Why Dahleez TRPs are not going high


Hello, guys…I am aditi one of the viewers of dahleez show. Few days ago Sweety had posted on the same topic, I felt that she is right but I had another problem about the issue of villains in the show… I feel if there are more villains Swadarsh will come close..So let’s come back to the topic..TRPs
The following are reasons for low TRPs:
1) Timings
– 10:30 pm is not a proper time for a family show.it should be at least during the prime time i.e. 8:30 – 10:30 pm..But his completely starting after the prime time
– repeat telecast timings – 2 am (which totally not possible, ppl can’t watch at 10:30 than forget abt this); 7:30 am now its vacation season and during the morning no one has time to watch it and after some days school, colleges and offices will start so we can’t; 11 am this is the time when there will be kitty parties (of our mothers), sleeping time, studying time.. and ppl like me can’t wait to watch the show till 4:30pm and will with in hotstar or dailymotion which doesnot count to the TRP.
Advice: Change the repeat telecast timing and even the original telecast time
2) Lack of concept and twist in the plot
There is dragging and boring stuff which has stated let it be vanshika’s chipkoo moment or radhika and asad ‘s broken heart..I really dont want the focus go away from the main lead, (like the one in Thapki Pyaar KI… The show started with Dhruv and Thapki’s love stry but now it’s something else)
I always had notice that when the hero in the show gets hurt the heroine realizes her love and vice versa…And I would request the person who is responsible for the whole vanshika, Jeevan entry to end it fast…we want twist but not those kinds of twist which will hurt us.
My own view abt the show
Villains do not really act as villain………….there are many villains in the show. Mostly from adhu’s family… I thought suhasini will understand her son but in vain….
I wish Jeevan and vanshika marry each other and go to hell
I have started hating jaya,simmi and suhasini they didn’t even ask does adharsh want to marry or not why does jaya want her frnds life to spoiled like her. And simmi knowing abt adharsh is seeking revenge for supporting swadeentha..
I really fell that fan fictions are sometimes better that the real story… I mainly started and was eaderly waiting to watch the show for harshad arora..
I even had another complaint…since the shows are goings all days in a week I feel like most of us cant see the episodes of Fridays and Saturdays repeat as we needto spend time with family and if we go out we will miss…watching on hotstar is also nt preferable as it spend or waste the internet..so many ppl including me end up in reading WU..
Thanks for reading nd if u can relate to this comment below and share your views

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. I agreed with u one hundred percent… telecasting the show on weekends is not an appreciable thing…. don’t they have any sense? shows on Sundays up to 11pm that too a serial who will encourage that in a family… father brothers also want to watch something as per their wish.. definitely we have to leave the shows on weekends…. hotstar is not an option for all the viewers… They should think about common people also… I think they can telecast the show at 10 pm or 8.30 pm on weekdays…. and a bigggggg no to weekends serials

  2. Agree with u 100%

  3. Valid suggestion for Dehleez team to look on. Either make screenplay better or stop lagging of scenes between main leads.

  4. 10:30 slot is always the unlucky one. Previously mmz got cut because of the timing mostly.

  5. 100% agreed to this article. I also feel dehleez lacks twist and is going slow too. Same thing happened with mmz not only time slot but aso lack of twists in initial episodes, and when mmz started 1st month I didn’t like much, but next 3 months it was one of my favorite shows and i still miss it a lot

  6. I don’t agree to this because i like this serial alot and i love seeing everyday. Every time it end on something good. All the way from Sweden. Indians serial a lot

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