Dafsi’s ff Elimination and RagLak Promo

Hi Hello everyone your carzy writer Dafsi is here with a big request with th hope of getting honest answers šŸ™‚

As all fo you or most of you or least of you know I’m the writer of four on going ffs.
1) Sasural Swaragini Ka
2) Ragini aur Raghvi
3) She is the one
4) Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak)

Okay so my problem is which ff to end? Which number do you prefer? Please don’t tell me that you can’t tell it as there is something called worst in my works too…

If it is really hard and yeah there is chance to all of you tell me the ff you love the most and I will have a single rule that only two ffs can be names so please do comment…

If I don’t get comments I will have to stop all four thinking that youl dont like any…if youl say youl like all four also it would be a big problem so please do tell me which ffs do you wanna stop and which two ff you love the most….

Also I have surprise waiting for all the RagLakians and please do wait but I will give you a quick promo of my upcoming ff I have not even thought of a name…If you do want me to start it please do comment which ff or ffs should be stopped.


A boy kneels down and proposes a girl snd she accepts…A girl is shown reading a book and another boy is shown holding a camera and clicking pictures of model. Both of them are seen standing on top of the hill the boy is clicking photos while the girl is admiring the nature…Both of them come walking from two different side.
Girl : And we will be called…
Boy : No I don’t want to ear it. Now you mightvbe happy.
Girl : Yeah, very happy.
Both of them have tears in their eyes and they split up…Three older people are shown sitting in a table and the same girl and boy are standing. The girl runs from there and the boy follows her both of them share and intense eylock and she hugs him from the back.
Girl : Why is it happening for us?
The boy rests his head on hers and someone is eyeing them.

The same boy and girl are shown going on a date and spending time happily after the end of the date.
Boy : I don’t love you
Girl : What do you mean?
Boy : It was just for passing time.
She slaps him hard and leaves. The boy sits down and cries.

So if you want me to start this ff I will have to stop another two so please do comment.

Thank you so much keep reading and supporting

With Love
Dafsi šŸ™‚

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  1. plsz don’t end any of ff i love 1 and 4 the most ilove both raglak ragsan and swalak so its a humble request don’t end these two ff
    and update soon…….. Love u

    1. update ur ff dr

  2. really hard to select OK I want ssk, ragavi, rahul papa

  3. SPP

    Dafsi the ff that I love 1,3&4 and if u want to stop the ff give it an final epi and then stop it but please don’t stop 3 and 4 as I love it a lot plz plz plz
    The promo is nice but please continue after finishing the current ff plz plz plz it’s a request
    The truth is all the four ff have its own unique to be loved at last it would ur wish and decide which should be stopped with a final one and which should be continued
    I bak baked a lot and yeah sorry for that…………

  4. really tough situation dear, I like all and now promo is also exciting

    my favorite ffs order 4,3,1,2

  5. Nitu1992

    Yu may end she is the one or sasural swaragini ka..

  6. Lila

    I love 1…u can eliminate 3

  7. Hi di!! Di you can end sasural swaragini ka and she is the one but please give a final episode! Pls don’t end 2 and 4 they are my favourites!

  8. Lata

    I like all the all the ffs except sasural swaragini ka its story line is good but so many plp ssk in that so I didn’t read much.but ur other ffs r mindblowing.splcly which touched my hearts r rahul:papa& raghvi&ragini.I want u to start new ff I know u will give mindblowing ff.but I want u start when u will end one of the two ffs which u will write (ofcouse after everyone’s voting).I’m really sorry I couldn’t comment becoz how much time I tried to comment it didn’t got posted .so let’s see if this one get posted.Thank u dear for writing such beautiful hearttouching ffs.after reading ur ff first time i want a boy laksh to be my husband.???as from serial i always liked sanskar.

  9. Just one request dont end rahul: papa … Lavanya: mamma it is bery very very good!! And yea do start the new one it seems interesting

  10. ssk, rahul papa lavanya mam

  11. 1,4 favorite but don’t end any of ff nd continue nxt ff

  12. hey 2 n 3 r my favs….I dun wanna but u can end 1 or 4

  13. 2 and 4 are my favourite plz don’t end other ff also

  14. Hey dafsi..iam a die heart fan of you yar..i like all your ff..my favorate is 2 and 4..plz update it regularly and plz not end it soon..

  15. Pks don’t end

  16. To be honest im reading only ur 2 ff that are ” Ragini aur Raghvi” and ” Rahul: papa Lavanya: Mama”. I love both these ff so i want u to continue these 2. As i nevr read the other 2 ff i can’t say anything on it. Nd abt this promo it seems interesting plz start it soon.

  17. Priya15

    di its tough to choose any ff of urs which i dont like…but i l say which i love to the core…1 and 2…is so close for me…pls dont end anything…its a request…

  18. Hey dafsi…. I am a silent reader nd I wanna say that ur 4th ff rocks……. Pls do continue it…… Pls:-)

  19. 2 nd 4 r my fav…nd ya continue ur other ff Aft all these promo s interesting…u r nt updating 3 itz long back…nd 1 I’m nt reading it dr sry since there r lot of charac so I dono abt it

  20. my sweet heart u know which is my fav. ya its absolutely raghvi n ragni sis 4ever. plz dont end this. n plz update it ya. plzzzz plzzzzzzplzzzzz

  21. a bit confuse

  22. Its really tough to choose any 2 but I would like to say that you end those ff in which your story line is finished and don’t have any idea but as you asked don’t end she is d 1, ragini and raghvi (coz it’s both ragsan & raglak) and definitely rahul & lavanya it’s my fav among d 4 sorry 4 not commenting till now but I have read all ur ff & they r amazing

  23. 4,3,and 2 are my favorites. Plz don’t end soon

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