Me and my Dadi…Two shots


After her last exam she is going back to her village.After long days she is going to meet her dadi.This give her more excitement and happy, inorder to give her a surprise she didn’t informed anyone that she will arrive there today itself.There is a liability of bank loans are in her head , the job she got from campus selection is become her only hope.”Dadi maa ur lado is coming to take u in ur dream world” She said in mind.
When she reached the home its locked.From neighbours I got the information that my kakka and kakki sold our house without my knowledge.They shifted to city 2 days before.Then I remember how my kakka convinced me to sign some property related papers.I was numb,but this am not going to give up.I decided to confront them,reached their house by the details given by neighbours .
” I know they considered me as a burden as I am a unmarried girl and orphan, except dadi anyone is there for me, but I only want to see my dadi at once.if they allowe I will take her along with me.”.when I pressed the calling bell kaki open the door.They Knew that I will reach there and very well know that am unknown to this city there is no one for me to support.I ask for Dadi in thier door step, but they didn’t allowed me to see her. At that time my 12yr old cousin came there and told me that , they dumped my dadi she is not there.Hearing this I was shattered.Now I understand why they eloped from village, after getting property and money they dumped my dadi.I shouted at them .
“Did u killed her for money and property.If u did plz tell me where is she ,want to see her face last time. allowe me to give my last kiss to her.” I cried out.
My cousin informed me that they throw her in a crowd of city railway station.”How can they do like that is she a waste material to dumb in waste dustbin.she is her own mother na”.
I rushed to railway station. But didn’t find her any where.with the help of my friend uncle ,police searched her for streets of the city. Finally I found her unconscious in the road with street dogs .we take her into a hospital.its a govt hospital no one is paying attention to her.she is still in that state,run here and there no use most of the doctors are in leave due to navarathri holidays. its a strange thing that these days we do pooja for maa durga, but someone throw her own mother to street for death. At last i grabbed someone hand who is in white coat and stethoscope. I bend down on my knees pledge him for my dadi’s treatment.He is a medical student give her first aid and glucose.He can’t do further anything as he is a student Doctor will arrive on tomorrow morning only.

“Miss Ragini she is very weak starved for many days .what is this?”.I explained shortly about our situation.
She decided to shift her from there..but she has no enough money for the treatment in pvt hospital. Doctor rushed into other cabin.
“Dr.swara I want your help there is a old lady in critical condition her pulse is low and still unconscious.I just give her first level treatment “.
“But Dr.Laksh am a gynaecologist its better to consult a psyician. Where is Dr. Kumar”.
“Dr.Kumar is not there. But you r an MBBS Doctor na.plz do something at least shift her to ICU”
“Oky I will check”.
She checked her give some injection and shifted to ICU.
One week left. My dadi is better now.she could able to sit in bed and can talk with me her sweet voice.
“Lado I will discharge tomorrow , where we Anushman house”.
“No dadi never..kaki and kakka is a closed chapter. I will do something you don’t need to bothered about it”
I really don’t know where to go, then I decided to go an orphanage near to my college hostel.
When we got discharged reached the hospital gate.Dr Laksh standing there with a smile.
“Dadi maa you r going with out informing me. This is not fair”.
“Voo beta ..Lado”.
“I know your Lado told u that he already did many thing for us. So its not good to disturb him again and again rite”. He winked
“So miss Lado maa where u decided to go”.
“Actually in an orphanage”.
“Oho no need to go there,arranged rented house for u. So miss Lado don’t worry about the deposits and payment .you can repay me after u got a job”.
“Thanku Dr. Laksh I don’t need any help more from u”.
“Hey Ragini do u think I will take advantage of u for helping u. am also a human being yaar. I already told u that u can repay my money after u got a job.Till then you will be safe there. ”
“But Dr Ji”.
“Don’t say anything come with me.Dadi maa plz tell her”.

We shifted to a new house. As I got campus selection but my result not yet published , so after 2 or 3 months able to join the company. So Laksh give me a address for a job .I reached the office its a boutique.I read the name in front of the cabin .” Sanskar Maheshwari Fashion designer ”
Guy’s may found grammatical errors… Sorry…This is two shot story hope u may like this. Story is about Ragini and her dadi…Thank u for reading my fiction

Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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  1. Super but please I want to see her love story along with it please

    1. sethooty(Malar)

      Love very weak in romance or romantic scene…I will try..story mainly focus on Dadi and Ragini..hope u will like it..

  2. something which is very new and fresh.liked it a lot…………show some more bonding between ragini dadi and laksh.

    1. sethooty(Malar)

      I will do Dr..this is about Ragini and her dadi..thank u for liking my story..

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    Update d nxt prt soon

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  8. Wow Malar..great story!?very different!??extremely different?Ragini -Dadi’s bonding!??amaazinggg?

  9. sethooty(Malar)

    Thanku guy’s for liking my story.. There are many mistakes still u all appreciated …really overwhelmed by ur comments… Thank u once again…

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