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recap:bhoot enters.

Let’s begin…..
rudy quickly grab his brothers hands and hold tightly.
ru(to shivaay):bhaiyaa save me otherwise ur baby brother will become a snack to these devil.save me please.
sh/om:shut up rudy.
while they r busy in talking bhoot came towards them.they saw that and
they all started running around kitchen.when they r going out of kitchen another two devils came infront of them and blocked their way.
they keep on running whole kitchen.suddenly om saw a ring in one bhot hand.
om(in thoughts):that ring belongs to guari .that is our engagement ring.how it came to bhoot.oh my god.did anything happen to my guari.

om(to devil):how u get my guari’s ring.tell me how that ring came to u.
one bhoot:I am bhoot not ur servant.
om(with innocent face):u devil if something happen to my guari then I will not leave u.I will kill u and u will become bhoot.
bhoot:arey idiot i am already bhoot what would u do.
om(in thoughts):only guari called me idiot.no other one had dare also to call me idiot.means she is guari.
then he saw another two bhoot’s giggling.now wait & watch.
om(to his bhoot):bhoot u r looking so hot then guari.that guari is very fat but u r looking so s*xy.

will u marry me.
one bhoot:then what about ur guari.
om:I will leave her for u if u accept me.
one bhoot:if i accept means what will u do with me.
these whole conversation was witnessing by 4 pairs of eyes.they r confused totally.
om:just u tell me ok then I will show u what I will do.
one bhoot:no its wrong how can u cheat me omkaraji.
om:I will not cheat u .I will cheat that pagli guari.
second bhoot came front and said loudly like.
second bhoot:band karo.hum bhoot’s hey .

om:shivaay I think this devil belongs to u check this devil once.
sh:om r u alright.
om:shivaay do what I saw then u will get what I am saying.
second bhoot started running.shivaay also running after bhoot.
om to bhoot:tell me ok can I say one philosophy then u will say ok..
one bhoot:no plse stop ur philosophies.
om(smiling naughtily):ok my pagli chiraiyaa.
then om slowly coming towards bhoot.Bhoot stepping back.Like that they went near wall.om put his hands against wall and blocked the way.
bhoot:oooommmm what r u doing.
om:trying to kiss u.

bhoot:this is wrong u cheater how u cheat me like this.
om:then tell me the truth r u guari only right.
bhoot:yes, but now onwards I will not talk to u(the bhoot’s r non-other than our heroiens).
guari:because u said I am fat & also pagli.

om:guari I said this all to spill the truth from urself.
guari:that means u already know that I am the bhoot.
om:ss.I got it when I saw our engagement ring & also u called me as idiot.no one had that much of dare to call me idiot.except u.
guari:idiot it means u r playing with me .guari started beating om & he started running like that they went to garden.
om stopped at one place and pull guari towards him.guari was shoacked with his sudden actions.
om:my pagli giving punishment to me for what.
gu:for playing with me.
om:u also played with me can i gave u punishment.
gu:stood silently seening in his eyes.

om(huskily):tell me.
om:ok I will gave punishment.
ur punishment is I want a kiss guari.
gu:om can i ask u one thing.
om:s , u can.

gu:when philosopher became romantic.
om:he changed when he met his love.guari this is just trailer u didn’t how much I am romantic.
while guari in shock. om kissed guari in lips.she didn’t expect this move from him.
first she didn’t reciprocate.later she also enjoyed it.
after a while parted because of lack of oxygen.

om :u have to give a kiss in morning after our marriage.
gu:if i will not .
om:then i know how to take it.one morething if I started means.I will not stop.
gu:lightly beating on his shoulder:cheapde.
om:u said i am cheapde na then I will show u what cheapde can do.
guari started running again.
om running behind her.
om:guari stop.

gu:no i will not.
suddenly they get seeing infront of them.

precap:what is there infront of them.

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