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Hello everyone this is me Dafsi the Tejaswi fan. I’m the writer of four ongoing ffs. Sasural Swaragini Ka, She is the One, Ragini aur Raghvi Sisyers Forever and Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama…

I was not well I got a food poison and gastiritis along with a panic attack and now I’m okay. I’m sorry for not uploading my ff regularly. Currently my laptop is given to repair as the display again crashed and unable post my ff except the new as I’m writing it in my phone and the rest is stocked in my lap. I will get it dont bye end of the week so until then please tolerate me.

Sasural Swaragini Ka
It is a RagSan ff where currently they are married and in coming episode you will be seeing there sweet cute moments. Where as SwaLak will given a minor space but Swara and Laksh will have induvidual importance (Guys Im sorry I can’t write moments of this pair I don’t know why). While RoSid will be see getting engaged very soon.

Will Ragini fly to Austaralia along with Sanskaar?
Sandeep’s anger towards Swara will it be on or off?
What will make Laksh realise his love for Swara?
What will make Sandeep forgive Swara?
Will RoSid be back to normal with everyone?
Will Ragini manage her studies and her martial life?
When will Swara enter Maheshwari Mansion as a bahu?
Will Swara and Ragini be SwaRagini?

Keep reading Sasural Swaragini Ka to find answers…

She is the One
This is a ff of RagLak. Where currently Ragini has lost her memory she has forgotten everyone except Laksh. Two new character have entered Maheshwari Mansion as Sujatha’s daughters. SwaSan are taking there relationship in a understanding way while Adarsh and Preeti are still not patched up.

Will Ragini gain back her memory?
Will Laksh be able to fulfill his lady love’s dreams?
Will these two sisters Anindita and Dayanita be a positive shade or a negative shade?
Will SwaSan be able to take their realtionship smoothly?
Will Adarsh and Preeti unite?
If Ragini doesn’t gain her memory will Preeti accept her as a dewrani?
Will Laksh be back the old innoncent Laksh?

Keep reading She is the One to know the answers…

Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever
This ff revolves around RagLak and RagSan. The two identical twin sisters will fall in love with the Maheshwari brothers. Where one couple’s life starts with happiness while the other ones startes with hatered. We also see Meera the only duaghter of Maheshwari’s and Aarnav the cousin brother of the Ragini and Raghvi are having a chemistry going on.

Will RagLak and RagSan marry without a problem?
What has gone wrong with Sumi?
The love birds Ragini and Laksh are both lawyers, will their proffesion be a problem for each other?
Raghivi and Sanskaar share a contrast nature, will thei marriage happen? If so how will they lead their life?
Will Sanskaar fall in love with Raghvi first or Raghvi will fall in love with Sanskaar first?
Will Raghvi and Ragini be together and forever?
Meera and Aarnav will they pair up or not?

To know the answers please keep readin Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever…

Thanks for supporting until now and please keep on supportings. I’m planning to stop on of the ff please do comment which ff to stop and please do comment which fanfiction do you like and what do you think about me? You comments are my boost pills so please do comment. Love you guys for being with me until now and Im sorry if anyone is really hurt and a kimd request please comment

With love

Credit to: Dafsi


  1. Ammu

    I like ‘ragini and raghvi ff’ and ‘she is the one ff’ very much. Please try to update all ffs

  2. Nivi

    I love all your ff and eagerly waiting for the next update..Your recent ffs promo part is missing but still it too have a good story..liked today update loves the flashback scene please continue it with more flashbacks

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  4. Pls dont stop any of ur ff its a humble request I love all ur ff…pls don’t stop any ff…..upload all three ff soon dear…pls

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