D4- a new tale- chp-8

Recap- Mik talks about Baby with his friends. Nethra is very insecure.

Baby and her friends are in class. Baby is busy making notes of what the professor is teaching.
Sonam- Tara. .. I am very bored.
Tara- me too. .
Jeah and Amar too get involved in the conversation. .
Baby- guys. . Keep quiet. Or else sir will throw us out. .
Jeah- that is a great idea
He starts making some noise. .MEOW. .
Sir- who is it?
Nobody replies. ..
Baby- Jeah stop it
Again Jeah makes the same sound..
This time baby couldn’t control her laugh. .
Baby and her friends laugh. .
Sir- you 5… get out. .
They come out laughing .
Baby- now even I have become like you guys. . Idiots. . This is the result of bad company. .
All laugh. .

They come to the canteen. Mik and his friends were already there. Harry signals Mik about her arrival. He sees and he couldn’t get his eyes off her. .. Nethra who notices this feels jealous. .
Nethra (in her mind)- today I will teach this girl a lesson. .
As baby comes near them Nethra keeps her leg front. Baby who didn’t notice it was about to fall but Mik catches her. Both share an eye lock. Baby then goes back.
Mik- are you okay?
Baby- ya. . Thanks. .
Baby’s friends get worried for her. She says she is fine and heads to leave. She then stops and turns towards Mik. Both glance at each other. Baby leaves. But he is still lost. .
Harry- dude. She left. So stop staring. .

Precap- baby watches Mik dance in rehearsal hall alone. .

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