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recap:engagement day.

Let’s start……
Next morning:
Obros wake up in the early morning & started their preparations for their loved ones.
shivaay came to kitchen to take his americano after that to think how to take anika out with him to show his surprise.
But before he enters kitchen he got surprised.Because there he saw his lovely brothers.He went near them.

sh:Good morning guys.
omru here shivaay’s voice but didn’t paid any attention because they thought
why shivaay wake up at 4″O clock.
shivaay again called them.these they at the entrance of kitchen now they surprised.
shivaay entered with smile.
sh:good morning guys.

om:good morning shivaay why u wake up this early morning.
sh:to see what my brothers doing early morning in the kitchen.
ru:bhaiya.O also said same dialogue to me.
sh:it means u wake up before om.rudy r u ok.
om:I also ask same.
ru:its nothing like that u guys r thinking.
sh:we didn’t think nothing but u only caught tell me y u wake up this early morning that to before om .om wake early only so no need to ask him.now u tell me.
om take relief that he didn’t caught.
ru:its nothing like that bhaiyaa.
sh:nonono….something is fishy.so tell me.

before rudy speak shivaay phone ring.without seeing caller id he picked it & keeps speaker.
sh-hello.who is this.
caller-sir ,khanna sir.
sh-tell me khanna.y u called me this early morning.
here khanna is confused.
kh-sir u said to check the arrangements and call me if it is okay.
sh-me when.??

kh-before one hour sir.that u want to give a surprise for anika mam.so, u maid some arrangements na sir.
now shivaay got it.that he forgot y he came to kitchen and by seeing his brothers this early morning he forgot everything.
sh-ok khanna I will talk to u later.
He cut call and saw his brothers.om ru saw him like u caught and we don’t want to leave this oppotunity.
shivaay got what his brothers are thinking and tries to escape but he failed because his brothers stoped him.

om:so mere bhai is getting romantic thoughts day by day.
ru:ha.O u r right.now tell me bhaiyaa what surprise u r going to give to my bhabhi..
sh:surprise means surprise .
suddenly om feels that some one is pulling his hair.but he didn’t paid any attention.
shivaay feels like he saw someone behind om.ru feels someone in shivaay behind.
three r in there thoughts suddenly music started playing.they got scared.
since it is early morning it is dark.so,the surrondings is not visible.
Back of them 3 members r coming.they keep their hands on their shoulders.
they turned with a lot of fear & shouted.
sh/om/ru(in unison):Bhoooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttt.

I will stop here.next will be dhamakha to everyone.i will post today only.

precap:who r the bhoot’s….?????

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