dabh season-2 (character sketch 2 and promo )

Abhishek (imagine manish raisingani ):mishri’s husband , loves her a lot and is a businessman
Vivek (imagine neel motwani):he is pari’s husband and he is a lawyer.
Emily: she is om’s wife . can do anything for her children ,has three children , mohit and her daughter pari , who is married in Mehta family , sparsh who is a lawyer and works under vivek now ,and nia (Emily and om’s daughter )
Sparsh rathi: son of Emily and om , is like a best friend to kanak and is ready to help her any time and is 22 years old
Nia rathi: Emily and om’s daughter , is 18 years old and best friend of piyali , studies in the same college of piyali and kanak . loves both of them

promo 2
kanak says please dadi please I want to write this exam , I want to become a police officer like my mother
santhosh says never ever u will become a police officer , I will never allow u . after sandhya nobody in this house will become a police officer .
kanak says please dadi…………….
Santhosh says this is my final decision………..nobody in this house will ever become a police officer, specially u

will kanak become like her mother……
will she be able to fulfil her dreams ……..
stay tuned to find out more

sorry to all those who read my ff , due to my exams I am not able to write the first episode , I will post the first episode soon . please drop ur comments so that i get some idea about how my ff is . thank u for reading


  1. Romi

    Plz made bhabo agree to make Kanak an IPS like her mom- sandya 🙏🏽 bhabo should respect police department at least now! Police are bad even if they do t heir Duty honestly! This is not fair!!!

    • Varshini


      it is just a promo , u r right police do their duty honestly . bhabo is refusing because of the incident that happened wid sandhya and sooraj . bhabo is just afraid to let her join ips , u will understand if u read the further episodes . thank u for the comment . i will definitely make kanak as sandhya only

  2. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    Sad that Kanak isnt able 2 fulfil her dream 2 b a police as SuRya died bcz of sandya’s profession.waiting 2 c how kanak overcomes all hurdles to be a police.
    who is the hero of this ff?I mean who is opposite Kanak?

  3. neha

    When part 2 is about to be released.Waiting for it patiently..Hope its on same slot 21:00 PM.Am big fan of Diya aur Baati hum..

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