Hi guys. Here is the next episode. As said more Raglak scenes.


Scene 1

Swasan have left. Ragini is still there.

At laksh home

Laksh – Whats your plan ? Direct room ? or first dinner.

Ragini – oh hello. Excuse me. I am herr only as a friend and not as a girlfriend. I am not those kind of girls who are shameless. And you toh shut up.

Laksh – arre yaar. Fir tumhara yaha rehna kya kaam ka?

Ragini – what do you mean?

Laksh – Arre baba. Kuch nahi. Galti ho gayi .

Ragini – Very good. Abhi galti ka pashataap karo.

Laksh – excuse me. Iam not going to do any pashataap.

Ragini – Karna padega. Kaise pata hai ?

Laksh – kaise?

R- mere haat ka dinner khake.

Laksh – Okay baba. Lekin Ramu kaka ne banaya hoga.

Ragini – nahi . I first only told him not to make dinner.

Laksh – Very good. usse acha hai ki hum baher jate hai dinner ke liye.

Ragini – nahi.

Laksh – Jana padega.

Ragini – Nahi bola na.

Laksh – Dekho i am also ziddi.

Ragini – thike lets go. Lets eat butter chicken. Yummy.

Laksh – Okay. chalo.

Scene 2

They reach a typical couple restaurant.

Ragini – why have you brought me here. I wanna go in a family restaurant.

Laksh – oh oh. Abhi toh hum couple hai badme family ban jayege. Itni jaldi bhi kya hai.

Ragini – oh hello. mera matlab woh nahu tha.

Laksh – now we have reached so let’s eat here.

Ragini orders food . Music was going on. Some couples were dancing. Laksh held Ragini ‘s hand and started dancing with her sensually.

Ragini whispers – what are you doing? Everyone are seeing.

Laksh – pata hai. So what? Waise one minute. I ‘ll go to washroom and come.

Ragini – fine.

She goes and sits. Some drunk boys come there and tease Ragini. She feels akward but stays quite. One of them is about to touch her but just then Laksh comes and gives him a slap.

Man – who are you? Whats your problem?

Laksh – you leave from here. She is my friend.

Man – sirf friend ki aur kuch?

Laksh – chup chap jao. Woh chup hai iska matlab kuch bhi karoge?

Man – you dont come in between.

They push laksh .

Ragini comes forward.

Ragini – Ya now speak. What were you doing? You wanted to kiss right?. I will kiss you.

She leans forward to kiss and gives him slap. Again she slaps on other cheek.

Ragini – aur kiss chaiye ?

Those men run from there.

Laksh is stunned.

Laksh – oh my god.

Ragini – what happened? i like action films.

They eat and then go. Ragini goes to her home.

Precap – Dance practice. Swasan moments.

Guys how is it? Pls comment. And ya swasan fans tom its your day.?

Credit to: Tanu

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