dabh ff promo (need suggestionsfor title and characters )


hi guys , this is varshini and I am planning to write a new ff on dabh . it will be after the death of sandhya and sooraj and it will concentrate on the lives of kanak ved and vansh . I have decided that deepika singh will play the role of kanak and will be a look alike of sandhya . the story will fully focus on the younger generation . I need suggestions for the role of ved and vansh. Whoever I feel is better I will take them to play the role . the actors must be between 20-30. I am waiting for ur suggestions .
I will post the next promo as soon as u give ur suggestions and decide who will play the role of ved and vansh .

Here is a short promo
A beautiful girl gets up from her sleep . she is wearing a night dress . her eyes r shown . they look the same as sadhya’s eyes . she says chachi kana taiyar hai kya . another voice says , meri ma pehle thu ut , phir mujhse puch , teek hai . the girl says teek hai , teek hai and smiles .she goes and sees the mirror and says kanak rathi ,thu tho hamesha cute hai and smiles naughtily . somebody sees her from behind the wall . the person says yeh ladki toh bilkul sandhya bindni ki tarah dikti hai par mein ise kabhi bhi uski tarah hone nahi dhoongi

Guys this is the promo
Note: in no way this ff is related to the original story . this is just a fanfiction created on my own

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  1. Nice beginning varshini…waiting for ur update…

    1. Thank u so much

  2. Hi dear..i am also a great fan of dabh.. So i wuld love to read thz fanfiction of dabh.. Bt plz try to post it in english.. Bcz it culdnt undrstand hindi..

    1. Ya I will try to post it in English . Thank u for commenting

  3. Amina2000

    omg use parth samthaan as vaansh n show his bad side as he was saying to sandhya wen his parents died, that he will become bad to get his way
    but so excited

    1. Yes but I will not make vansh bad completely . He will have grey shade . Thank u so much for commenting . Will update soon

  4. Sarayumane

    I prefer rohan mehra as ved and Parth samthan as vansh

    1. Ur choice is good . Rohan mehra will b perfect for the role of ved . Thank u for commenting

  5. Jasminerahul

    i was’nt a viewer of DABH.This is my 1st DABH FF.i wud luv 2 read it as its ur ff n i’m rly missing ur ff.happy to see Dipika back as kanak.Is Kanak Soorya’s daughter?
    i’ve posted a SNS,YHM,MATSH,Swararagini,SC SS Laal Ishq.plz do read n comment

    1. Thank u so much for reading and supporting . Kanak is sandhya and Surya’s daughter . I started reading ur ff yesterday only . When i finish reading both the parts I will surely comment . The starting of ur ff itself is interesting

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanku.plz write samar monica OS

  6. you right.i like this ff.i hope deepika act kanak role.i like it .

    1. Thank u so much ?

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