dabh season-2 (epi-4)

Vansh’s love interest’s name is prachi and her role is played by harshitha gaur

Ved goes to his room and sees his , sooraj and sanshya’s pic . he says mumma when did I become so big . they r planning to get me married , that too wid my best friend , tomorrow is our engagement . I don’t know why they r getting me married first , I think vansh loves somebody that is why he is no agreeing to marry , but he tells that he is younger than me and so he will not marry and smiles . vansh comes to ved’s room . he says what r u telling to mumma ved ? ved says nothing vansh . u sit down .

Meanwhile bhabo , comes to vansh’s room to clean the room . she hears the mobile ringing . she does not find vansh anywhere and so attends the call . within she could say hello . a girl says , vansh baby , I have given u 15 missed calls and u have not attended my calls . what will I do . bhabo gets shocked . the girl says when will u tell about our love to ur family . bhabo gets even more shocked . the girl says do u remember me or not , why r u not talking anything , I am ur prachi . bhabo cuts the call . she takes the phone and goes searching for vansh . vansh was in ved’s room . she calls vansh . vansh says what happened dadi ? the phone rings again . bhabo gives the phone to ved and asks him to put the phone on speaker . It was prachi again . she says vansh baby why did u cut my call . vansh gets shocked , he says prachi , it was not me who attended the call before , it was my dadi . prachi says what ?omg and cuts the call in fear . bhabo says vansh what is this . that is why u were running from marriage . now tell me about that girl . vansh says her name is prachi , bhabo says I know that , I want something more .vansh says she runs a company and she lost her father at a very young age and she lives wid her mother . bhabo says I will talk to prachi’s mother after ved’s engagement . saying this bhabo goes . vansh shouts yes and hugs ved . ved stares at him . vansh gives back a apologetic look . ved smiles and ask why did u hide this from me? Vansh says sorry dude,I am reallysorry and hugs ved again . kanak who was seeing all this comes and hugs her bros and says I am very happy for both of u .

Precap : vansh introduces prachi to rathi family . ved’s engagement .


  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    vansh already in luv with prachi.bhabho found it.ha ha.but without any drama she agreed.but wonder whether their wedding will take place smooth;y or is there any mystery behind Prachi’s family

    • Varshini


      , i dont know about the serial . hope they bring sandhya and sooraj back in season two but i think its impossible but i will try my best to bring them in my ff

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