Asha: Yes beta and smiles..

Sona: Maa…
Dev takes Sona in her room. Asha brings some food for Sona and Dev.
Sona: No maa I don’t want to eat.
Asha: But beta..
Dev: I’ll make her eat Aunty you don’t worry you go!
Asha smiles and goes.
Sona: What are you trying to do in front of my parents? You are making a good impression! Don’t think of it! Just get lost.
Dev: Shut up Sonakshi. Don’t speak nonsense. He takes the spoon full of rice and puts if in her open mouth! Sona is shocked! She gulps it!
The episode ends on her shocked face.

Precap: some days pass by Sona trying to walk.

So this was a bit long! Please comment and tell your views.. Love you all 

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    D epi ws just osum..I lyk d way dev is taking care..n sona resisting..d way u ended ws amazing..update soon yr..

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    Hai maria dear.very sorry for the late comment..and the episode omg it was awesome..how talentd u are dear..tis story was very diferent..loved it dear although felt very sorry for sona..love you too dr for a super ff.

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