dabh season-2 (epi-5)

Kanak is seen jogging . she sees the time in the watch , it was 5:30 . she greets ramu kaka who comes daily on a walk and gradually became her friend . she sees somebody else coming the same way , it was girl . the girl looked so beautiful . the girl comes to kanak and says u r kanak rathi right . kanak looks puzzled . she says mein itni famous ho gayi hun kya (I have become so famous is it ? ). The girl says kanak I am prachi . I have seen u many times in ur photos. Kanak says so u r the one who melted my vansh bhaiya’s heart . prachi says do u jog here everyday . kanak says yes . prachi says I am new to this route , I usually go through the park . kanak says will u join me everyday .if u join me I will help u in becoming a good bahu and above all , I will help u in impressing bhabo , which is not easy . prachi says sure kanak and hugs her . kanak says dadi likes blue colour , don’t apply make up , dadi will not like it and ya if u can wear very traditional dress , it would be great . prachi says done , see how I impress ur dadi and smiles . kanak smiles back

After some time…..
The hall in which engagement is going to take place is beautifully decorated
Kanak and the whole family r in vedansh hotel waiting for vanshika to come for the engagement . prachi enters vedansh wearing a beautiful blue lehenga lehenga . bhabo sees her and says yeh chori badi pyari dik rahi hai (this girl looks so beautiful ) . who r u beta , r u ved’s friend or do u work wid ved or vansh . vansh comes running and says prachi take blessings of bhabo . prachi touches bhabo’s feet . vansh says dadi this is prachi and prachi this is dadi . prachi says Namaste in a frightened manner . bhabo says welcome to this engagement . kanak who sees prachi comes and hugs her . she says wow , bhabi u here ?, bhabo stares at kanak w prachi smiles seeing kanak addressing her as bhabi . prachi hugs kanak and says thank u so much kanak . kanak asks for why bhabi . prachi says for calling me bhabi . kanak says bhabi iskeliye bhi koi thanks boltha hai kya (why r u telling thanks for this bhabi ) . bhabo says kanak take prachi to our room here(vedansh) . kanak says ji dhadi and takeskanak to their room . meenakshi says yeh chori toh badi pyari hai and hugs prachi . prachi gets very happy getting so much love and affection from the family .
Soon vanshika’s family comes, ved gets mesmerised seeing vanshika’s beauty….. and the engagement starts . ved and vanshika exchange rings . everybody smile happily . kanak goes and hugs vanshika and ved . kanak says chalo bhaiya bhabi let us take a selfie . smile and she takes a selfie

Precap: arjun (kanak’s love interest) is introduced . prachi’s mother meets bhabo and they decide to get ved and vansh married at the same time .


  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    kanak prachi meeting was cute.nice 2 c them bonding well n kanak giving tips 2 prachi.nice 2 c prachi following her advise n bhabho seems 2 b impressed along with others.nice engagement off ved vanshika.
    i’ve updated pyar ka meetha intezaar.plz read

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