dabh season-2 (epi-6)


A handsome young man is seen working , a older man comes and tells , arjun stop , it yar , I know work is important but…arjun says dad u here? And goes and hugs him . yes arjun is our hero..(played by karan tacker ) . he says dad apko yahan ane ki kya zarurat thi. The man says u have not come home for two days and will I not worry ? arjun says ok dad , let us go home . arjun and the man go and sit in a car .

Bhabo is seen waiting for somebody . a lady comes there ( the lady’s role is played by meghna malik) . she says Namaste aunty ji and touches bhabo’s feet . then bhabo says , I will come to the point . we both know our children love each other , so I want the marriage to be held asap…the lady (chandrakala Thakur ) says ya , I too think the same , bhabo says actually my other grandson ved , vansh’s twin brother’s marriage is going to be held soon so I think if prachi’s marriage is done wid vansh on the same day wid ved and vanshika , it would be well and good . chndrakala smiles , she says , prachi beta , their hone vali dadi-sasu ma ayi hai . zara ek glass juice leke aana . prachi comes there and gives the juice to bhabo . chandrakala says prachi beta and signs her . prachi takes blesings of bhabo . bhabo says so shall I call the pandit to fix the marriage date . ck (Chandra kala) says sure bhabo

After some time the pandit says the mahurat is after 5 days , it is a good day for all the four of them so it is well and good if the marriage is held on that day . ck says sure pandit ji , bhabo I request u . the marriage should be held at our home , please , I have only one daughter . bhabo says ok , I don’t thinkvanshika’s family will have any problem . so shall I go now , I have to inform the family members abt this .

Rathi mansion
Kanak shouts , suno suno suno . vansh bhaiya aur ved bhaiya ki marriage fix ho gayi hai . vansh looks puzzled . he say kanak , r u joking . kanak says no bhaiya , I am not joking , bhabo called me and informed me this . vansh says really and hugs kanak . ved joins the hug

Precap : vansh meets arjun rathore (karan tacker)

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  1. Jasminerahul

    It seems arjun is so workaholic that he has no time to come home too.or is there something else?so ved vansh wedding is coming up.wow.vansh meeting arjun..cool.waiting to see how kanak will meet arjun

    1. thanks a lot di , kanak and arjun will meet soon

  2. Very nice, di. Sorry for late comment.

    1. thanks a lot and u r not late

  3. Nice..da..iam waiting for kanak and arjun meeting….

    1. thanks a lot akka . will make them meet soon

  4. CAsush

    So i have missed many things.. One is your ff.. You are amazingly amazing love uh

    1. thanks a lotttt!!! was missing u a lot . happy that u commented

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