Damn! (OS) (KB)


Let’s get into some funny argument. .
the scene is where Abhi is confronting Pragya for having an affair lets see what’s going on…
Pragya said “please listen to me once ??” Abhi said “nothing is left to hear now ?” Pragya said “Oh really but i haven’t spoke yet ?? then how u listened ?” Abhi said “your betreyaal spoke everything now no need to speak?”Pragya said “really ? but how can a betryal speak ??” Abhi said “will you stop ur foolish antics now?” Pragya said “look who is saying me fool ?? who himself is a king of fool” Abhi said “yes and you are the queen of fools” Pragya said “really ???? then its great we are ruling an empire filled of fools the whole mehra mansion” Abhi said “what did you said ??” Pragya said “wow till now you wasnt using your brain and now you have stopped taking work from your ears also ????? take care dont stop the use of mouth other wise how will you eat ” Abhi said “arey you have a point yr how will i do so” Pragya said “???exactly” Abhi said ” wait a minute did u said i am dumb just now ” pragya said ” no i just said that u stopped using your brain it seems you have spared it for some kind of exhibition” Abhi said “its same thing” Pragya said “there is difference??” Abhi asked what is the difference she answered “look i said you have stopped using ur brain it means u r not dumb you are the king of dumb because dumb people also use the brain once but u never use to do so thats why is said that u have stopped taking work from your brain” Abhi said “really ! then what can i do its all effect of your company now it cant be cure” Pragya said “no it is not effect of my company its all effect of tanu’s company and only she can cure you” Abhi asked “oh! is it then tell me how ??” pragya answered “she will give u Tanu tablet only that can treat you” Abhi and Pragya both “?” laughed hard then Abhi said “????????DAMN! Pragya u r next to impossible we were fighting and now look” both laughed hard.
OK I don’t know how’s it but I am trying to give u lightm light episodes which can reduce ur frustration over serial hope I am doing so ?????????

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  1. Awesome. Nice. Loved it. Miss your ff.

  2. Sarayumane

    Nice, better than the original one, fed up with the track

  3. Ammu

    It’s great

  4. Riyashri

    OMG!!! YEsterday when I read your pre OS and asked u to continue writing like this which we would enjoy forever…………Now U gave another Humourous Update……
    This was very funny ………U really made me happy Surbhi Di…….But everyone would surely enjoy it…………..AS I Enjoyed it to the Core !!! Keep Writing Loads and Make Us Happy by your Numerous Writing Talents…………..Surbhi Di Rockzzzzz…………… Love U di !!!Waiting for your other FF !!!2 days to go……….Hope u remember it !!!

  5. Great job surbhi.. Keep continuing like this…

  6. It’s really ????…awesome yaar n superb n funny than the real serial…

  7. Relived from the frustration outfits yesterday’s episode thank you so much Surbhi?

  8. Surbhi………That was an fantabullous os.What a thought surbhi….Just love it…???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Hency

    Ha ha ha????Really funny

  10. Maya

    ??????laughing like mad and getting scolding frm my younger sis lol???? side effect of reading Surbhi’s writings! Keep rocking like this!!????

  11. Lol diii awesome i laughed a lot??

  12. ??????????????????????????? ab kuch sun nay k liyea bacha hee nhi, per m ne yoh kuch bola hee nhi ??????? tumharay dokhe ne sab kuch bol diya ????? dhoka kaisay bol skta h ????????? king of dumb ??????? there is a difference , is nay mujhe SOF season 2 ki aliya ki yaad dila dy ???????????????????? i bet no one can stop laughing after this ??????????????????????????? Tanu Tablet ???????????????????????????????? bhai mujh se control nhi ho rha ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Okay let’s stop it
    ????????????????????????????????????????????? i can’t ????????????? bas sun le you are PBTC! Phew hansi ruk nay ka naam hee nhi lay rhy ??????????????????????? bas bas bas! Control majnoo control! M jaa rhy hun control nhi ho rha mujh se ????????????????????

  13. Wow great surbhi ☺ atlast abhi and pragya forgot for what they are fighting ?????
    CVs must see this and improve their brain

  14. Wow great surbhi ☺ atlast abhi and pragya forgot for what they are fighting ?????
    CVs must see this and improve their brain
    Actually I have no words to express your thoughts. If this happens in episodes it will be far better ?

  15. ?????????????? Wow surbhi it’s awesome…. I really laughed a lot after reading this??????

  16. VarshaVenkat


  17. Haha???? dii u r amazing.. It was soo hilarious..king and queen of fool????? haha really it was awesome.. Loved it??.. Keep rocking??

  18. Ye kya hein Surbhi?????? its really lightened up my mood?
    Tum kamaal kardiya.. Waise real kkb me scene hothe tho hum sub pagal hojathi..? Lolzzzzz???
    Its too hilarious dear… Enjoyed ot???

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