Daayre (episode 3)

Ragini was standing outside her mansion debating from herself – should I go inside …. But what if bhai see me …. Shit ragini this time toh bhai will surely put me in hostel

She slowly peeked inside from main door moving her eyes in each corner of hall to get a single hint also if arjun is home or not


She felt a tap on her shoulder ….. She jerked from her place in fear and turned back only to see arjun standing there glaring her

Arjun gritting his teeth – now what you did

Ragini jumped a little from her place hearing his voice ….. While arjun eyes widens seeing her this much scared that too from him ….

Ragini still not looking at him she closed her eyes brightly and said in one go – bhai please I am sorry …. I will not do it again but please don’t send me in hostel

Finding no movement in him for few min she opened her eyes slowly and looked at arjun who is standing there with serious face ….. She immediately looked down

Before she could say something she heard laughing sounds not one but two
She looked above only to find arjun laughing but what caught her attention is the person next to him …. yes ….. he is none other than laksh …… Her big eyes frowned now seeing him here ….. Only one question in her mind ‘ when did he came here ‘ she looked at both of them angrily and was about to move when arjun stood her

Arjun – sorry princess I was just teasing you

Ragini angrily jerked his hand and looked at laksh who is smiling like an idiot she stamps his foot by her and went from there ….. Poor laksh held his leg in pain and started jumping on one leg ….. While arjun looks on amused and then again burst out laughing seeing him
At night
Ragini was in her room getting ready for going to club with her friends when she saw a message in her phone asking her to come down

Ragini – confusingly – did kavya change her number ….. But soon as he showed her thoughts away

She opens her room’s window and tie her duppta on one side and holds pipe tightly and start climbing down.

Person who was standing down waiting for her seed this. His eyes widened seeing this.

Ragini slips but hold the pipe tightly.

Person shouted – carefull.

Ragini gets tensed at his yell and looks down only to find laksh standing there she fastly reaches to the ground and runs toward him.

Ragini tensedly;why are u shouting some one will see us and looks around.

Laksh angrily holds her from shoulder.

Laksh – are u complete mad????

Ragini with scarey eyes – what has happened? what did i do now? Why are you angry ? But wait what are you doing here it should be kavya to pick me up right

laksh softens a bit and said gently – ragini actually she asked me to pick you up and she will come there directly

Ragini frowns listening him

laksh – why were u climbing at pipe its too high it is so dangerious if something would happen to u then.

Ragini eyes widened and looks at her window.

ragini shocked – is it high??

Laksh nodded

Ragini – ohhh so u were worried for me.MR. CHIPKU

Laksh angrily – i am not chipku n it issss high

ragini chuckles – don’t take tension i climbed it 100 times and fall from there 50 times and see i am still in one piece.

laksh’s mouth was full open. Ragini laughs and said – close your mouth otherewise all mosquitoes are planing to shift in your mouth

Laksh – uu…u always go at this time.

Ragini nodded and said – me and kavya with our other friends … even I taught them to climb pipe

Laksh nodded and thinks – u are complete mad and i will become also and sighed.

Ragini looks at her watch and said excitedly:come on we will get late and sits inside car

Laksh sighed looking at her madness
Soon they reach there destination
Laksh mouth hung down seeing the club where ragini bought him

Laksh – are we going in here ….. Before he could complete she ran from there to her friends

Laksh immediately marked his car and ran behind her

He enters inside and shocked to see her standing near bar counter

He went near her …. Ragini smiled looking at him then said to her friends – it’s time to enjoy the party

All nodded and and forward there drinks shouting – cheers …… Before gulping them in one go

Laksh mouth hung down seeing them

laksh hold ragini’s arm and pull her toward him. She look at laksh with wide eyes.

laksh angryily – what are you doing ?

Ragini blinked at him than show him her two fingers.

ragini cutely – Mr chipku….oh sory laksh how many are these.

Laksh confused – two

Ragini exclaimed happily -congratulation laksh! u are not blind.

Laksh fumed in anger

Ragini – can’t you see I am drinking …. by the way why don’t you try one

Ragini give him one shot laksh shook his head ……. took the shot and place it on counter

laksh strictly – i am not going to drink alcohol ….. And I have to drive you back home safely

Ragini loudly – see who is there and quickly tried to mix it in laksh’s orange juice ….. but laksh held d her hands

laksh – i also spend time with you in collage …… know your such type of tricks i am not kid.

ragini – that is what i am saying u are grown up boy u can drink it when I can … …open your mouth…open it…fast

Laksh just made a skulking face and turned his head in other direction

Ragini shrugged her shoulders and took kavya to dance floor …..

Laksh hurriedly went after them

Ragini kavya with others were dancing when laksh pulled ragini towards him

Ragini irritated – leave me ….. She tried to move away from him when he held her tightly

She tried to remove his hand from her arm.

Ragini – its paining,leave.

Laksh leaves her arm and hold her soft hands and keep another on her waist and pull her close to his chest.

Ragini looks at him with wide eyes ….

Ragini – laksh ……

laksh – not a word …. He kept his finger in her lips

he turned her around and back hug her

He whisper in her ear softly – first tell me one thing … Why di you hate me ?

ragini – mt…mtlb?

Laksh in husky tone – why you always behave rudely with me

Ragini look at him – what do you do by knowing? keep your work with work na.its is none of your business

Laksh tighten his grip on her …… While she gasped

laksh – it is my business…..

ragini shooking her head vigorously – no its not ….. why it is your business…..

Laksh – i am your classmate come friend na so ….
He chuckled at his own answer ….. Ragini turned quickly being shocked.

Ragini – so …

Laksh again whispers in her ear – so … Give me my answer

Ragini – i am yourrrrr friend? When did this happen? And i don’t make kahroos and chipku friends like u.

she poked her index finger at his nose tip …. Laksh rub his nose.

Laksh – am i chipku above all that khadoos?

ragini – u don’t know u are kahdoos?

Laksh nodded his head in a big NO

ragini extenda her hands wide

Ragini – you are this much khadoos …. She again tried to extend her hands more wide

she again poked her finger on his nose tip.

laksh annoyed – stop doing that

Ragini gigglea seeing his annoyed face

laksh stare at her for a second then pull her close to his face

laksh in deep tone – making fun of me huh?

he caressed her cheek softly

ragini stammering – nn…o…nooo

laksh – liar!

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