dabh (os)


This is an os on dabh . since this is an os it will have only one episode and ya this is not related to original story, so don’t confuse the original story wid this , please comment .
sandhya proved herself to the rathi family and to the whole world . she made the maha prashad and impressed everyone .

after everyone went back home after the pooja
chavi says bhabhi forgive me , I helped that dipen , I need to be punished bhabi . sandhya says bas chavi , bas , u apologised no , now leave that . chavi and sandhya hug each other . sooraj cries in happiness , his shop and his respect was saved because to sandhya , he was very happy . all family members celebrate . bhabo was also very happy , her bindhni had proved that she was a perfect bahu of her .
all were happy , suddenly sooraj shouts in pain . he is taken to hospital . om comes out and says bhabi voh… . sandhya says whathappened to sooraj ji . om says bhabi sooraj bhaiya is perfectly alright , his legs have started moving , he has started to walk , it is a medical miracle , actually he has mentally made him stable that is how this miracle has happened . sandhya cries in happiness . sooraj comes out walking . sandhya cries in happiness and hugs him .

after some days
sooraj is seen working in rathi mishtan Bandar while sandhya puts her uniform cap on her head with pride , she had already rejoined her duty and had been promoted as ac of pushkar . her car comes and waits outside . she goes in a hurry , sooraj sees this and says sandhya ji aaram se u have our baby wid u . sandhya says u don’t worry sooraj ji , I will take care of our baby and goes .
she then goes to a site where an accident has took place . the dead bodies r brought out . she is shocked and she cries loudly . the people in the car were her bhabhi bai and bulbul . they lay unconscious there .bulbul’s hands moved . she holds her hand , and says chalo bulbul , let us go to hospital , bulbul says in a weak voice , bua take care of vansh and leaves sandhya’s hand . sandhya cries
she comes back home after the funeral . she cries . sooraj comes there holding plate . sandhya refuses to eat . sooraj says sandhya ji eat atleast for our baby . sandhya then eats after much hesitation.
She just then sherealises …. . she says sooraj ji vansh . sooraj says han sandhya ji we did not think about vansh . sandhya says now he does not know about bhabi , bai and bulbul . actually they left him in ankita bhabi’s mother’s house and were returning from there . after that only this happened and cries . she sits down ,sooraj holds her .
The next day they go and bring vansh . vansh asks where is mumma papa . sandhya says vansh mumma papa will come after some time . after some time vansh asks where is didi . sandhya says voh , voh . sooraj comes and says vansh park chale . vansh says ok and goes wid sooraj .
Sandhya is at home worried for vansh , vansh comes there . he says mumma papa told me that mumma papa and bulbul didi wanted to see god . god liked them very much and they stayed wid god . sandhya hugs vansh . vansh says papa also told me that , u r my another mumma and ved ,is my another brother like bulbul didi . and mishri didi , golu bhaiya r all my siblings . sandhya says han vansh and hugs him . she goes and stands near her bhai’s photo . she cries . sooraj consoles her . vansh comes there and says mumma I want some sweets can I get it . sandhya cries in happiness , she says sure mera bachha and hugs vansh . she thinks vansh has started considering me as his mother and sooraj ji as his father . thank u god .

After eight months
Sandhya’s godhbarai is happening . all r happy , all the rituals r done . chavi says bhabhi we will play a game . I have two things in each of my hands , touch any one , if u touch the hand which has a girl’s clip , u will have a girl baby , if u touch the hand wid a small ball in it . u will have baby boy says meenakshi . sandhya touches the hand . chavi opens it . it was a ball . sandhya says are vah . sooraj gets sad . sandhya says leave it sooraj ji . ladka ho ya ladki , both r our babies . suddenly she gets pain in her stomach . she souts in pain . she is taken to the hospital . the nurse comes out wid a baby . nurse says ladki hui hai . sooraj hugs bhabo . ved and vansh hug each other . mishri and golu hug . just then maasa, om and emili wid pari enter . sooraj gives the good news to them .all get happy .

All family members go inside . they see the cute baby near sandhya . sooraj takes the baby in his hands and hugs her . ved says mumma who will hug me . sandhya says ved tum yahan aa jao na and hugs ved . vansh also hugs sandhya .

Mishri says now all family members r here , shall we take a selfie . sandhya says zaroor le lo . they get ready for a selfie . arzoo faints .all get shocked . aftersome time , doctor tell arzoo in pregnant . all get happy . bhabo tells this baby has brought happiness in our family , so her name will be kushi . kushi smiles . sandhya says now our family is complete wid arzoo’s baby mishri , now take a selfie . mishri takes a selfie , all smile .

They lived happily ever after

Credit to: fan

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  1. Sarayumane

    I wish this happens for real

  2. very super…!!!
    very happy…!!!

  3. Fantastic. It’s you who should have directed this serial. And you a fitting writer for the next megaserial to be telecast in star plus.

    1. tq sarayumane , suhanya and jeyam , I too wish this happens in the real show , sandhya proves herself and sooraj gets well soon

  4. Fan..!!! Your profile picture is very beautiful.

  5. what’s the meaning of “os”?

    1. Tq suhanya btw os means one shot which has only one episode

  6. I wish this to happen in the serial

  7. thanks fan for answering……

  8. very very fantastic story. I like this story very much. I really wish this happen to the serial. lovely.

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