Her dance made me fall for her Episode 5

Hey everyone, so finally I’m back. Tomorrow is my last exam but an easy one that’s why posting this today..
Recap: Sona thinks who was that guy who saved her life from those goons! Sona comes to Ishwari mansion to take her fees and Nikki returns her payal to her. Dev again clashes with Sona but without saying anything leaves! Sona feels strange. Ishwari makes Dev realise that he loves Sonakshi!
Ishwari Mansion,
Dev: I love you Sonakshi.. No.. I love my Sona..
Tomorrow I’ll set a dinner date for her. Let me first message her.
Dev messages: Hi
Sona: who’s this?
Dev: your lover!

Sona: what??
Dev: I’m joking, meet me tomorrow at 7pm in Hotel Paradise.
Sona: But may I know who are you? Why should I come?
Dev: OK I’ll tell you. I’m the one who saved you from those goons that day.
Sona: what?? Really?! But from where did you get my number?
Dev: That’s none of your concern. Meet me tomorrow at 7sharp. I’ll be waiting.
Sona wonders who that guy is?

Next morning,
Dev is damn excited to meet Sona and confess his love. He goes to his office but wasn’t interested in doing work. He was just waiting for 7. He thinks the person who never believed in love.. How can he fall in love! He smiles at his thought!
Whereas Sona was also quite excited to meet the guy who saved her. Just then Asha enters,
Asha: Sona beta
Sona: yes maa
Asha: Today evening one boy’s family is coming to see you. So be ready
Sona: but maa I don’t want to marry..
Asha: No sona.. It’s about your life and you can’t sit at home.. And you are waiting for your soulmate Na.. Till when will you wait beta.. We just want to see you settled.
Sona: but… OK maa…
In the evening Sona gets ready to meet them, but she remembers that one guy had called her.. The one who saved her. She decides to meet him and therefore without anyone noticing her she escapes from her house. Some time later a lady is seen coming to Sona’s house. She is none other than Ishwari.. Yes they had already talked. Ishwari had called Asha and Asha agreed. Asha and family welcome her.

Asha: Just a second I’ll call Sona also.
Ishwari: No it’s OK we will talk.. They talk with each other.
*Hotel Paradise*
Sona is walking around to see that guy but someone holds her hand and pulls her in a garden. The garden was fully decorated. Sona is surprised seeing that.
Dev: I love you Sonakshi. From the day I have seen you, seen you dancing, tumhare payal ki avaz Roz mere Kano mai goonjti hai.. Kya tum mere sath zindagi batana chahogi?
Sona is hell shocked hearing all this.
Nahi, kabhi nahi saying so she runs… Dev follows her. She runs crying on the road. Dev tries to stop her
Dev: Sonakshi listen to me…

And suddenly a truck came and hit Sona..
Dev: Sonakshi….. There’s a pool of blood created. Dev runs to her and takes her in his arms. He tries to wake her up. But in vain, she does not open her eyes. Dev hurriedly takes her to the hospital.
Dev: Doctor.. Please don’t let her happen anything.
Doctor: Sir we will try our best.
Dev: Not best you have to save her anyhow.

Doctor goes inside the ICU. Dev is continuously crying.. He considers himself responsible for this accident. After a while the doctor comes out of the ICU.
She is in a very critical stage. Next 24 hours are very critical, she will be kept under observation. She also has multiple fractures in her right leg.
Dev is shattered hearing all this..
Doctor do anything but please save my Sona.
Doctor asks him to fill a form, in which he also had to write his relation with Sona. Without waiting for a second he wrote husband but then he realized that he was not! So he cuts it and writes just a lover!
The episode ends..

Precap: Asha, Bohot, ishwari come to know about Sona’s accident. They rush to the hospital.

Im sorry guys for this short and boring episode but please don’t stop reading I promise there will be Devakshi scenes after 2-3 episodes. 


  1. |Registered Member

    Finally madam……u posted…. Episode was superb 😘😘😍💋😊☺️💋😁😘😍💋☺️😁😘😍…….and I want great Devakshi scenes after Sona is ok….as a compensation…😁😁☺️😍😘💋….post the next soon

  2. Dhira


    |Registered Member

    Wow emotional episode
    Thanks for posting it prior
    Post the next part soon
    It’s not at all boring n worth waiting
    Lots of love

  3. Mahaaijaz


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    Thanks for informing me Maria and it was awesome! First part was too good though feeling bad for sona and dev but as it’s said “no pain, no gain” so fingers crossed! And it was not at all boring :-* Excited for the next one!
    Have a rocking paper!
    Love u <3

  4. Sakthi


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    Hai maria dear.it was super cute nt at al boring..u carried more emotions and made me emotional..love you dear.so wel written.

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