Daayre (episode 4)

Somehow laksh managed to bring out drunken ragini from that club

He was moving towards his car supporting ragini who was continuously blabbering

Ragini in drunken voice cutely – laksh look I can see two … no ….. Three … Yes three Mr. Chipku

Laksh kept his hand on her mouth – ary meri maa chup ho ja

Ragini removed his hand and said pouting – I am just 20 then how can I become mother of such a big kid

Laksh presided his lips together to control his laugh

Ragini innocently – tell na?

Laksh nodded his head sideways and pick her up in bridal style

Ragini protesting – Mr chipku i don’t want to go home leave me.

laksh fake angrily – quiet…..otherwise ….

Ragini making faces – otherwise what ….

Laksh smirked – otherwise I will kiss you

Ragini mouth hung down listening him but soon she glared him saying angrily – I will kill you

Laksh raised his eyebrow saying – is that so …. Then let me kiss you after that we will see you can kill me or not

Ragini immediately kept both her hands on her mouth looking at him with wide eyes

Laksh smiled a little seeing her expression

She started hitting him on his broad chest but seems like it’s not at all affecting him either he is enjoying her sweet torture

Laksh – ms beautiful don’t stress your tiny soft hand let them rest in peace you know I don’t want them to suffer cause of me

She stood beating him and keept quite not wanting to argue but a smile appeared on her lips.

he make her sit on front seat and put seat belt and himself sit behind wheel

they reached after 15 mins
Laksh open the door for her and look at her…..she was sleeping he chuckled again…..and adores her for few min ….

Laksh – I am sorry
A pang of guilt raised in his face (any guess why ????? Think and read further for your answer mai abhi nahi bataugi)

He smiled sadly and pecked her fore head lightly
pick her up and walked inside mansion taking care no one notice them

He placed her on bed carefully covering her with blanket

Glanced at her for one last time before making his way out from her room


Unknown place
A person enters inside a unknown mansion

He walked straight to hall where we can see another person sitting on couch

1st person – Shaurya

The person sitting on couch is none other than Shaurya (remember intro)

Shaurya got up from his place and walked towards the person angrily

Shaurya shouts – what the hell do you think of yourself ? I asked you to make her fall for you not to make her control you laksh ( shocked ?…..pls don’t get angry after reading what is coming ahead in advance only SORRY )

Laksh – give me sometime

Shaurya – how much laksh ….. Tell me …. Can’t you make that one girl fall for you

Laksh – it’s not easy … She is …..

Shaurya interrupts him – don’t tell me you fell in love with that ragini ( sorry sorry guys ???)

Laksh Bowes his head without speaking anything

Shaurya looks in shock
He shook laksh from shoulders
Shaurya – laksh you know na they are our rivals them how can you

Laksh stammering – there….is…..no…..th…..ing

Shaurya – there should not be also

Laksh just nodded his head

Shaurya – you have one weak …. I have to destroy arjun at any cost.

Laksh with determined tone – we will Shaurya you don’t worry ….. Saying this he handed him one file

Shaurya looks confusingly at file than laksh

Laksh – these are papers of tomorrow deal

Shaurya smirk – now I will see how you Mr arjun gadodia win

He hugged laksh with A smirk playing in his lips unnoticed by laksh


Ragini woke up holding her head which was paining like hell

Ragini – why the hell this head is bursting ….. N …… I was in club yesterday night now much I remember than how come here ….. Who bought me here ….. Argh ….. What happened yesterday

Having so many question with no answers making her frustrated she got down from bed making her way to washroom

Splashing some water in her face and her feel a bit relaxed

She looked at her reflection in mirror blur vision of yesterday incidence started to play in her mind

Her cheeks turned red remembering her close proximity with laksh

Ragini – what is happening to me am I falling for laksh …. But I used to hate him then …….

Her heart retorted back – but you liked his touch remember how you were responding to him

Batting between her thoughts …. She was getting more confused ….. Shrugging all the foreign feeling in her heart she started getting ready for college


Entering inside college her heart was beating faster with each sec

She saw laksh sitting on his bike with his gang surrounding him

He also noticed her and was about to move to her when she turned her head and started walking from there fastly

Laksh eyes widens seeing this -thinks- what happened to her? Is she avoiding me?

Even though meeting with her was planned but falling for her was not his choice ….. Only he knew how hard he fell for her in this short period of time ……

He always did what Shaurya asked him to do because he was not only his friend but also the person who stood beside him when there was all darkness around him but …. It’s the first time he is questioning himself is it right what he is doing ….. One side his love and other side his friend ….. Whom will he choose

Guys that is it for today
Till then you think whom will he choose
Ragini ……..ya…….Shaurya

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  3. lakshya should take rag next part soon plzzz

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  4. what happened to raglak writer and their love bcoz she swasan ff is increaseing and raglak ff is one or two in no plzzzzzzz speach plzzzzz loved it guys what happened to raglak ff writer now its so less in number plzz try to write more bcoz now days raglak ff is decreasing as compare to swasan bcoz raglak ff os ss ts plzz give more and don’t stop in bcoz many writer are stop in middle and some end sudden plzzz guys prove that raglak fandom is not less plzz guys give some new one try to regular plzz give some new raglak ff and yaa plzz write more at least 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff reached 100 but none raglak ff reach plzz write more guys for raglak its a request by raglak fan

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      Don’t worry nikky after my exams will get over on 3 March I will write more of raglak stuff just wait till then

  5. amazing..actualy i was shocked..waiting 4 nxt part yar

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  16. Superb but really shocking so laksh is working against Arjun hope he chooses ragini over shourya

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