dabh season-2 (epi-1 )


A beautiful girl is seen sleeping in her room wid another girl sleeping beside her . a middle aged woman comes there . she says kanak piyali uto dono . kanak gets up and kisses the middle aged woman she says arzoo chachi why did u wake me up so early . arzoo says beta u r getting late for ur college . kanak says piyali everyday , ur mother wakes me first , its very bad na . arzoo smiles and says kanak , ab jaldi se ready ho jao(now get ready soon) and here is ur coffee and here is piyali’s tea . suddenly arzoo’s eyes gets filled wid tears . kanak makes her sit , she asks arzoo chachi why r u crying , arzoo says u know ur face exactly looks like sandha bhabhi jan and u too like coffee just like her , she also used to like coffee very much . kanak consoles her . arzoo then goes to a big room where a old lady is sitting and reading ramayan . arzoo says tea lijiyebhabo (take tea bhabo) . bhabo says wait let me finish my ramayan and then I will drink my tea . arzoo keeps the tea and goes to a big room , the room had a big photo of sooraj sandhya and ved . she says ved beta where r u . ved comes there , wid his headphones in his ears . she shouts ved…..ved removes his headphones and says sorry chachi and takes his milkshake that he drinks everyday . arzoo smiles and goes from there .

she sees there was nobody in the next room and turns away and bumps into a boy and is about to fall down , when he holds her . arzoo says vansh cant u see and walk . ur juice would have fallen down . vansh says chachi will u not make me another juice If u want. arzoo says ok baba I would have made , , I have to go and help bhabhi jan , vansh says even I have to work bye arzoo chachi and goes from there . arzoo goes to kitchen and sees meenakshi cooking food , she says bhabhi jan shall ihelp u . meenakshi says its ok arzoo , I will manage . arzoo goes from there and sees sandhya and sooraj’s photo hanging on the wall . she says bhabi jaan , if u would have been alive , how nice it would have been , u know yesterday only mishri called us and informed that she is pregnant ,everyday this family misses u a lot , but I cant change this, u r dead but I have my kanak , who is just like u bhabi jan , her face , her character , everything is just like u . we see u in her . and u know bhabi jaan ved has become very successful as a hotelier , he has fulfilled bhaijaan’s dream , and vansh , he is a mixture of u and bhaijaan , kash ap yahan hoti , just then somebody keeps a hand on her shoulder , it was mishri , arzoo says mishri tum aa gayi and hugs her . arzoo says congratulations mishri ,kanak comes running and hugs mishri , she says mishri didi , I am very happy for u . u made me and piyali mausi , we r considered and treated as the smallest in this family but now , somebody is going to come who will call me mausi . mishri says yes but u will always be my baby for me . piyali hugs mishri and says mishri didi I am very happy for u . pari comes there , she says hello all , u all forgot me ah ? kanak says how can we forget angel . pari hugs kanak .

Precap : bhabo’s plan to get ved married . kanak realises her dream

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  1. woow cool episode varshini but is this what the story of First episode of Dabh 2.If yes then thank you very much for sharing before hand..Could you also let us know what will be time slot for it..

    1. i am sorry but this is not the original story , this is just an imaginary story , in no way this story is related to original story , this is just an fan fiction

  2. Superb varshini..u made every character so well…waiting for next..

    1. thank u so much

  3. Mishri gave good news iam very happy for tat..

  4. Ha.. Ha.. Good effort.. Even though it is a imaginary story while reading about san-sooraj my eyes filled.. Keep it up. Hope you will update ever day..

    1. thank u so much , i will try to update every day

  5. jasmine Rahul

    arzoo talking 2 sandhya looking at her pic was emotional.mishri is preg.wow.nice scene of mishri kanak

    1. thank u so much for the comment

  6. Cynthia

    Very nice di, sorry for late commenting.

    1. thank u so much dear . and no sorrys ok , update ur yrkkh fanfiction soon

  7. When will be the second episode of dabh2 …pls update asap…excited

    1. really sorry , i was busy , i will update asap…

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