Her dance made me fall for her Episode 3


Recap: Dev drops Sona to her home. He sees that she has left her payal in the car itself and smiles.
Dev keeps the payal in his pocket and reminisces her dancing. All of a sudden his phone rings, he comes out of his dream world and picks up the phone.
Dev: haa maa
Ishwari: Where are you Dev? Did you drop Sonakshi?

Dev: yes ma! I’m coming. He keeps the phone.
While driving the car he was just thinking of Sona’s dance.. some time later he reaches home. He eats his dinner and goes to room. He changes his clothes when he notices Sona’s payal again. He smiles looking at it. He thinks
‘What is happening with me? Why am I thinking about her again and again?’

He keeps the payal cutely on his table and stares at it again and goes to sleep.
Sona is in her room thinking about today’s incident when Dev pulled her closer. She has goosebumps. She thinks
‘What does he think about himself? He can do anything? No! I hate him! Such a boastful person!’
Saying this she turns to bed and goes to sleep when Elena comes knocking the door.
Elena: Sona open the door fast I want to show you something!
Sona: Ya coming.

Sona opens the door, elena shows her a magazine
Elena: See this Sona, he is a business man so handsome na!!
Sona: Mr.Aubodro!

Elena: What?
Sona: he is mad after money! One day he will regret.
Elena: what are you saying Sona? Have you met him?
Sona: yes today I met him! He is mad! You go and sleep.
Elena: tumi pagol (you are mad)
They both go to sleep.

Sona dreams of his prince, she thinks when will he come?
Dev dreams
‘I have come! I love you’

Sona dreams
Dev suddenly gets up and says
‘what was I dreaming? Love? No ways!!’

Sona dreams
‘where did he go??’
She wakes up and thinks when will her dream boy come? Elena sees her awake,
Elena: Sona tu jaag rahi hai?
Sona: I was thinking of him.
Elena: who?
Sona: My dream boy
Elena: offo!!! She again goes back to sleep saying yeh kabhi nahi sudhregi!
Next day,
Sona was tensed,
Asha: What happened beta? Why are you so tensed?
Sona: maa I am not getting my payal. I have only one.
Asha: Did you check it properly?
Sona: yes maa!
Asha: Its ok buy a new one.
Sona: but maa it was my favourite
Asha: its ok naa what can we do? Change your dress and come for breakfast
Sona: yes maa!

Sona changes her dress and goes to have breakfast.
Sona: Maa baaba I want to start a dance school and teach them.
Bijoy: Yeah sure why not! Search for a perfect place, we will buy.
Sona: I want it to buy from my own money.
Bijoy: My money is yours beta
Sona: No baaba, I want to start it with my hard earned money
Bijoy: I respect your decision but we can do one thing. I will pay for it now then you return it to me when you have earned it!
Sona: ya that’s a nice idea, I will search for a place! Thank you baba!
Bijoy: Anytime beta! Love you!

Dev was walking on the road to meet a client in the nearby restaurant when he clashes with a girl.
Dev is mesmerised by her beauty, she is none other than Sona.
Sona: Mr. Aubodro!
Dev comes to his senses and asks what??
Sona: Lift me up!
Dev does as she says,
Sona: Cant you see and walk? That day also you had clashed with me! Aakh hai ya button?
But as usual dev was not interested in her talks he was just lost in her eyes.

Sona leaves, whereas Dev follows her. He sees her talking to a broker about the place. She finalises the deal!

Some days later,
Sona started her classes, and Dev had again come to visit the restaurant when he notices her dancing. He stands still just staring at her.
Client: Mr.Dev??
Dev didn’t say a word, he was just lost in her.
Client: Mr.Dev????
Dev comes back to his senses and says yes! Come sir! He leaves looking at Sonakshi!

From that day, he everyday used to visit that place just to see her dance.
One day as Sona was leaving she feels that someone is following her, she turns back but finds no one. Dev hid himself. And suddenly a boy comes and starts abusing Sona.
Guy: Hello, I am Raj! I see that you dance here everyday, come dance with me also.
Sona ignores him. He holds her hand and pulls her closer
Sona: Leave me!
Dev quickly runs and punches that guy. He runs away from there.
Sona quickly hugs Dev not knowing what she just did! And she is remembered of her dream when his dream boy saves her from goons!

Dev hugs her tightly thinking
‘How dare he touch my Sona…’ ‘What am I thinking? He breaks the hug.
Sona comes to her senses, she looks up to see who that boy was but till then Dev ran away from there!
Sona wonders who he was?
The episode ends…

Precap: Dev looks at the payal and thinks about the hug! Nikki: Who’s payal is this bhaiyya? Your girlfriend? Dev: shut up! You know na I don’t believe in all this! Nikki: But bhaiyya your eyes says it all! That you are in love!

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