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Let’s begin …….Rikara came inside in running and shocked to see what their brothers and sisters doing.
Infront of them their brothers and sisters are folding their hands and head down.
om:guys what r u dong .what happend.
gu:yes guys tell us what happend & y u all standing like that.
But there is no response from other side.om got frustrated and shouted.
om(in anger):shivaay tell me what happend Y r u standing like that.
I said them to stand like that.with that rikara think we listenedthis voice somewhere.
Suddenly from their backside one person came and catch both rikara’s ears and said.
person:u guys grow up like very big na that’s y u didn’t recognize my voice right stand like them.
om:dadi please leave us .we didn’t do anything.They only did mess.
ru:O from when u started saying lie.
om:shut up rudra.tell me who wake up first.
gu:dadi please leave me my ear is paining.plse.
om:yes dadi please.
dadi:no I will not leave u both
dadi:because I saw ur romance in garden.
rikara(stammering):we, when,no we didn’t.
dadi:ok then I will show u video.
Both rikara shocked and look each others faces thinking what to do to stop it.
dadi leaves their ears and about to play their video in her mobile but at right time rudra came & snatch from her hands and started running.
ru:first I want to see.
dadi:khotiyaa give it to me.
ru:sorry dadi I will not.and he settled down in sofa.but shivaay come and snatched it.
both shivaay and rudra started running all over hall.
om(thinking):this is very good chance to snatch video and to delete.
om also started running behind them.Like all started running and shouting like ‘stop running’.with their noise all remaining elders also wake up and came to hall.
all elders are very happy to see their children happy.they also enjoyed and laughed.
after sometime tej become normal and shouted loudly.
tej(with fake anger):stop it .! what is this.did u all thinking like u are kids.
all youngsters stand like obedient students.
tej:tell me y u all are started in early morning only.
dadi:slapping her head with her hand and said to tej:tej did u this is early morning .
tej:ha maa.
dadi:see once what is the time.its 7:30.
and saw time in his watch and shocked.
dadi:learn from ur sons.
tej:I know maa my shivaay and om will wake up early in the morning.
om & shivaay lift their collar in proud.
tej:but these rudra is duffer so he didn’t awake.
with that shivaay and om laughed.
tej:learn om rudra.
ru:yes u said right i have to learn from o because now a days he is a step head then me.
tej:what r u trying to say rudra.
ru:see this video once and tell me what I have to learn.
om shocked and came near rudra and said.
om in low voice:rudra.please give me that.
ru:no o dad also praising na let me show this video.
tej:what u guys r talking.and first show me the video.my om will never do any wrong thing.if he do there is a reason.
remaining all are suppressing their laugh.
ru:once see this video and say that dad.
rudy run and stand infront of tej and gave him video.

precap:what will tej do after watching that video.will he punish or leave om.and a small surprise.

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