D4- a new tale- intro


Hello guys. . I had been writing ff for another serial. Now I have started to write for D4. Hope you guys like it. Do comment. It will like encouragement.

Let’s into all the characters.

Mikhail (20 years)- an handsome hunk. 3rd year student. Very rich. An awesome dancer. Flirts around. Hasn’t fallen in love yet. His dad is ready to give how much ever money he wants. Very egoistic.
Harry Dia and Nethra are his best friends. All study in D4 college.

Niharika(18 years) also called Baby. A beautiful young girl. Very sweet and friendly. Belongs to a very rich family but doesn’t like showing off. Parents stay in USA. She too completed her schooling in US but she wanted to do her further studies In India. She came to India with her 4 best friends.
Amar Jeah Sonam and Tara are her best friends. They stay with Baby at her house.

Let’s move on to our story.

A big mansion is shown. A guy is working out in the gym. A man comes to him.
Man- Mikhail. . Your friends have come.
Mikhail- dad call me Mik. .
Dad- ok Mik. . Go fast and get ready. Your friends are waiting for you. And I have a surprise for you.
Mik- ok dad.

Mik gets ready and comes down. Dia harry and Nethra are there. Nethra hugs him. His dad comes there. Mik- dad what is the surprise. Dad hands over a key to him. Mik- what is this. Dad- you always wanted my audi right. Today its yours. Mik hugs him and goes in his car with his friends.

Another mansion is shown. A pretty girl comes out of the bathroom. She says to her friends who are sleeping. Girl- Sonam tara wake up. Sonam- baby just two minutes. Baby- guys today is the 1st day of our college. Please wake up. They wake up. Later she wakes Amar and Jeah. All get ready for college. Baby’s parents call her. She keeps the phone on speaker. Dad- all the best… The 5 scream thanks. Mom- beta you are going in car na. Baby- no momma. Jeah- we are going in bus. Mom- but beta. . Tara- please aunty. Amar- it will be fun. Dad- ok. . But take care. Sonam- don’t worry. When I an here why to fear. Amar- that’s why they are scared. All laugh. They leave for the college.

Guys I have tried my best. Please express your views through your comments.

Credit to: Navi

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  1. A very good start. I am happy you started a ff. Loved it.

  2. ah ff on d4 tatz amazing iam waiting.. fr ur story

  3. It’s nice I liked it :):)

  4. Awesome

  5. hey navi nice start…. I’m happy that someone has started ff on d4…. hope u will continue for long…
    all the best…. keep writing…

  6. Its pleasure to read an ff on d4 amazing starting keep it up

  7. I am happy you guys liked it. I will try to update it as soon as possible

  8. Great one…… it’s diff from real one……. so i love it….. hope it’ll be interesting as it is……

  9. Hey guys can I join your group. I don’t know you’ll will accept me or not. Your story is very and interesting.

  10. Thank you all. Happy with the good response. I will update the next episode day after tomorrow. Anyways sakshi you are welcomed

  11. The story is amazing.
    Waiting to read d nxt epi.

  12. Navi great story pls update soon

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