Her dance made me fall for her Episode 2


Dev: Nikki… where are you?
Nikki is nowhere to be seen. Even Sonakshi was nowhere to be seen. Dev was confused as he didn’t find Nikki.
Riya: Bhaiyya what happened?
Dev: who was this dancer?
Riya: ummm.. I don’t remember her name but she is very famous! Nikki’s favorite.
Dev thinks that Nikki’s favorite is Ms.Bose but she had refused to come. Then who is she? Dev was very eager to know about her but why?? He didn’t know the reason.
As he was walking towards the gate, he clashed with someone. She was Sonakshi. She had her purse in her hand which had fallen so she bent down to pick it up. Her face was covered with her hair. Dev Sat down to see her and say sorry.

Dev: I’m sorry
Sonakshi: tucks her hair behind: you can’t see or what? You should keep your eyes open while you are walking?! Do you get that?!
Sonakshi was keeping on shouting but Dev was just lost in her talks. He didn’t listen to her words.
Sonakshi: Hello Mr… r u listening?
Dev comes out of his thoughts: yes… you could also see Na!
Sonakshi again started, but Dev was not at all interested.
Neha: Are Sona di you are still here? Ok I’ll introduce you to my family members.
Sonakshi: ok
Riya: he is my brother Mr.Dev Dixit!
Sonakshi was hell shocked as he was the one with whom she had talked this morning and refused to come to his party and now…

Riya: Bhaiyya she is Ms.Sonakshi Bose, the famous dancer, Nikki’s favorite.
Dev was also shocked to hear that. On one side he could not stay without looking at her and on the other side..
Riya takes her inside and introduces to everyone. She takes blessings of Ishwari, Mamaji and Mamiji.
Gkb: are I loved your dance! Ur too good!
Sonakshi: thank you Aunty ji.
Ishwari: Sona beta our driver will drop you home.
Sonakshi: it’s OK aunti ji. But Ishwari insisted
Dev: there is no driver available right now! All have gone to Ranveer’s house for Shagun. Sorry!!! He said as if showing pity on her.
Sonakshi gives him an angry look! Fine, I can go alone! Mr.Aubodro!(in her mind)
Ishwari: no beta Dev will drop you don’t worry!
Dev: No maa, I have lots of work to do.
Ishwari: is it? Go and do this work also then! Go and drop her.
Sonakshi: it’s OK!
Ishwari: no beta he will drop you!
Dev hesitantly goes with Sonakshi.

In the car,
Dev: you told you will not come right?
Sonakshi: I didn’t know that you were Nikki’s brother! She had called me personally and requested me nicely! Not like you! Bribing!
Dev: what bribing? Are you mad?
Sonakshi: not me you are mad! You are mad after money!
Dev: just shut up, how dare you say that! Do you think I show off my money!
Sonakshi: Yes of course! But listen! You can show off your money, do anything with it but cannot buy love with it!
Dev: speaking to you is useless, as you can just speak nonsense!
Sonakshi: enough is enough! Stop the car, drop me her! I will be thankful for that!
Dev doesn’t stop the car!
Sonakshi: I said stop it!
Dev stops the car and says get lost!
Sonakshi doesn’t speak anything and gets down. As she gets down she realizes that her sandals have broke.
Sonakshi: this also was to happen now only Na! She takes her sandals in her hands and starts walking!
Dev gets out of the car and holds her hand.
Dev: wait, I’ll drop you!

Sonakshi: I don’t need your favor!
Dev: I said get inside.
Sonakshi: no!
Dev pulls her towards himself, they come too close to each other. Dev could feel her breath. Dev was again mesmerized by her beauty and kept gazing at her. Sonakshi takes her hand back and sits in the car. There was complete silence throughout the rest of the journey!
Sonakshi reaches her home, she thanks Dev and gets down. Dev drives back home. As he was getting out if the car he found Sonakshi’s payal on the seat. He took it and looked at it with a smile and kept it in his pocket.

Precap: Sona wishes to start a dance school.

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