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One thing to note: SWARA and LAKSH are Rich. So lets start with episode.

Scene 1

Swara: hi Sanskar.
Sanskar: Hi. You look gorgeous.
Swara – thanks and you too are handsome.
Sanskar – thanks a lot I know that I am handsome that’s why 100s of girls are behind me but i selected 15 of them who are really hot and s*xy. If you wish you can be the 16th
Swara – oh please shut up here we have come only to dance.
Ragini – yes Swara don’t fall into his trap . He has many girlfriends and maybe spending night with them. Yuck.
Swara – Ragini I know them very well Laksh is one of them.
Laksh – yes I admit it.
Ragini – ok now all please shut up now let’s start with some dance moves.
Laksh – ok darling as you wish.
Ragini – OMG. You are really….leave it.
Laksh – Handsome. Right?
Ragini – yes ( in a low tone )
Laksh – you said yes.right?
Ragini – No. I mean… NO.

Scene 2
Swara is wearing a off shoulder top and denim shorts. Ragini is wearing tube blouse and long skirt type dress. Both are looking hot. Ragini a bit more.?

Swara – First lets start with some exercise
Sanskar – ok my…
Swara – Shut up
Sanskar – Arre i said ok my bestie.
Swara – ok .

They do exercise. Ragini and Laksh are continuous staring each other.

Exercises are finishes.

Sanskar – now lets do ball dance.
Laksh – okay but what will be the patners?
Sanskar – i feel Laksh and Ragini and me and Swara will be the patners.
Swara – i am fine.
Ragini – me too.

Laksh keeps his hand on Ragini’s bare waist. Ragini feels butterflies in stomach.

Ragini – But i have never did couple dance.
Laksh – Okay. I will teach. First you see me and Swara. How we do.

Laksh and Swara do couple dance. Laksh goes a bit more closer to Swara.
Ragini notices this and says Laksh to stop and she understood.

Laksh and Ragini and Swasan do couple dance.

Bol do na zara ( from movie Azhar) plays on BG.

Laksh whispers – You got jealous?
Ragini – when?
Laksh – dont act as if you dont know anything.
Ragini – oh. I did not get jealous.
Laksh – leave that. Today will you be with me at night. ( naughtily)
Ragini – blushes – okay.
Laksh – You are really hot and s*xy.
Ragini blushes .
Laksh – and i like those girls only who are hot. So today you spend a night with me.
Ragini – no sorry.
Laksh – no you have to.
Ragini – ok fine.

Swasan are doing couple.

Swasan stare each other lovingly.

Sanskar does a bit sensual dane. Swara feels a bit akward but likes his touch.

Swara – what are you doing?
Sanskar – dancing.
Swara – dont act innocent. I am not those kind of girls.
Sanskar – i know. You are fully different. Your hot body, your smooth skin and your beautiful eyes. Oh my gosh.
Swara – oh please leave me
Sanskar – never.
Saying so he tightens his grip on her waist.
Swara pushes him.
They finish dance practice.

Precap – Raglak moments.

Guys pls tell if i shd continue.?

Credit to: Tanu


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