Hi guys thank u for your thing i did not mention was that swara sanskar ragini and laksh live alone at home. Ragini (23 years)is elder to Swara(21 years). She has finished her studies.
Laksh and Sanskar are lazy. Sanskar (26 years)is bigger to laksh( 24 years).Here is the 1st episode.

Scene 1
Its morning. Ragini gets up from sleep. Its 5 in the morning. She makes coffee. She drinks and then gets ready.

Swara gets up. Its 6 in the morning. She gets ready and makes and eats breakfast.

Ragini practices some classical dance moves and sings.

Swara goes to college. Her best buddies are Laksh and Radhika.

Some children come to Ragini’s home. Ragini greets them. Actually they are children. Ragini teaches them some dance moves. One of them named Arya tell Ragini that her elder sister Tania is in college. She also likes dance. Can u help her? Ragini says you tell the address. I will meet her. The child gives her the address .

Scene 2 .

Swara is in college studying. Its 2 in the afternoon. College ends. She goes out. Ragini comes there to meet Tania.

She meets Tania and explains what time she can come all that stuff. She then says dont learn dance only for sake of learning. You know dance means a lot for me. Its like my life. I have a dream of winning a dance show but i dont have any patner. Hmm. Leave it but you come to learn dance in evening at my home.

Swara hears this. She thinks. She goes and meets Ragini.

Swar and Ragini ‘s conversation:-

Swara – Hello
Ragini – Hi. Your name? Me Ragini
Swara- My name Swara. Do you like
Ragini – Yes very much. Its my passion.
But why are you asking?
Swara – I too love dance. Can we learn
together ?
Ragini – Of course. Lets start from
Swara – Thanks a lot. Friends?☺
Ragini – Best friends.?

They both go towards their home.

Laksh goes to football practice at 3 in afternoon.

Sanskar goes to cricket. Everyone praise Sanskar for his bowling.

Its 5 in the evening.

Sanskar is walking on his way. Laksh is running on the opposite way. They both hit each other.

Laksh and Sanskar ‘s conversation

Laksh – i am really sorry.
Sanskar – its okay but why are you in
Laksh – Actually i have a dance class.
And dance means a lot to me.
Sanskar – I too love dance. I have a
dream to win a dance
competition .
Laksh – Same here. Can we learn
Sanskar – ok. Lets start from tomorrow.

Sanskar gives him his address. They both go towards their home.

Precap – First meet of Ragini and Laksh.

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NOTE : Next part on Sunday.

Credit to: Tanu

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