Daayre (episode 1)

A girl is seen happily entering huge mansion

Girl screaming happily – bhai bhai

She was busy shouting when she spot a person sitting there on one of couch

She frowns seeing him (till now you all might have guessed who it is ? and if not wait and watch ? )

Actually he was facing his back to her so she was not able to see his face so she moved a bit forward and called him

Girl – excuse me

The person turned and both are shocked too see each other

Girl shouts – you what are you doing here

Boy smiled and winked at her – miss beautiful I am here to meet your brother but you don’t worry I’ll soon come to ask your hand for me

Girl irritated – stop calling me that I have a name

Before the boy can speak a voice comes from behind – ragini

Both turned and ragini jumped on him hugging him tight – bhaiyo

Arjun – princess what happened why this glow in your face

Ragini jumping happily – bhaiyo I got selected for music competition I am so happy

Both the man (arjun + boy )standing there admires her with a small smile on playing on there faces

That’s when arjun noticed the boy

Arjun – laksh you here

Laksh – yes wo came to meet you but I think you are busy

He said looking at ragini while ragini made faces

Arjun – nothing like that you tell me what you want

Laksh – wo I came here to take file

Arjun – oh I will bring …. Saying this he left from there

Laksh face turns to ragini who is busy in her phone sitting on couch

Laksh – ms beautiful

Ragini snapped at him

Ragini – what do you want

Laksh smiled widely only he knew how much he love to irritate her
Laksh – today evening sunshine restaurant

Ragini – what if I say no

Laksh – no such option for you babes

Ragini frustrated – I am not coming with you anywhere

Laksh – do you want mage to tell your bhai that you sneaked out from house at midnight

Ragini face expression immediately changed she looked at him angrily
Ragini – you can’t do anything

Laksh – don’t challenge me ms beautiful

Ragini – stop calling me that first

Laksh -so sharp at 5

Before ragini could reject arjun came there
Arjun – here is the file

Laksh took it from him
Both smiled professionally to each other

Arjun turned to ragini congratulating her

Laksh was about to leave when he turned to her giving her a flying kiss and winked at her

While ragini mouth hung down seeing him she murmured – Mr chipku and few curses to him before excusing herself from there

She banged inside her room
Ragini , what does he think of himself Mr chipku always behind me now I have to go to meet him otherwise he will tell bhaiyo what should I do think ragini think

She was pacing in her room for almost a hour


IDEA !!!

She shouts in happiness (poor laksh don’t know what will happen with him ? )

Ragini with a mischievous grin – now see Mr chipku how will you escape

Laksh was already there waiting for ragini he was again n again looking at his wrist watch and entrance

When he saw ragini entering a wide smile played on his lips but it was soon replaced by a shock + angry asserting someone there

Ragini spotted him sitting in one Of the corner table
She waved her hands to him and started coming towards him with the person following her

Laksh annoyed – why you bought him here with you …. He said pointing to the person beside her

Ragini innocently – how rude laksh – she turns to the person- rohit you sit here

She made the person sit and sat beside him

As it was 4 seat table 2 on either side bechara laksh head to sit alone opp to them

Laksh tried to start conversation but every time ragini ignored him and started talking to rohit making laksh burn in jealousy

She was deliberately sitting close to rohit and talking to him

Laksh who was witnessing all this was seeing rohit with red eyes if surely ragini won’t have been here he would have broke all his bones

After sometimes rohit got a call ashi he need to leave from there

Rohit – ragini I have to leave meet you later

Laksh face flowed listening him
Ragini was about to say something when he cuts her in middle

Laksh happily – sure you should leave – in mind- huh fevicol kahi ka sticking with my ragini –

Rohit looked at ragini who was pleading him from her eyes

Rohit – ragini come I will drop you home

Laksh quickly – why I am there na you go for your important work

Without hearing further he pushed him there

Now it’s only him and his ms beautiful

He happily went and sat near her

Wait for tomorrow
Raglak studies in same college same class ago both know each other

Laksh works in arjun company at afternoon shift hiding his identity of him being friend of shaurya

Rohit is best friend of ragini

More questions free to ask

So see you tomorrow till then bye

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